Thursday, October 31, 2013

Adventures in Potty Training Multiples

Ava acted interested in potty training for a while but I'll be honest, I dreaded doing it.  Diapers are just so much easier!  People always say, "I bet you will be glad when they are potty trained so you don't have to buy all those diapers!"  Umm give me diapers any day!  I'll gladly spend money on diapers over cleaning up pee on my floor or sitting in the bathroom for hours waiting on someone to poop, or stopping my car every ten minutes because someone has to go to the bathroom!  If someone else wanted to take my kids and potty train them for a week and then return them that would be one thing!  I really don't know why people are in a hurry to do this!  One day Gigi told me I was just being lazy and that I needed to do it.  So.... I did! I didn't use a special method or read any books.  We just quit the diapers cold turkey!  I didn't even use pull-ups at night or for naps.  Ava did such a good job!  I think the key (at least for Ava) is to wait until they are completely ready! She definitely had a few accidents (never at night or during naps though) and I would put a diaper back on her for a day but I would say after a week she was potty trained! She can literally hold it for hours!  It's pretty crazy!  Maybe next year I will potty train the boys! ha Kidding...Kind of!  

One day she told me she had to poo poo so she went and sat on the potty.  She had already pooped in her diaper.  When she thought I wasn't looking she took the poop out of her diaper and put it in the potty and pretended she had just done it.  Ha 

Knox is the official flusher.  Which is funny because I feel like most kids like to flush the toilet themselves but Ava doesn't seem to mind the help.  She loves an audience.  When it's time to go she says, "Boys, Boys, watch!"  They sit back and wait for the show!  We always wave bye to the pee pee and poo poo too.  With Ava everything is a production and dramatic.  Pooping on the potty is no exception...

If she can't get the boys to go to the bathroom to watch she brings the poo poo and pee pee to them..  One day she drug her toilet across the house to show them.  Oh Ava! They usually give her the response she is looking for but they have shown no real interest in doing it themselves!

Gigi thought the boys needed their own boy potty.  We thought that might be the trick to get them to go.  I think we need two boy pottys!

Knox has started pee pee'ing on the potty.  I definitely don't think he's ready for big boy underwear but I let him go when he wants to try.  His teacher told me she thinks he's ready because he stays dry at school and goes to the potty while he's there.  I just don't think I'm ready for round two!  Maybe in a few months.... ha  Brooks still shows zero interest! 

Important Potty Training Dates:
July 13-Ava Pee Pee'd on the potty for the first time
August 4-Ava Poo Poo'd on the potty for the first time
August 7-Knox pee pee'd on the potty for the first time
August 29-Brooks Pee Pee'd on the potty for the first time

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

My dad has been cleaning out an old storage building so Jenny has been dropping off boxes by our door every morning this week!  It's like Christmas!  One day I got a box filled with all of my old cheer uniforms.  We had lots of fun with those!  I had to teach Ava a few Billie cheers! Knox wanted to join in on the fun too! ha 

Mid cheer!

Ready, Okay!  One of these days I might have to take them to a Billie game! 

Ava's dance studio is conveniently located next to a yogurt store so every day after dance we have to stop for "Ice Ceam"  Thank goodness they have dairy-free pink yogurt!  That's Ava's fav!  She loves it with lots of sprinkles!

I bit the bullet and cut Knox's hair.  I didn't want to but I think it was time!  Christina did a great job!  Knox was the perfect client too!  He sat still in the chair and played with my phone! 


Okay, it was a little long!

His little pony tail!  

His new and improved do! 

He loved admiring himself in the mirror! ha 

Work it Knox!  He even got a little product added!  Such a big boy! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Prayer for Baby J!

My cousin Chris and his wife Jennifer (our baby sitter extroadinaire) are having a baby girl!  Baby Jaber doesn't have a name quite yet but she needs your prayers!  She has Spina Bifida and she recently had fetal surgery at Philadelphia Children's Hospital.  The surgery went very well and now Jennifer just needs to stay pregnant for around twelve more weeks!  Please prayer for Chris and Jennifer and Baby girl J!  Chris started a blog to keep everyone up-to date on what is going on in their lives.  They will live in Philadelphia until Jennifer delivers.  They were released from the hospital yesterday and they are hoping to get in the Ronald McDonald house soon!  We love you Chris, Jennifer, and baby J!

Monday, October 28, 2013

I'm back! Maybe

We have been so busy lately!  The last thing I have had time to do is sit at my computer and update this blog!  Today is the first day I have actually felt like writing or had the time to do it!  Which, I actually don't have the time I would just rather be doing this than the laundry that is stacked up a mile high... So maybe I'm back, maybe I'm not! We will see!