Monday, February 28, 2011

Beer Belly

B and I are big on nicknames. Our poor dogs have about a hundred different names each. I call him B. I'm not sure why or when I even started doing that. It's not like it takes that much time to write or say Brandon. Since I've been pregnant he has started calling me "momma" which basically makes my skin crawl. My name will be mom or mommy. Never momma. It might be the way he says it that drives me crazy too. He tells me he is going to make our kids call me that. I tell him if our kids call me that they will be grounded until they stop! I will win this fight! He also calls me beer belly. This is really embarrassing when he does it in public because until recently this huge stomach might have passed for a beer belly. He even throws in a "beer belly, you need to lay off the Busch" every once in a while! One day I picked up his phone and he had a text that said "Call me tomorrow, oh and tell Beer Belly hi for me' This was from someone that we work with. Not a liquor store college boy, a grown man that we see maybe 3 times a year. How many people refer to me as beer belly now??? I'm really afraid to ask. The scary thing is this "beer belly" isn't going anywhere for a while! I would love to think that once the kids are out my stomach will immediately shrink, but I'm not naive and I know that is not going to be the case! If this name sticks B is in serious trouble!

I didn't grow this beer belly without a little help from my family though! I need to give a shout out to my mom and dad for basically being my personal chefs! Our refrigerator has been stocked for weeks! Now that I am in Little Rock Caroline and Mrs Kathy have made sure the babies are being fed!! Mrs. Kathy, the casseroles are delicious. Caroline, thank you for the constant supply of Easter candy, Life Cereal, and for serving my food on a tray. I feel like a princess. Oh and I cannot forget the Chik-fil-a fairy Lauren. Caroline gave you that name btw! The Chicken Mini's and waffle fries hit the spot. When the babies are eighteen and I have time to cook again I will have you all over for dinner! I promise.

Just call me Kate Gosselin..

Dear TLC,
I'm huge. I would appreciate a free tummy tuck. I will make Brandon wear Ed Hardy and I will chop my hair off if that means you will give me free plastic surgery. I'm definitely going to need it!

35 weeks 4 days

34 weeks

32weeks 4 days

31 weeks

30 weeks

28 weeks

25 weeks

21 weeks

20 weeks

18 weeks

16 weeks

The biggest decision ever!

I am one of the most indecisive people on the planet! I really hope the babies don't inherit that from me. Waiting on me to order at a restaurant can be painful..
I always thought I would name my babies Alexis, Andrew, Jake, and that's about as far as I got! Brandon had other ideas though! He was very opinionated when it came to naming the babies! He decided we were going to have an Ava and there was no changing his mind. I love the name Ava, but I couldn't imagine not having an Alexis! We went back and forth for weeks! At one point I decided I didn't care what he thought and her name was Alexis Caroline. Her name was Alexis for about two weeks. I didn't finalize it until I went to Bella Jacks to register and the girl asked me their names! It was really a game time decision! I told her Ava Alexis Elliott. I secretly thought if I changed my mind I could just tell people to call her by her middle name! Caroline, don't worry! If I ever have another girl (this will never happen btw) I will name her after you! You definitely deserve it! I could always name a dog after you one day!

I've always loved the name Brooks. I loved it for a girl or a boy. This was an easy one to choose. Around the time we got pregnant Brandon and I were obsessed with the Tudors (Thanks Beth Anne!). We literally watched every episode in about 2 weeks. Brandon probably won't admit this but I know that's where Henry came from. I would like to think that Brooks is named after Henry Cavill (a cute actor on the show) not Henry VIII. There was also someone named Henry running for office and he had signs everywhere in Fayetteville! B probably passed 20 Henry campaign signs on his way to work everyday! Henries were everywhere! I think it was just stuck in his head! It also happens to be the name of Brandon's Great Grandfather. That's actually the story I stick with! I wanted all the babies to have at least one family name, so it was perfect!

Gigi can take all of the credit for Knox. It was all her idea! Brandon and I both loved it and finding another name we both really liked was next to impossible! So Knox it is! I have always loved the name Andrew. It's also my dad's name. Dad, you can't show favoritism to Knox since he is named after you!

Baby A is now Ava Alexis Elliott
Baby B is Brooks Henry Elliott
Baby C is Knox Andrew Elliott

I've had a very low key pregnancy. Other than a little, well a lot of morning sickness, I have had it pretty easy! There is one weird thing that I started doing and never quit. I call Knox Luke constantly. It's really bizarre. Without even thinking I say Luke. It hasn't just happened once or twice. It happens on a daily basis. Brandon gets very frustrated. At first he would say "who the hell is Luke" now I think he's getting use to it and he knows who I'm talking about. He still doesn't like it though! Luke was never a name we considered and I don't know anyone named Luke... So...who in the world is Luke? Is this some sort of sign??? Should I change Knox's name?? I already have so many things monogrammed!! What if I call him Luke once he is here??? The poor kid will be so confused! I just can't figure out why this is happening. Let's hope once he is here this little problem of mine will resolve itself!


Caroline just informed me I have a serious problem with overusing question marks, exclamation points, and "haha". I apparently also have a problem with apostrophes, contractions, and possessives. I apologize... I guess it's time for me to go back to third grade English. haha (that haha was for you Carol!)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The pregnancy journal that never was...

I had big plans to keep a journal if I found out I was pregnant. The journal does not exist. I do have a piece of wadded up notebook paper that I managed to jot some important dates on. This post is going to have to replace the journal. It's going to be long and boring but it's really not for you anyway! It's for the babies! In case they every care to know any details about their early days!
August 26th 2010-This is the day you were conceived! Maybe a little TMI, but I think it's neat we know exactly what day!

September 4th-Your first Razorback football game! Your dad had to work, so your Aunt Karrie was my date! We played TN Tech and won 44-3! I had no idea I was preg!

September 8th-I went to the doctor and had my first pregnancy test. I hadn't taken any at home test because I was pretty convinced I wasn't pregnant and Dr Silber told me not to! I went first thing in the morning and waited all day to hear the news. Karah, my IVF coordinator and new BFF called me around 3:30 and said "guess what! You're pregnant!" Your dad and I were sitting on the bed when we got the call. We were both in complete shock and so excited! I think we called your Grandma Angel immediately. She was very excited too! I had zero pregnancy symptoms at this point. Everyone says they are tired at the beginning and I had more energy than usual. I didn't know at this point that nothing about my pregnancy would be normal!

At about midnight I thought we should take a picture of the day we found out we were pregnant!

September 10th-I had to go back to do another pregnancy test just to be sure. I was still pregnant!!! I can't remember my HCG number now but I thought it sounded high so I asked the nurse that called me if I could be having twins and she said "oh no, don't worry. I'm pretty sure you just have one baby in there" Hmm good to know! I went home and took a home pregnancy test just because everyone else finds out that way so I thought I should too! In the next several weeks I made your dad buy multiple tests just to be sure I was still preg! He got very tired of going to Walgreen's late at night!

September 11th-Your first concert! Your dad and I went to a Luke Bryan concert with Karrie and Joseph at the Amp. In case you are wondering who Luke Bryan is, he sings the annoying song "Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey....." No one knew I was pregnant but Joseph joked all night that I must be preg because I only drank one beer! Btw, you all have no choice but to like country music. That's all I really listened to during my pregnancy. Your dad was also going through a terrible old school country phase. I tell him he's trying to make himself like that music because your great grandfather listened to it when he was little. He swears this isn't the case- that he really just likes it! haha

Your dad wanted us to take a picture at your first concert so here it is!

September 27th-We went to our first doctor appointment with Dr Partridge. We were going to do an ultrasound and we were so excited to see you for the first time! I honestly wasn't sure if I was still pregnant because I still felt great! She started doing the ultrasound and immediately said "my blood pressure just shot up" that completely freaked me out so I of course asked what was wrong and she said "you have three babies with three strong heartbeats" Everyone always asks us what our response was. I think I looked scared to death and Dr P said "we can do this! Do you have any questions?" I responded with "I'm sure I do but I can't think of any right now" Your dad pretty much just sat in the corner and smiled. We left right after that and as soon as we were in the elevator we both just started laughing. We were so excited and so in shock! We drove to your grandmas (mom, I know you hate me calling you Grandma, what is your name going to be?? Gigi???) and told her to come out to the car and showed her the ultrasound picture. I think she was more surprised then we were! We were pretty much in shock for the next 3 months. Maybe we still are..... I think I went home and ordered about 10 pregnancy books. I read about 5 pages in What to Expect before I realized pregnancy books were not for me! Why read and worry about things that "could possibly" happen? I would rather be clueless... Eventually Aunt Caroline took over the baby research for me. She read all my books for me and if I ever had any questions I could just call her!

October 7th-We had our second ultrasound. You were all growing and looked great!

October 10th-Your nosey Aunt Caroline got an early birthday gift. She had mentioned to Gigi she thought I was pregnant because she had snooped through my phone so we thought we better tell her. We were at Gigi's for dinner and we gave her a birthday card! We put the ultrasound picture in the card. I think she almost had a heart attack. I video taped the whole thing with my phone and if I ever learn how to post videos I will add it! She immediately got in baby mode! I think she bought one of everything in Baby Gap! I don't know how I will ever be able to repay her! I guess I can make all of you babysit her kids one day! ha

October 13th-We had our third doctors appointment. We were still pregnant so we thought it would be a good day to tell my dad, your grandpa Bob. I guess he needs a name too! We went to US Pizza with Caroline right after the appointment and showed him your pictures! He was very excited! We gave him strict instructions to keep his lips sealed because we didn't want to tell anyone until the second trimester. Well..... within 30 minutes I got a phone call... the secret was out! Thanks dad! haha We decided we better get in the car and head to Dumas to tell your other grandparents before they found out from someone else! On the four hour drive down we couldn't keep our secret any longer so we called everyone! I wish I could remember all of their responses! Most of the conversation went about like this... Me-"guess what" Friends-"You are preg" Me-"Guess what else" Friends-"Twins" Me-"Keep guessing" Lauren's response was one of my favorites. She started crying and said "I'm going to be an aunt!" Your aunt Stacey was pretty funny too! She just started screaming!!! We finally made it to Dumas and told B's mom. She was shocked! She thought we were there to watch Alex cheer. Then we told B's dad, Heather-who bawled!, and Meme and Papa. Everyone was so excited and can't wait to meet you! Oh and we drove to Pine Hill to surprise the Parkers! Stevie answered the door when we got to their house. I told her to tell her mommy I had babies in my tummy. I think she said something along the lines of "mommy, you have babies in your tummy" Sarah was completely shocked too! About a week before we found out, Sarah told me "you need to hurry up and have a baby! You're going to wait forever and then end up having twins! I will feel so sorry for you if that happens" haha The good news traveled fast and I felt like everyone knew before we even made it back to Fayetteville!

October 20th-Your dad and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary! We decided not to buy each other gifts but to buy something for you instead! But.... your dad broke the rules and brought home a new iphone!!! I was very excited! I didn't have anything to give him so I got creative and said his gift was tickets to see Brad Paisley in LR. I had ordered the tickets a few weeks before. His response was "well that's a selfish gift... You like Brad Paisley, not me" haha Oh well!

October 22nd-Ann, Kent and some of their friends from NYC came to stay with us for a Razorback game! We had so much fun! Mommy was a trooper and took you all out for your first night on Dickson!!! We also went to the Razorback game and hosted a fun party for Ann and Kent!

Your first night on Dickson

October 26th-We had our fourth Dr's appt today. We had another ultrasound and everything looked great! It was around this time that your dad said to me one night "you know, I've been thinking about this and I think we can do it" I think my response was "well B, I'm glad you came to that conclusion because it's not like we can go back now!"

October 31st-Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday Caroline! We had a few people over to our house to celebrate Caroline's birthday and to pass out candy to the trick or treaters! It was such a fun night!!

So many babies! I'm not sure B will be able to hold all three babies next year! He might need a helper!

The cutest puppy dog I have ever seen!

We might have to borrow this from Madeline next year! It's too cute!

B and I went as a farmer and a pea pod. I love dressing up! I probably need to start thinking of our costumes for next year!

Caroline went as an ant (aunt) it was pretty cute! We were all about the baby themes this year!

So much yummy food! Thanks mom!

November 7-14th-Gigi, Aunt Carol, and I went to LA! This was the last week I could travel so we decided to get out of town! It was also a little early Christmas present. We had so much fun! We shopped, ate, went to movies, slept in, but mainly shopped! Thank goodness there was a girl in the bunch because we went a little crazy on the girl clothes at Kitson Kids and H&M! I wish I had pictures but I don't think I do! We stayed at the SLS hotel which I would highly recommend! This was also the week that I started feeling better! I failed to mention that I had been deathly ill. I basically got sick every day. I couldn't eat anything!!! Other than the morning sickness that was the only pregnancy symptom I had! I also decided I started showing this week.

Caroline and I ate lunch at the Grove one day and Mario Lopez was filming a show behind us. I snapped a pic with my phone!

I felt huge.... If I was huge then, I'm positively enormous now!!!

November 19th-You attended your first big concert! Country again! Brad Paisley to be exact. I was supposed to go with your dad but he was a little less than thrilled about the concert so I decided to make it a girls night instead! Lauren and I had a great time! We went to dinner, to the concert, and then we had a slumber party at Scott's!

November 21st-I decided early on I wasn't going to call the doctor for every little thing, But...after reading some stupid website I had diagnosed myself with an incompetent cervix. I was about 99% sure a baby or two was going to fall out at any second. So... while B was at the store doing inventory I called the after hours number. Basically it was not an incompetent cervix. In fact, my cervix is still going strong at 28.5 weeks...

November 23rd-At approximately 9:30am (I was 14 weeks preg) we found out what we were having! Baby A was a girl!!! Baby B was a boy, and Baby C was a boy. Your dad thought we were having three girls, my dad thought we were having three girls too. Gigi guessed two girls and one boy. Caroline thought it was a boy, a girl, and an "undetermined". I always knew I would have two boys. Once I found out we were having triplets I started having dreams that I was having a girl and two boys! I guess my dreams were right! We were so excited! Your dad immediately started talking about all of the hunting trips you would go on together! Ava, don't worry. While they are hunting we will shop! That's more fun anyway! We couldn't wait to tell everyone what we were having! Everyone was so excited! This is also the day I sent out a mass e-mail telling everyone you were on your way!

November 25th-Today was your first Thanksgiving. Your dad had to work all day but we went to lunch at my dad's house and then we hosted Gigi's side of the family at our house. We had a great day! You were all the topics of conversation all day long! I can't believe you will be around 7 or 8 months old next Thanksgiving! We can't wait!

This is the first turkey I ever made. I made it for Supper Club. I thought it was huge but after it was cooked it shrunk to nothing!

November 28th-We took advantage of a black Friday sale and ordered your cribs and changing tables today. I'll be honest, I was a slacker on your nurseries. This was a big deal for me to actually order something for your rooms!

December 9th-I woke up in the middle of the night and felt my first kick! I woke your dad up and told him Knox gave me a big kick! He was so excited and couldn't wait to feel you all kick!

December 15th-We had a quick Dr's appointment. We listened to your heartbeats and that was about it!

December 16th-We went to Little Rock and had a level 2 ultrasound with Dr Wendall. He said you all look great! He also told me I was built to carry triplets. I was "at least 5'6 and had meat on my bones" he said this while patting my thigh. Your dad thought this was hysterical! Ava, you were a wiggle worm. You moved around the entire time! The poor ultrasound girl had a tough time checking you out! Ava, you are sitting right on my bladder, Brooks, you are hogging the middle of my stomach, and Knox you are on my left side. After our appointment we met Lauren for a cupcake and then drove back to Fayetteville!

December 25th- We had such a great Christmas and so did you! You all got the cutest clothes! Santa also brought us a bassinet for you! Ava, you got your first doll. Eloise! We can't wait to take you all to NY! Ann, Cori, Claire, get ready!haha

Your dad, Granddad, and Curt put together your cribs the day after Christmas. Coco helped too!

January 3rd-Your dad and I went to our first childbirth class. Your dad was not the best student! He spent most of the time checking football scores on his phone! He also took it upon himself to fill out the new student paperwork. He is quite the jokester.... I dont think he realized the teacher was going to read the forms out loud. Your soon to be bff Eli Butler and his parents Kristen and Steven were in our class too! We went to childbirth classes every Monday night for a month. We also attended an infant CPR class with Gigi and Aunt Carol, and I went to a breast feeding class. We should definitely be ready for your arrival!

January-I think I'm going to do a separate post for all of our baby showers. They were all so much fun and we received so many wonderful things!!!

January 14th-Another sign you are going to like Country music.... I went to see the movie "Country Strong" with Caroline, and Brooks you kicked me the entire time! It was the first time I felt repeated hard kicks like that! I thought I was going to possibly deliver you all in Razorback Cinema! I guess it just means you are big fans of Country Music or Gwyneth Paltrow. Maybe I have a little Garth Brooks in my tummy! Brooks would be a good name for a country singer! Joking.

January 16th-Clean up day! We received so many wonderful things at our showers. I just didn't have anywhere to put anything since I hadn't even started on the nurseries! Your dad decided to take a little four day vacation which mommy wasn't exactly thrilled about so Gigi, aunt Caroline, and me went to work. I say I went to work but spent the majority of the time pointing and directing! That is what I do best. Your daddy had quite the to-do list when he got home though!

This is the nursery before! Hopefully I will be able to post an after picture before you turn a year old... I hope you aren't procrastinators like me!

January 18th-Your dad and I were sitting on the couch and he put his hands on my stomach to feel you kick. Coco went crazy!! She was so jealous! She immediately jumped in between us!! I know she will love you once you are here! It might just take a while for her to get use to someone else getting all of the attention!

January 24th- This was the night of our last childbirth class. Your dad finally learned how to change a diaper. That was a big concern for him! He also told me the one thing he was really worried about was the tar babies poop!!! I'm not sure who told him this or why it freaked him out so much but he was really nervous about "black poo!" I think this will be the least of his worries once you are here! We also had to fill out forms in the class that said what kind of pain medicine we were planning on using. We were basically the only people in class that said we wanted as much pain medicine as they would give me! Mommy's a wimp! I guess your dad thought we were being judged by the hippies in our class so he said "it's not like that makes us bad parents". It was completely out of nowhere. He never said anything in class and then he yelled that when the room was silent. I was a little embarrassed!

January 26th-We had an appointment with Dr P. Everything looked great! I passed my gestational diabetes test and we also found out you are all going to have a new friend around September!

January 27th-We had our second appt in Little Rock. You all looked great! I was exactly 24 weeks pregnant. Ava, you measured 24w 2d. Brooks, you measured 25w 2d. and Knox, you measured 24w 2d. This is the only appointment I had that your dad couldn't make it to. Aunt Carol and Gigi took his place. Dr W thought it would be best for me to move to Little Rock in case I had you early. So..I decided to move down when I was around 28 weeks. After my appointment we went out to eat with Lauren and Jessica. We had so much fun! I can't wait for you to meet them both! Ava, I make your dad watch Toddlers and Tiaras and I tell him Lauren is going to be your pageant coach. He gets so mad at me when I say that! I think he would divorce me if I put you in a "Glitz Pageant!"

February 4th-I had an appt with Dr P. Everything looked great!

February 11th-We had our last appt with Dr P. I was so sad! I really didn't want to move to Little Rock but I know it's the best thing for you! This is also the week we had a huge snowstorm in Fayetteville! We had almost two feet of snow! I definitely had a little cabin fever and I couldn't wait for the snow to melt and to get out of the house! I wish I had taken more pictures! Your dad can't wait until he can take you sledding around the neighborhood! He talked about it non-stop! I guess I will have to buy you little snow suits!

February 20th-Official Move Day! Caroline has a new roommate! Gigi helped me move! I'm actually enjoying the change of scenery and I'm looking forward to spending time with all of our friends in Little Rock!

February 24th-I had my first appt with Dr W as his patient. I was exactly 28 weeks preg. Everything looked great! Ava, you measured 27w 4d and weighed 2lb 7oz, Brooks, you measured 29w 2d and weighed 3lbs 1oz, Knox, you measured 29w and weighed 2lbs and 12oz. I was told I need to start eating more! I feel like I eat all of the time though. Apparently I'm supposed to gain 20lbs per baby! I'm almost half way there!

February 27th-Your dad sent me the nicest text tonight! It said "I love you and can't wait for all of us to be home and be one BIG happy family. We miss you. I even miss the constant bitching" I miss your dad, CC and LJ too! I also miss having my water refiller around! I drink soo much water! Your dad said he was going to ask the doctor if he could hook me up to a water IV. It would be more convenient! Although, Carol is doing a great job waiting on me! I feel so helpless! We also had a little excitement tonight! Caroline and I were sitting on the couch and I suddenly felt the couch start shaking. I thought Caroline was rocking it with her foot. Then I noticed everything was shaking. Aunt Caroline said "was that a tornado or an earthquake?" Umm pretty sure it was an earthquake! It was actually a 4.7 earthquake. The biggest Arkansas has had in 30 years. People in Fayetteville even felt it. I called your dad to see if he felt it but he was sound asleep! So babies, you experienced your first earthquake today! I hope it's your last!

March 2nd-Caroline and I went to see Hall Pass tonight. It was a disaster! The movie was funny but I think the seats reclined too much which put pressure on the artery that carries blood to your head and I got so dizzy! We had to leave before the movie was over! I felt terrible! The movie theater also had the worst odor I have ever smelled in my life! Caroline agreed so it wasn't just my sensitive pregnant nose! I have never been to a movie theater that didn't smell like popcorn! Lauren had mentioned that she didn't like that theater because it was always dirty. I should have listened! I feel better today, so I hope this isn't the beginning of me feeling uncomfortable! I also ate junk all day which probably didn't help! I had Easy Mac with a side of Goldfish for dinner. Really healthy huh? Maybe the babies don't like cheese.

March 8th-Happy Birthday to me! I had a great Birthday! I did a lot of resting and tv watching! I also went out to eat with friends! It was a pretty great day!

March 10th-I had an appt. with Dr. W. Everything looked great! He thinks I can make it to at least 34 weeks! Let's hope! My stomach was measuring 45 weeks! It should grow several more centimeters! I can't imagine! B and I also made a test run to UAMS. Neither one of us has ever been there so we thought we better drive by so we will know where to go in case we have to make an emergency trip. I go back in a week! I can't wait!

March 17th-Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I had an appt with Dr W. Once again everything looked great! Ava is starting to catch up to the boys in weight which is a good thing! Brooks is still huge! He is measuring over a week ahead and weighed 4lbs 4oz. I had an ultrasound and the babies were so crowded in my stomach! There were body parts everywhere! I go back in 10 days because Dr W is going to be out of town next week! The babies need to stay put for at least 3 more weeks!

How the three came to be!!!

I think B would have been thrilled with a honeymoon baby. I had other plans! There were several things I wanted to do before I had a baby and certain times a year they had to be born, etc.. He also said on a regular basis "I'm giving you two kids, if you want more you're going to have to go somewhere else" B should have known I always get my way! By the time I decided we could try to have a baby we learned IVF would be the only way it was going to happen. So I googled "top Fertility clinics in the US" called the closest one and they told me they would call in some prescriptions for me and to come to Saint Louis in August. It was really that easy. You would have thought I would have done a little more research, met the doctor first, bought some books or something, but we didn't. In fact we didn't really prepare at all. We really had the attitude that if it works it works, if it doesn't no big deal. I was barely 27 so I knew we had plenty of time to have a baby. We met our doctor the day before my procedure. Thank goodness I liked him! He told us we had about a 60% chance of having one baby. I asked what I needed to be doing and he said "just relax, don't worry about anything, don't do internet research, stay away from chat rooms and message boards, etc" We joke now that we were both a little too relaxed and laid back! Everything was pretty easy breezy. The day we went in to have our embryos implanted our doctor told us we had "one great embryo, one okay embryo, and one that didn't look so great and probably wouldn't make it. " Even though we had decided to only implant two he said he really thought we should go ahead and do all three since that's all we had anyway and it would slightly increase our chances. I think I said "I don't think I could handle triplets" and he said "don't worry that won't happen. I would say your chance of having triplets is only about 1-2%, theres no way they will all make it." B said "let's just do it" and I said "well, three is my lucky number" This conversation lasted about 2 minutes and took place about 3 minutes before they implanted the embryos. Those were our famous last words.....

All of our babies (Coco, Layla, and the triplets) came from Missouri! Should we name one Mo??? Joking..

I really wish I knew how to add text bubbles to my pictures! If I could they would say "B, should we take a picture in case this works?" "Whatever Michelle, let's make this fast I'm hungry"

"Quit taking pictures. You think they will notice if I take these scrubs home with me? I could use them as pajamas"

The first picture of the triplets!

The Genius and the Beauty Queen

At one time my nickname was Cruella Deville. I was just not an animal person. Every animal I ever had died. I think I was bitter. Molly, the cutest dog in the world, got hit by a car, my rabbit got eaten before my eyes by our neighbor's lab, my hamster Pinky escaped and died in our couch, etc. As you can see it was never my fault.... In fact, the rabbit was all my mom's fault! Just joking mom.. Caroline, on the other hand, basically ran a zoo in our back yard. We had rabbits, ducks, dogs, snakes, turtles, hamsters, a million crabs, basically anything she could talk my parents, usually my dad, into buying.
But, one day right after our wedding I was working at the liquor store with B. If I remember correctly, I was pretending to be researching something liquor related on the internet but I was really looking at Malti Poos. I had a slight Jessica Simpson addiction at the time. PS-If you ever want to watch Newlyweds I have every episode on DVD... I saw a picture of the cutest little black and white fluff ball named Binkie. Binkie lived in MO. Binkie was also quite a bit cheaper than all of the other dogs which made me a little nervous. I called the number and the lady told me she would actually be in Fayetteville the next day for a Dr's appt. It was meant to be. I woke up the next day to a snow storm! Binkie made it to Fayetteville anyway. B wouldn't go with me to look at her. He was not thrilled about getting a dog. When I pulled up to the Dr's office Binkie was bouncing in the snow and I knew I had to have her. I did a little wheeling and dealing with the lady and talked her down on the price and then Binkie was mine! The first thing I did was change her terrible name to Coco Olive Elliott which B later changed to Coco Butter Elliott. He is from Dumas... haha I think I actually took her to my parent's house first. They needed to meet their first Grandbaby! B met her after that and we took her to buy all of her supplies. B and I were both completely obsessed immediately. She has been a genius from day one. I'm not going to brag about all of the things she does that prove she's a genius because that would be obnoxious but she really is a genius..haha She is our first baby and we will love her forever!!!

Coco loved being an only child but about two months later her grandma and aunt decided she needed a playmate! One night while B was at work Caroline brought over my birthday gift. She carried in a gift bag with tissue paper and I honestly thought "oh she bought me a purse." I pulled the tissue paper out and little Layla Jean Elliott looked up at me! She was and still is such a little fluff ball! According to Caroline, Jeannie came from a sketchy house in MO. Her original name was Valentine. She is a little sweetheart!!!
I took her to the liquor store to meet her dad. He was a little less than thrilled. We had just finished potty training Coco and we were about to have to start again. Of course it didn't take long for him to become obsessed with LJ too, but the first few months were rough. I have to give B props, he woke up every night around three and let her out to potty because she couldn't make it through the night. We were supposed to take turns but when my turned rolled around I just couldn't get out of bed! ha Potty training her was a chore to say the least! She is really the sweetest, oddest dog I have ever been around. B is convinced if there were doggy pageants she would win every one! He also claims she poses when you take her picture. Oh and she has a mustache and stinky breath. She is our sweet little mustachio!

B is adament that we continue to let the dogs sleep with us once the babies are here! That's easy for him to say since they both sleep on my pillow! We love them both so much and we hope the babies will love them as much as we do! We are going to have a full house!

M and B before the 3!

Brandon and I met when I was barely 18! I had such a crush.. He loves to tell everyone that too.... I met him at a friends house and I mentioned playing tennis and he said something along the lines of "my friends and I play all of the time, I'll have to call you to play if we ever need an extra person" I handed out my teen line number, my cell phone number, maybe even my pager number (yes, I had a pager... I swear I wasn't a drug dealer I just thought they were cool. Thanks Kelly Qualls! haha), and convinced myself I had been asked on a date! That was not the case. He never called! haha I did several drive bys (his house) and I'm sure I looked for his truck around Monti!! This is so embarrassing to even type! He finally called about 2 months later when his friends actually needed a fourth person to play tennis. I played with them and I swear it is pretty much a miracle I didn't have a heart attack on the court. I was not that great at tennis and B is super competitive! I played with him and heard several times throughout the game "You need to get it together!" "run a little faster, etc" Somehow we actually won! I can't remember who we even played! Maybe Darrell and Fuller??? I guess my skills really impressed him because we started dating after that!haha
I moved to Fayetteville that summer for college and we dated long distance until he moved there in 2003 maybe??? I graduated in 2005 and headed to LA-which should be a completely seperate blog post! I actually found a journal Lauren and I kept while we were there! It's absolutely hilarious! Each post was basically like "we slept until 12, went to brunch at Toast, went shopping, saw Mario Lopez, laid out for 3 hours, went to dinner at Koi, saw Jennifer Lopez, went out at whatever club we thought we could see celebs at that night, bumped into Jessica Simpson in line for the bathroom, made the cab stop by In and Out on the way home, went to bed at 4", repeat the next day. The journal ended abruptly after two months when our parents made us get real jobs. It was fun while it lasted though! haha..
Back to me and B... B was not thrilled about the move to LA, so when I moved home after about a year he proposed two weeks later! I think to make sure I wouldn't leave again! We were in Chicago for a cubs game. I was so clueless! Even after the hotel upgraded our room to a suite and we had a limo that drove us everywhere! I even joked while in the limo, "what.. are you going to propose??? If you ever proposed to me in a limo I would die, how cheesey is that??? " -I apologize to everyone who got engaged in a limo...We went to dinner at Gibsons, B griped about the prices which was very typical for B (you would think the cheapo would not gripe about me ordering crab legs the night we were going to get engaged right??) we went back to our hotel, I opened the door and saw roses, candles, etc. It was a very Lauren Arnold proposal! haha (Lauren, thank you for helping B! He later told me, "I think Lauren was helping me plan her ideal engagement instead of yours" I'm just glad he didn't do it in public! I would have died!) I think the first things I said were "what is this" and then "who knows about this". I eventually said yes and then pretty much hyperventilated. I seriously had to sit down. After about an hour I got over the shock and started calling people. Poor B had to celebrate by himself. I stayed on the phone until about 4 in the morning calling everyone! I wish I had pictures from the weekend! I left my camera at home though! We got married a year and a half later on October 20th, 2007. Everything was perfect! I had so much fun on my wedding day (except for the mysterious illness the morning of my wedding)! We went to Maui for our honeymoon and then came home and started working together at the liquor store!
We've had such a great time together and done so many fun things in the past 10 years!!! I wish I could write about all of them! B I love you and can't wait for the next 10!!!
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