Monday, May 12, 2014

The Wedding Day

The kids thought staying in the hotel was the best thing ever.  They stayed on the phone constantly.  The guy at the front desk even told me they needed to stop calling!  ha I would have loved to hear some of their conversations! 

How cute is this?  I love my little snuggle bunnies! They stayed like this until Knox fell out of the bed around 4am! ha We didn't exactly get the best sleep in the hotel room!

Saturday morning we met the Hackney's at the zoo!  We were so excited to see them!  Brooks has only met baby Hayes once but he talks about him all of the time! It's pretty funny! 

Ava needed a better view so daddy helped her out!

Checking out the alligators!

The elephants were eating lunch and we got to watch! 

My three men! 

We always attempt a family pic.  It doesn't always work out!  Brooks wasn't feeling it and apparently Ava wasn't either! 

After the zoo we went to lunch with baby Hayes and his mommy and daddy! 

We had to hurry and get ready for pictures! Ava looked like a princess in her dress! 

After we took pictures we waited in our car for the wedding to start so the kids could watch a movie! 

Mommy and her baby!

The prettiest bride with her pretty flower girl and two handsome ring bearers!

Lauren was a beautiful Maid of Honor! 

Another attempt at a family pic!  These pictures just weren't working out for us very well this weekend! 

Thank goodness Kiki had an aisle seat and got a few good shots of the babies! Ava did great and walked right down after scolding her brothers to pick up the pace!  Brooks made it to Kiki and then got distracted and started taking off his tux, Knox froze and had to be carried away by the wedding planner! ha 

My babies in action!

Sister Selfie!

Getting three kids down the aisle is hard work!  After the wedding was over the kids were exhausted so B took them back to the hotel and I stayed at the reception to hang out with friends and celebrate the newlyweds! 
I miss these girls so much! I don't get to see them often enough! 

Emily's wedding was so beautiful and I'm so excited we were able to be a part of it! The kids had such a fun weekend and we did too! 

Friday, May 9, 2014

The Day Before the Big Day

The kids were all in Emily and Josh's wedding in Little Rock!  It was so much fun and we loved participating in all of the festivities!   Ava and I drove down early Friday morning so we could go to the bridesmaid's luncheon.  She felt so big hanging out with all of the girls! 

Just chatting with baby Londyn!  She's getting so big!

It was so good to see Lauren and Londyn!  We don't get to see them often enough! 

Lunch was so good!  I think dessert was A's favorite part! ha 

A with the beautiful bride!

B and the boys met us at the hotel later in the day to get ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner! 
My little men looked so cute! 

We were running late, of course, so this was the best group picture I could get! 

Love these three! 

My baby and me! She was feeling silly!

A little boy in a blazer is probably one of the cutest things ever!

This one was in a mood!

Princess A was ready to walk down the aisle! 

I know I've said it a million times before, but I love that they love each other! 

Brooksy is so funny! 

Just hanging out with some Chi O's!  Ava seriously felt like a college girl! ha Emily had some of the sweetest bridesmaids! 

Just waiting to do his thing!

B and I dropped the kids off at the hotel with a sitter and we went to the rehearsal dinner!  It was so nice and it was so fun to get to hang out with Lauren and Scott!  

Selfie to document the night! 

Thursday, May 8, 2014


A few weeks ago we went to Bob and Jenny's house for dinner!  The first thing we always do is to check the chicken coop for eggs! 

We got five!!! 

I love this pic!  He was so proud of his eggs. Five seconds after I took this he somehow managed to break four of them.  

Jenny makes the best Mexican food!  She even got Mexican cokes for the kids!  They were big fans of the cokes and the food.  

We had roasted peanuts for dessert!  The kids loved these too!  Knox got really good at cracking them.  

Look at this mess!  They sent a bag of peanuts home with us but I'm not sure if I'm ready to clean that up!  Maybe they can be an outside only snack! 

Gigi and I took the kids to Preschool time at Crystal Bridges.  We met Anna and her family there and had the best time!  It's a really neat program! 

Yellow was the theme for the day and the kids worked so hard on their yellow pictures!  They loved the glue! 

This is the face Ava makes when she is concentrating really hard! ha 

We had so much fun with our buddies! 

Painting in the sand!

Knox is my little OCD boy!  He loved cleaning the marker board after Gigi wrote on it! ha 

Next, we put on a puppet show! The kids thought this was hilarious! 

How cute are they?!

Turtle puppets are so silly! 
We had so much fun and can't wait to go back!