Thursday, January 31, 2013

Funny Kids

A few funny things the kids have done lately:

-Lately I've been holding the kids hands as they walk down the stairs so they can practice going down on their own.  Ava is not a fan of this!  The princess prefers to be held!  She bangs her head on the stair rail and pretends to be hurt and gives a fake cry so I will hold her!  Little A that doesn't work with mommy! I'm on to your tricks!

-Brooks was standing on the back of the couch turning the lights off and on.  I stood up to get him down and he said, "No! Go away!"  

-Knox slapped Ava on the back and then said, "Oh Sissy!" and kissed her on the back where he had slapped her!  

-Brooks was crying the other day and I looked over and Knox and Ava had both walked up to him and were patting him on the head!  Little sweeties! 

-Nothing is cuter than when I ask Knox where someone or something is and he shrugs his little shoulders and says. "I don't know?"   

-Brooks held up a toy the other days and said, "What's this?"  They are turning into such little people!

-Knox is obsessed with throwing things away in the trash.   He likes to blow his nose and throw away the baby wipe.

-They have all become very vocal about when they use the bathroom.  They usually wait and tell me when it is happening though! 

-I can finally say, "Knox, hand me a ____" and he will do it!  The other two understand what I'm saying I think they just like to ignore me! ha Knox likes to help me get everyone dressed too.  I can say please hand me Brooks's socks and he will get them for me!  He is already mommy's little helper!

-This morning I was asleep in bed and I woke up to Knox trying to put my glasses on my face!  He knows that's the first thing I do when I wake up so he got them off of the nightstand for me! 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I'm so behind on blogging that I never write about the little funny things that happen because by the time I get around to it I've forgotten them all!  I need to be better about that because I think those are the things I will want to read in a few years!  I won't forget the big things like Holidays and Birthdays but I will forget the crazy random Tuesdays and what the babies said or did!  I didn't really make any New Years Resolutions so maybe that can be one of them, to be better about recording the little things that happen in our lives!

I guess I will start today!

Yesterday, Monday, we had plans to go to the library.  I got the babies up and ready and loaded in the car.  We got to the library and realized it was closed.  Sooo we went to Barnes and Noble instead and we had our own little story time with Bennett and Noah.  It was a little chaotic to say the least.  My kids were everywhere!  Brooks would not stay with the group and kept running off to play with the legos with the older kids.  I probably should have just gone home after Barnes and Noble but instead we all went to eat lunch at Panera.  Five kids and four adults (Jessica met us and didn't have her kids).  It should have been easy.... but nothing is ever as easy as it should be right?  Knox refused to sit down and eat, which I was fine with.  He basically just ran around our table.  He has been on a no eating kick lately.  Ava and Brooks sat in their high chairs and literally cleaned their plates!  Two eating out of three isn't bad!  I didn't even order food because I knew it would be too hectic to eat it.  We were wrapping up lunch when I looked at Ava and realized she was about to start throwing up.  Since I've had kids I've developed cat like reflexes and was ready for the puke.  I held her plate up and managed to catch it all.  This is nothing new for Ava.  She has had a "sensitive gag reflex" since she was born and it's really bad if she has a runny nose or if she drinks milk or eats yogurt etc...  I tried not to make a big deal out of it and just picked her up and started cleaning her up.  Then she started again.  All over me and all over the floor.  I wish I had picked up my phone and snapped pictures of the peoples faces around me.  Even other mom's in the restaurant were horrified.  They should understand right?! Although, I probably would have been grossed out too! ha I wanted to yell out "Don't worry!  It's not a stomach virus!  Just a sensitive gag reflex" Instead I undressed her and carried little naked A out to the car covered in vomit while my friends cleaned up the mess and brought the boys out to my car!  While I was cleaning out my car, starting laundry, and trying to get the kids down for a nap I got a text from Sarah that said something along the lines of, "Tell Ava we hope she feels better soon...You are super mom."  I had to write back and tell her that I am not super mom at all!  I just have super friends!  It takes real friends to clean up your kids puke, wipe their noses, carry them all over place for me!  Someone seriously always has one of my kids in their arms!  I am very lucky to have such great friends!  There is no way I could do this triplet thing without them!  I was hoping the rest of the afternoon would be low key but instead Brooks refused to nap so I had a little helper with me for the rest of the afternoon while the other two slept!  Then Gigi came over and took Ava to the dr because she thought she had an ear infection (Which she did!  Thank goodness Gigi is on top of things!) while I cooked dinner and started baths etc.  Then B was nice enough to put the babies to bed so I could sneak off to watch the bachelor at Karries and blow my diet on the best chocolate chip cookies that she made!  

Today, B took the boys to school and the dogs to the vet, while Ava and I hung out at the house.  Basically all I accomplished was a shower (which sadly is an accomplishment) and we did a little light cleaning around the house.  Then we ran an errand with Nini and it was time to pick up the boys!  Didn't get much crossed of the to-do list today!  During naps I did get to have lunch with friends and catch up on what every one's been up to and I made a quick trip to Target where I bought the boys another bathing suit and Ava a dress she probably doesn't need!  I have a serious problem with Target.  I can't go in without coming out with something! Lately it's been bathing suits for the kids!  I wanted to get Ava makeup to put in her Valentine's basket but I ran out of time!  Now I'm at home.. I need to go to the grocery store in a bad way (we are out of milk and dog food, and a ton of other things) but B informed me he will be home late so the store might have to wait until Thursday when I get another break!  Thank goodness for Mothers Day Out!  I hear them stirring so I guess it's time to start dinner and baths!

A friend told me today that when she gets frustrated with her kids she just thinks about all that she is blessed with and thankful for.  I really need to start taking that approach!  Instead, I usually yell something like "Please shut your mouths" or I've gotten really good at the ignoring approach!  Or sometimes I just laugh!  Like today when Ava literally shoved Brooks across the room so I put her in time out.  As soon as she got out of the corner she ran up to him and pushed him again!  This happened three times until they both just started laughing hysterically!  Nothing upsets me more than when they are not nice to each other.  For the most part they get along great but every once in a while we have little issues over toys and things like that!  I've decided I need to nip this behavior in the bud now because nothing would upset me more than if they were mean or hurtful to other kids!  I would not be a happy mommy!

Today was gorgeous so we spent the morning at the park with our friends!  I'm planning on cooking dinner for the first time in weeks and then watching one of my favorite shows Nashville! Oh and if you haven't watched Homeland please do yourself a favor and start watching it now!  It is so freaking good!  I seriously don't know if I will be able to wait until September 29th to watch it again! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

LIbrary fun!

Before Christmas and before the flu outbreak scare we met Noah at the library for story time!  We have started going to the older kids class that is technically for two year olds!  It starts later than the infant class which is better for me and it's a lot less chaotic which is better for the babies!  Less sippy cups for the kids to steal and less paci's for Ava to swipe!  The babies actually do very well in the class (especially if they have a snack).  I've even started taking them by myself!  I hope the library people don't mind me wheeling my wagon in!   

A little photo session after class!  I would love to know what Noah and Knox are laughing about!  

Trying to break out!

Ava loves all social functions!  She likes to dance and explore! 

It always takes Brooks a little while to warm up so he usually starts the class sitting in my lap, which I love.  By the end of the class he is up singing with everyone else though! 

Knox is a singing/dancing machine!  Story time is right up his alley! 
Hopefully we can start going back to the library again soon!    

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sick House

It's a good thing that I am way behind on blogging because I would have nothing to post otherwise.  I feel like we haven't left the house in weeks!  I guess we really haven't!  The babies had a flu like illness that lasted an entire week.  They all had almost 105 fever!  Two of them tested negative for the flu but I'm starting to think the test had to have been wrong!  I hate to even say that we are finally on the mend because I know as soon as I do someone will get sick again.  I feel like we are all well but actually Ava went to the dr yesterday and has an ear infection and they all have runny noses.  "Well" these days just means no fever and no stomach virus! ha  I really feel like we have been sick since October!  I think I go to the dr's office at least once a week!  This has to end soon right???!!!!  

They haven't been to school in like three weeks!  I think they miss it because they have been climbing in their baby's wagon a lot!  They are ready to go! 

Sarah brought Ava a little surprise one night!  She brought her Popsicles and a balloon!  This was seriously the first time she had smiled all day! Thanks Greers! 

Ava goes a little stir crazy in the house like her mommy!  While she was sick she wore the same outfit every single day and threw a fit if we tried to take it off of her!  She wore her brothers navy warm up suit, their black North Face fleece jacket, and their moccasin slippers.  She looked like a little boy!  We knew she was better when she grabbed her leopard purse and put on her pink slippers!  My girly girl was feeling like her prissy self again! 

Another attempt to get out of the house!  This day she stood at the door and kept telling me "Go go!"  If I remember correctly a boy (maybe Brooks) was still sick so there was no going!  That's the bad thing about them being sick.  One gets sick but its a least a week or two until everyone in the house is over it because they never get sick on the same day!  When a virus hits our house we are stuck inside for weeks!  
Spring can't get here fast enough!  I have visions of us all playing in the pool, having picnics, and everyone being well!  Hurry up Spring!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Random 5

This is what our entryway looked like for the majority of December.  The one downside of online shopping! 

I decided the boys didn't have enough Christmas outfits so I made a few during nap time one day!  I really need to learn how to make dresses so Ava can match! 

Jennifer and A!

Happy Knox with a boo boo on his head!  He tripped at school and hit his head on the corner of the door!  Nothing is scarier than getting a phone call from school! 

Brooks finally got tired of Ava picking on him and he fought back!  This fight lasted for a good ten minutes! 
High five Oliver! 

Sweet boy!

Christmas party at school day!

Modeling the outfit his mommy made him! 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Random 4

Dressed up and ready to go watch Knox get his first haircut! 

Pig tails and crew cuts was closed so we went for pizza instead! 

Cutie #2!

Just call him Clark Griswald!  We had some white lights, a few colored lights, and a blow up Santa!  I eventually made B return the colored lights and stick to one color! ha 

Our very own Santa!  The kids got to go outside every night and turn him on!  They loved it! 

Cheering on the Hogs! 

Covered from head to toe in cheese dip! 

Looking at the lights on the square!  She was so excited! 

 Bennett came over to play and he shared a little snack with Brooks!  Such a sweet boy! 

Friend hugs! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random 3

The Nutella banana sandwiches I made them were a hit!   They literally licked their bowls! 

This little guy is just the sweetest thing ever!

We had a lunch date with Noah and Ava wanted to hold his hand!  Ava has good taste!  Noah is a little cutie!

She loves putting on makeup just like mommy!  It's hilarious to watch her!  Everything goes on her eyebrows or forehead!  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Random 2

One day Gigi and I took the babies to Target to shop.  Well, we wanted to shop and the babies were just along for the ride!  Ava did a little shopping on her own though!  She pointed to everything she wanted and then wore it all at once!  This outfit was the result! 

Just hanging out in her winter gear!

Get the celeb-alike app..  Just trust me!  Hours of entertainment! 

Gigi cleaned out the babies closet!  It is so organized now!  I think she needs to do mine next! ha 

I snapped a pic one day when I was wheeling them into school.  Once again, thank goodness for the wagon! ha Ava wasn't feeling the photo shoot!

Monday, January 21, 2013

A week of random pictures part 1

The day after our Halloween party we were all exhausted so we skipped school and lounged around in our pajamas all day! It was cozy and fun! 

Love A's hand on her chin!

This is how the boys sleep... Knox

And Brooks!  Brooks sleeps with his head in this corner every single night!

Playing with our corn table!  Brooks loves a good hat!  He wore this bucket on his head until it literally fell apart!  It was a sad day at our house when I had to throw it away! 

The kids are obsessed with the girls next door.  Brandon use to take them outside every evening to play with them while I got dinner ready!  They helped A, B, and K decorate our driveway! 

We had a ghost at our house! (Knox)

One night I didn't have the energy to cook but I wanted to feed the babies vegetables so we loaded them up in their pj's and went to Cracker Barrel!  I have to admit, I actually like Cracker Barrel!  You can do a little shopping while you wait for your table and the veggie plate is my fave!  

Apparently Ava is a fan of the veggie plate too!  How funny are her faces?  She was shoveling food in as fast as she could! 

Maybe my favorite picture ever!  This is the face of a girl who seriously overdid it at the Cracker Barrel!  She just had to back away from the table! ha 

Knox was feeling extra generous and let Ava sit with him and snuggle his blanket.  Usually if you touch his deer blanket he freaks out!  Sweeties! 

Friday, January 18, 2013

First Game!

Obviously these pics are so old but I had to document their first Razorback game! They actually made it in the stadium this time!  I honestly can't even remember what game this is though....

I love this picture!  Knox was so excited he finally got to get in on the tailgating action!  He wore his red boots for the occasion! 

Brooksy got a good view of the crowd!

Snacking and tossing the ball around!

He's going for a touchdown!  He was all over the place! 

Ava my little cheerleader!

Practicing her cheers with Karrie!

Then deciding she would rather have a cookie!


Gigi always has her hands full when the babies are around! 

Our friend Annabelle stopped by!  She is such a sweetie and wanted to share her drink with Knox!

Family shot!

He lasted five seconds in the car!  Tailgating and cheering on the Hogs is just hard work! 

Chris went to the game with us and brought his camera!  It was like we had our own photographer to document the kids first game! 

Brooks was in awe!  This little boy loved watching the game!  He was so good! Really they all were!  They just sat down and watched!  We didn't even have to make a trip to the concession stand!  We made it all the way through half time!  I think we could have stayed longer but I didn't want them to skip their nap all together and I knew a meltdown could happen at any second!  I have a feeling we are going to be taking them to lots of games next year! Hopefully the games will be a little more fun to watch!