Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fun with Friends!

Fun at the park!

Lyla styling Ava!  Just like her mommy!  Ava had on approximately thirty bracelets!

Looking good A!


Love him!

These two love the sand! 

Heading out to a basketball game with their dad! 

He looks like such a big boy reading his book!

Leopard on Leopard on Leopard....Oh and she threw a necklace on because she thought it needed something extra!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Lately 2

These boys are so snugly and I love it! 

They are rekindling the romance!  I guess they were just on a break!

Love this boy! I also love that he loves hats since he is so fair!

Stopping to smell the weeds...

Boingo Bounce fun!  If I remember correctly this was the first time Brooks and Ava climbed up the slides at Boingo Bounce by themselves!   Hopefully now I won't have to work so hard when we go!  

This boy loves to slide! 

Love her! 

Little momma pulling her baby in the wagon!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

B's Birthday!

My old man is getting older!  B had a birthday on April Fools Day and the babies and I threw him a little party!  A party of 5! ha We baked him brownies with pecans (his fav), sang Happy Birthday to him, and I fried chicken! 

I was just kidding about the frying chicken part!  I did drive all the way to Springdale to pick up Popeyes though! ha 

Knox was excited about the brownies and about B's new shoes we bought him!  He has new tennis shoes that match the boys now! 

A few nights after his birthday we celebrated again with Travis and Leigh! 
Happy Birthday B! Hope 34 is a good year for you!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Thank goodness it is finally starting to warm up so we can get out of the house!  The last few months have been rough!  We've been having fun at our house and celebrating lots of birthdays!  We all love a good party! 

Snack time!  I don't know if you can tell in this picture but there is an entire bowl of popcorn on the floor.  This is just one more reason I'm excited about warm weather!  We can stay outside more and then I won't have to clean up as many messes! ha

The ponytail kills me! She loves it.  

B had to pick something up at Cabelas so we tagged along and went out to eat at PF Changs.  The babies love it!  They were feeling really big too!  They got to sit in booster seats, use chopsticks, and B let them walk to the car! ha They are growing up so fast! 

My big boy using his chopsticks!

Oh, just a shopping trip to Mason's in our bathing suit to pick up a birthday gift for Shea!  Ava had so much fun playing with the jewelry! 

Celebrating sweet Ella's christening!

Feeling cute in her suit at Charlie's 5th birthday party!  She never made it in the pool but she dressed the part! Her brothers missed out because they were at home sick with their dad!

Surprise!  Happy Birthday Shea!  

Mom Sylvia and me!  I can't believe she won't be at the Chi O house from now on!  She will be missed! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Brooks's First Haircut!

My babies are growing up!  Brooks's hair is usually pretty curly but his cute little curls turned into a not so cute mullet!  It was time for Brook's to get his first haircut! 

He wasn't sure about the chair at first but a cup of goldfish really helped! 


He was such a big boy! 

Someone was a little jealous!

He doesn't look so sure about what's going on! 


Knox and Ava were so proud of Brooks for being such a big boy! We were too!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!

I'm officially old!  I turned thirty in March and I felt like I celebrated for a week!  I wasn't exactly looking forward to this birthday but I did have so much fun celebrating with friends and family! 

I had a family birthday dinner at home and my mom made my favorite meal!  Greek chicken, green beans, and salad!  Thanks Gigi! 

I celebrated with Karrie and Lauren too! 

Happy Birthday to Me!

Fun birthday dinner with friends! 

On my actual birthday I went to lunch with Emily!  I don't have a picture of us but I do have a picture of the yum cake pops she brought for dessert!  If you haven't had these you need to go to Starbucks immediately!
Turning thirty was way more fun than I thought it would be! Thanks everyone for helping me celebrate! 

Caroline's Party!

We had a party for Caroline at our house in March!  The boys went to the basketball game with their dad and Ava got to stay and hang out with the girls!  

A and Christina!

I have to point out that the streamer banner you see in the picture took four of us at least 3 hours to make!  I am not a crafty person and I'm pretty proud of this little project!  

The pretty Pigmint flowers!  

Caroline and me!

Carol and Syd

Ava felt pretty special that she got to hang out with the big girls all day! And, I did not coordinate our outfits!  We just happened to both be wearing black and pink! 

Carol and Christina!

Caroline and Joanne!

Caroline and Rachel

The hostesses

Gigi, Ava, and Mrs Cindy!

Ava ate approximately 200 chocolate covered pretzel sticks.  Every time I looked at her she had a cookie or something sweet in her hand! 

Getting ready for bed for Ava includes putting on her favorite jacket.  

Gift time!

Hanging out with Karrie and baby Sawyer!

Silly girl!

Ava, Em, and Vivi having a little laugh!