Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Part 1

Ava, Brooks, and Knox had a wonderful first Thanksgiving! They actually had two Thanksgiving meals to attend! We were pretty busy! We started the day at my dad's house to celebrate with his side of the family. I took one million pictures. I apologize!

Grandma, Ava and Jenny
Grandma and Ava
Sherry helped Brooks play with Cade! Knox was sound asleep for the first hour!
Carol and the girls chatting... And Brooks!
We actually ate outside this year. My dad rented a tent. The weather was so pretty it worked out perfectly! We just laid a quilt out in the grass and let the babies play! I think they loved being outside!
The tent. There was sooo much yummy food! I found a few recipes I'm going to have to try!
Sweet Ava
Brooks still trying to crawl!
Brandon got to come for a little bit! We were so excited!
Knox, Caroline, Jenny, and Brooks!
Daddy and his girl!
Her chubby cheeks are just too kissable!
Ava got to try some mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes! She LOVED them. She kept her mouth open wanting more the entire time!
Amanda, Kyle, and Brooks!
The desserts! I ate so much of everything else I didn't make it to this end of the table!
Cole and Cade posing for me!

Caroline and Knox.
Family pic.. Minus Brooks and Knox.
Knox was not in the mood for pictures apparently!
Oh but now he is.
In a few years A, B, and K will be able to play horse shoes with the big boys!

B just can't stay away from her chubby cheeks! I think they were getting a squeeze here!
Brooks, Cade, and Amanda
My boys!
Grandpa got down to play!
Stephanie and Ava! By this point B had taken off Ava's bow because he said she didn't like it and my dad took off her shoes! She was losing accessories left and right!
Knox and my dad
Brooks just smiling!
Knox was getting sleepy so his thumb came out!
I made Caroline test out the fire pit! My dad had S'more ingredients out so I thought someone needed to use them! I know the babies will love this one day!
Her S'more was huge! I think she had two bites and then had to be done!
Family pics! I have to post three pictures so you can see each one of them smiling! Of course they wouldn't all smile at the same time!

Our family!
The cousins!
All of the babies fell asleep! Thanks for holding Ava Melanie!
Group Shot!
My dad with his mom and siblings minus Rick.
The alien filled in for Rick in the picture!
The babies got their first Christmas gift from Aunt Jeannie! Thanks so much!
We had a great first Thanksgiving. We were stuffed but we hurried home to get ready for our second Thanksgiving meal at our house! Thanks for everything dad and Jenny!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Birthday CC!

My first baby had a birthday last week! Coco Elliott is four years old! Before Ava, Brooks, and Knox came along dog birthdays were a big deal around here! We use to have parties, gifts, etc! Poor Coco, I think this year she just got a few pieces of ham! Oh and I did take her shock collar off for the day so she could bark as loud and as much as she wanted! Poor Coco! The babies have taken over! Coco is so good with the babies and I really think they love her! She really is a genius dog! ha Happy Birthday Coco! We all love you!

Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm tired!

We've been so busy! Am I ever going to be able to write, "I've been so bored lately." Ha I don't think I will... At least not for the next eighteen years! Friday Jennifer came over for an hour so I could take a shower.. It's been that crazy around here... I loaded the babies in the car and we went to the NWA Boutique show to meet Karrie! Thanks so much Karrie for our ticket and for helping me with the babies! It took us soo long to walk around the room because we got stopped a lot! I swear everyone there was a twin, had twins, knew triplets, etc. I even met another triplet mom that might sell me her triplet stroller! I did find cute stockings for the babies and Ava got a few new headbands! It was a successful shopping trip! After we left we went to lunch. The babies were so good all afternoon. They were wide eyed the entire time we were at the boutique show. They just aren't use to seeing so many people! They really need to get out more!

Friday afternoon/evening the Penix's came over for a play date! We had pizza and played! Madeline was such a good helper with the babies! She brought me bottles, toys, etc. She is going to be such a great big sister! I wish I had taken pictures! All of the kids looked so cute together! B went to the deer camp Friday night so the babies and I were on our own! I was so tired I didn't even notice he was gone!

Saturday morning I had a garage sale.. And yes, I have a garage sale about every three months. If I get in the throwing away mood there is no stopping me. We had a ton of stuff to sell and I didn't even sell any of my baby clothes! I just didn't have the time to go through all of the storage containers. Our sale started out a little slow and then Caroline put out some signs and it really picked up steam! We only had a few boxes of things left to donate to Goodwill. Saturday afternoon B watched the babies for a little bit and I did some Christmas shopping. I still have so much to do! Saturday night Caroline, Gigi, and I went to see Rock of Ages. If you haven't seen it you definitely should! I loved it! I'm so glad I went! Nothing is better than 80's music!

Sunday Courtney and Emory came over for a playdate! Once again, I didn't take any pictures. Sunday afternoon I finally got to see Breaking Dawn! I have to say, it was definitely better than the other movies but there were still parts that I just laughed through. Like the talking wolf scene... I went to the bathroom and when I came back in I thought I had walked into the wrong movie. I thought I was in a kids movie for sure! I don't want to wait an entire year for part 2! That's just a little too long if you ask me!

Monday Ava and I had a girls day! I dropped the boys off at the liquor store and we went to lunch with the girls (and baby Hudson).

The boys wore their big boy vests for their day at the liquor store!

Do they look 16 or is it just me?
After lunch Ava got to take her first trip to Wal-Mart to buy our Thanksgiving groceries. She loved riding in the cart!
Shopping is exhausting!
Tuesday we spent over two hours trying to get one good picture of all three babies for our Christmas cards. It was hard work! Tuesday night Ava got to spend the night with Gigi! We missed her so much! I'm sure she had fun though!!

I think Wednesday is going to be a cooking/cleaning day! We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house so we have some work to do!