Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Road Trip Round 2

Wednesday my mom and I loaded the babies in the car and headed to Fort Smith. My cousins Cali and John were both graduating. Cali from Jr High and John from sixth grade. Congrats guys! We stopped at a cute baby store as soon as we got in town. I went crazy with little dresses for Ava. I will have to post pictures soon of the babies wearing all of their new outfits! We got take out from Georges and headed to Nini's! The babies had a lot of visitors! They finally got to meet their aunt Marcy, cousin Christina, Cindy, LaQuita and cousin Maggie. My mom and Nini went to graduation and I stayed at Nini's with the babies.
We had a great visit! It was so nice to see everyone!

Nini and her great granddaughter. I brought my camera but didn't take any pictures and had to steal these from Marcy.

Sweet Ava enjoying girl talk. I just want to pinch her cheeks!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away!

I have always called B Ned Perme (I have the real Ned's autograph btw... How embarrassing!). He is a little too obsessed with the weather channel app on his phone. He loves snow storms, tornado's etc! I don't love bad weather! I've never been afraid of bad storms but the weather lately has been a little out of control! B and I were laying in bed the other night not really paying attention to the tv. Thankfully I heard the weather man say they had spotted rotation around Root and McNair schools. McNair is basically in our back yard! I told B and he said he thought we should head to the closet under the stairs. I freaked and started grabbing babies and pacifiers!

Cleaning out the closet under the stairs has been on my to-do list for a while. I really wish I had gotten around to doing that before we had to camp out in there! It was a mess!

All six of us snuggled close in the closet and Ned stayed in the living room and watched the weather report.

The babies slept the entire time!

The storms were supposed to be worse the next night so I cleaned out the closet the next day and made a little tornado survival bag with formula, water, diapers, etc. I even made my mom spend the night with us! Ned got excited and wanted to gas up the 4-wheeler just in case! I'm really not sure where he thought he was going to drive that thing if a tornado hit! I'm thinking he was just looking for an excuse to get out of the house. Thankfully the weather wasn't as bad as they predicted and we had a very uneventful night.

It looks like it will be sunny for the next several days and we can't wait!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Day in the Life of Me!

I think most people assume I've been busy changing diapers, making bottles, not sleepy, etc. It really hasn't been that bad! I know it will be a whole different story once they are older and they are all running around but right now they are sweet little babies that sleep and eat on a perfect schedule! I have friends that have to feed their kids every two hours! Ahh I can't imagine. I think god knew what he was doing when he gave me babies that like to sleep!

My friend Mark gave me this bumper sticker! How funny is this?? Crazy things happen when I don't get enough sleep so I really might need to put this on my car! Oh and how in the world do I turn pictures around???

I've always been pretty organized. I love to make list but I love to cross things off my list more than anything! Thank goodness because there is no way I could do this if I wasn't organized! I have a binder that has sections for each baby. This is where I record their feeding times, diapers, tummy time, sleep and awake time. The neonatologist suggested we do this since this is what they do in the nicu. It is really such a huge help! There is no way I could remember how much each baby ate and what kind of diaper they had without my book!

Our Day-

6am-My mom usually comes over for this feeding. She comes and gets the babies out of our room and feeds them downstairs. B and I never even wake up! It's so nice because we are able to sleep from 3am-8 or 9am. It's so nice to have uninterrupted sleep! B wakes up and goes to work around 8 and I usually wake up at 9 and go downstairs to take over mommy duty so my mom can leave! I usually empty the dishwasher and make bottles for the rest of the day/night. I make a large pitcher of formula to mix with my breast milk and fill enough bottles up to last until the following morning. This makes it so easy to grab bottles out of the fridge before each feeding.

10am-The babies start waking up. Knox is always first. I change his diaper and then feed him while a bottle is warming for Brooks. It usually takes me twenty minutes to feed each baby. As soon as I finish Knox I put him in the swing and then start on Brooks. Same thing, diaper change and then feeding. Knox is usually asleep by the time I finish feeding Brooks so he is moved to a boppy pillow that he likes to sleep in on the couch and Brooks goes in the swing. Then it's Ava's turn! After I feed them all they are usually asleep again. If they aren't asleep they are just laying in the nap nanny content looking around. I usually fold baby clothes that are in the dryer that I started the night before. Some days I blog, write thank you notes, or read during this time too. I usually try to eat something during this break.

2pm-I'm supposed to do tummy time with the babies several times a day but I'm not always great at that! Usually when they wake up they are ready to eat and I hate to make them wait! I also don't want to wake them up for tummy time but I might have to start doing that. If we do it this is usually the time. I will put them all on the floor in the den while and start the feeding routine-diaper change, feed, burp, swing. I usually catch up on shows on my dvr too.

The afternoons are the perfect time for me to run errands. My mom or sister will usually come over and watch the babies while I run my errands or I have a few babysitters I can call that will come over to stay with them. It's always so nice to get out of the house for a little while. I finish my errands by 6 so I can be back at the house for the next feeding.

6pm-Brandon tries to be home by 6 to help me with this feeding. After we feed the babies he likes to go ride his bike and I usually do a little laundry. I usually do one load a day full of baby clothes,bibs, etc. I haven't had to cook at all because our wonderful friends have brought delicious meals every night! I'm sure when the meals stop coming in June I will cook dinner, or try to cook dinner during this time. Some nights B will watches the babies so I can go to dinner with friends or run errands if I didn't get a chance to during the day. Other nights when he gets home from his bike ride we watch tv together.

10pm-change, feed, burp, swing! I also have to pack our bag for upstairs! I have to make sure I have enough diapers, wipes, pacifiers, clothes, and blankets in our room for the night. I usually keep all of these things in our room but I have to replenish occasionally. I also pack three bottles in our Dr Browns carrying case with an ice pack. If I'm extra sleepy we do this feeding upstairs in bed. Usually we just feed them downstairs and carrying them up one by one!

2am-The babies wake up like clockwork. I usually wake up because Knox is whimpering so I change his diaper and feed him all while laying in bed! The babies eat great during the night (thank goodness). They always suck down their bottles and go right back to sleep. They always wake up about 20 minutes apart too which is perfect! Sometimes if I'm feeling extra nice I let B sleep through this feeding. This is always the time I check facebook, blogs, etc. I usually get back to sleep around 3 or 3:30. If B wakes up to help we sometimes watch a little tv too.

Bath time-We usually bath the babies once a day and sometimes every other day. My mom loves to do this in the mornings after the 6am feeding which is fine with me! Ha One less thing I have to do! I like to bathe them right after they eat and I usually feed them all and then take them one by one to the bathroom. We have a little space heater we turn on (thanks Karrie and Joseph) and I get all of the towels and washcloths out and ready. I bathe one, put on diaper, lotion, outfit and then put them in the crib in the nursery. Then I start with the next baby.

The drama queen in the tub.

Nothing is sweeter than all of my clean babies in their crib. They LOVE bath time and love to play in the crib after their bath! They all keep their head turned to look out the window!

Then we start all over again! I think these babies are going to be like their mommy and like a schedule too! If we are out of the house we just take bottles with us and they eat on the go! Also, if you come to our house around feeding time we will hand your a baby and a bottle! We take all the help we can get! We won't make you change dirty diapers though!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Woo Pig Sooie!

We had such a great weekend! Friday was my mom's birthday so she spent the day at our house with the babies and me. We ate crab legs for lunch and played with babies all day! It was a great day! Friday night I was home alone with the babies because B had to work. B called and said, "don't you have a friend you can call to come keep you company!" Ha First of all I don't think anyone's ideal Friday night is helping me change diapers! I was fine! I had three babies to keep me company!

Saturday we woke up and B did yard work and I cleaned and worked on the blog! It was such a pretty day! My mom was at the game and called to see if we wanted to come. We aren't supposed to really take the babies out in public yet but we had to get out of the house! I literally got ready in 15 minutes! The babies also had the fastest baths they have ever had! I wanted to get there before I changed my mind about taking them! I really think it was fine because we were in our box and the few people that touched them washed their hands! The babies were perfect during the game. They LOVED sitting outside! They all slept the entire time. No crying at all! I think we have some little hog fans on our hands! After the game B and I were ready to go! We were trying to figure out where we could go next! ha We ended up going home and B went for a bike ride. While he was gone my mom texted me and said she would babysit if we wanted to go out. I immediately called B and told him to hurry it up so we could go do something. While I was waiting on him my head started hurting soo bad. I never get headaches. I decided I should start wearing my retainer again the night before so I think this must have been what caused it. When B got home he was ready to go! He even mentioned going to the movies which I love to do and he doesn't! My head hurt so bad I just couldn't do it! I actually called my mom back and asked her to come do the 10pm feeding with B so I could go to bed! Pathetic! haha My night on the town turned into me taking a handful of Tylenol and going to sleep at 9:30! Ahh I'm a grandma!

I slept from 9:30pm to 2:30am and then 4am to 10am. I woke up feeling great! We planted flowers all day, put together the babies strollers, and had a lot of visitors. Liz stopped by and brought the babies personalized bibles that I love! I know they will too. She also brought yummy pasta salad. The Selmans stopped by to meet the babies too! Sunday evening Naomi came by and brought us dinner. Taco soup and the best cookies! I can't wait to make them! She also brought the babies cute little onesies. When they grow a little more and can wear them I will post pics!

We had such a great weekend with friends and family!

Our first family picture at a game!

Ava calling the Hogs!

We had great helpers at the game! I barely even held the babies!

The boys REALLY got into the game! Can't you tell?

Pink is Ava's color not red but she did wear her Razorback hat to show her team spirit! Ha

I should have taken a picture of the final score! We won! I hope we host a tournament game so the babies can go back!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Babies, Stop Growing Now!!!

My sweet tiny babies are one month old and I could just cry! I want them to stay this size forever!! Time is going by too fast! I need it to slow down or they are going to be in college before I know it! The babies are so sweet and we are so thankful for our happy healthy babies. We can't imagine life without them!

The babies eat at 10, 2, and 6 am and pm. Knox eats four ounces and Ava and Brooks eat three, sometimes a little more. They all completely empty their bottles so it might be time to go up a little! They usually stay awake for a little while after they eat and then they sleep for at least three hours between each feeding. They never cry unless the four hours are up and they are ready to eat again. Knox always wakes up first to eat, then Brooks, and then we have to wake Ava up to eat last! They all love to be swaddled! The tighter the better! They occasionally take pacifiers but I'm not a huge fan of them! If the pacifier falls out while they are trying to go to sleep they let you know about it so I leave those out as much as I can! Mommy is not good at doing tummy time! I think the babies are supposed to be on their tummy's for ten minutes three to four times a day. We are doing good to do it once a day for ten minutes! We are going to try to work on that this week. Knox doesn't mind tummy time but Ava and Brooks aren't big fans! They all love the swing but Brooks hogs it most of the time!

So far we have been out of the house four times since they have been home! Twice for Pediatrician appointments and twice for pictures. I guess that's not bad for being home three weeks.

Ava, you are the sweetest, prissiest little girl I know. You make the funniest faces all of the time! You are constantly puckering your lips and stretching your little arms. You could sleep all day long (like your mommy)! We have to wake you up for every feeding. That is probably my favorite time with you! You stretch and make the cutest face! I just want to eat you up! You had trouble eating at first but I think before long you will be eating more than your brothers! You watch me the entire time I feed you! You are always so alert! You love to be swaddled and to be snuggled close to your mommy or daddy. You also love bath time! I think you would stay in the bath tub all day if I would let you. You are still so little but I can tell you are getting bigger every day. I think you have your mommy's big feet. You are such a sweet happy baby! We love you so much!

Brooks, you are the cutest little thing! You have such a funny personality! You constantly make little noises in your sleep. It's hilarious. You grunt a lot too! You definitely have the most energy! You are a very spunky baby and very strong too. You can almost hold your head up by yourself! Your daddy and I think you are hilarious because you always look like you are deep in thought. Your little head is always wrinkly! You love bath time too. Every time I put you in the bath tub you pee pee though! You love to be held and you will cry and as soon as I pick you up you stop! I think you've figured that out! You also love to be swaddled and you love your swing! You like to watch tv too! You get bigger everyday! We definitely can't tell you were the smallest baby at birth! We love you little Brooks!

Knox, you are such a perfect little baby. You are soo laid back. Something really has to be wrong for you to get upset and even then as soon as we pick you up you are fine! You are so content! You love to just look around and watch everyone with your big eyes! You are the best little eater! You love to eat and suck down your bottle in no time! You take an ounce more than your brother and sister and I really think you could eat more than that! You love bath time too. You really do just go with the flow! You are very strong! When we do tummy time it almost seems like you could get on all fours and crawl away! You have the funniest little cry. It's so sad and any time I hear it I have to pick you up! We call you our big boy because you are so much bigger than your brother and sister. We love you!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Road Trip!

We took our first big road trip with the babies on May 9th. We went to Fort Smith to have their pictures made at Mika Beth's. I should have taken a picture of my car because it was packed! My mom rode in the front seat, the babies were in the middle seat, and poor Brandon was in the very very back with our luggage! Before I bought my car in January I thought about getting a Suburban but I just couldn't do it! A Suburban is such a mom car! Now, I'm wondering if I made a mistake! haha Just my diaper bag alone takes up so much room! I basically have to pack a suitcase before we go anywhere! The babies did great in the car! They slept the entire time. That might not have been a good thing because they were wide awake when it was time for pictures! After some feeding, swaddling, and luck they all went to sleep and we got great pictures! I've only seen a few and I can't wait to see the rest! I know they are going to be so cute! Now I just need to get their birth announcements out before they turn one!

A sneak peak! I can not wait to see the rest!

Mika Beth took these with her iphone! I wish my iphone pics looked like this!

After the babies shoot we stopped by Georges to pick up dinner. I don't think I've ever been to Fort Smith and not eaten at Georges! I wish we had one in Fayetteville! We took our food over to Nini's so she could see the babies! We didn't get to stay very long because the babies next feeding was coming up but we were there long enough for Nini to hold each baby! We will have to come back and visit soon!

Our family takes up so much room anywhere we go! Ha

It was nice to get out of town for a day! I'm glad the babies like their carseats and going for rides. Hopefully we will be able to take more trips soon!

PS-I will say I looked down several times during the trip and noticed I was only driving about 60mph. I think my days of speeding tickets are over... At least when the babies are in the car!

-B and I got in a huge fight when I came home from Little Rock and discovered he had used all of my expensive shampoo that I left at our house! B has never cared about hair products and has used Pert Plus (or whatever I buy him) the entire time I have known him. He gets his hair cut at Super Cuts for goodness sakes! I guess once he used decent shampoo he realized the difference because when we were getting ready for our pictures he asked if he could use my shampoo just for that one day! Ha ha I let him just that one time so our pictures would be good! Ha

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Little Models

These are the pictures Hudson took of our sweet babies! We love them!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Busy Busy!

I've been a little behind on the blogging.. It's rainy and gross today so I'm hoping to get caught up!

We have been so busy around here! As soon as it quit raining I was ready to get out of the house! I thought I would have a hard time leaving the babies at home but that hasn't been the case! I think it helps that I have such great babysitters! My mom, Caroline, and B's mom could probably handle any emergencies better than I could anyway!Ha Last Saturday night B had to work so Caroline babysat and my mom and I went shopping and to dinner. I think I went a little overboard when I cleaned out my closet a few weeks ago and I had nothing left to wear! It was a little scary trying on jeans 3 weeks after I had the babies but I had to do it!

Sunday Olivia and Karrie came to visit the babies! I was so glad they were finally able to hold them! They got to meet them in the hospital but they are so much bigger now! I guess I feel like they are big but they are really still so tiny! Olivia's brother just had a baby and baby Jack weighed eight pounds when he was born so I think she was use to a chunkier baby! B babysat Sunday night so we could go eat Sushi! I was not ready for the night to end so after sushi we went to a sports bar! We were pretty much the only people in the place! It was a Sunday night. It was so nice to hang out with my friends! Olivia, hurry and move home so we can do that more often!

B did a great job with the babies! They really are so much easier than you would think! I guess we just have good babies! I think he enjoyed getting some snuggle time in!

Monday Adam, Bethany, and Porter stopped by to bring us a Nap Nanny, which btw, is a must have for babies in my opinion! My babies love it! Now that we have two Knox gets his own and the little two share! The Fraziers also brought yummy Tim's pizza and a bottle of wine. Thanks everyone! The pizza was delicious and the wine was just what I needed! Bethany, we will return the nap nanny before new baby Rutledge makes his debut!

FYI-The nap nanny's aren't meant for more than one baby but the trips love to snuggle and sleep better that way so we usually put two in at a time!

Tuesday morning we took the babies to have their pictures made! Hudson took our wedding pictures and when Jason found out we were having triplets he said he wanted to photograph them! We were so excited! We love all of his pictures! The photo shoot was a little out of control! You would not believe how hard it is to get three babies to sleep at the same time for pictures! We were there for over three hours and the entire time a baby was either crying, eating, sleeping, or pooping! Somehow Jason managed to get some really cute pics!

A sneak peak!

The babies first trip to Sonic! B thought it was ridiculous I was taking a picture! Ha ha

I ran errands the rest of the day and then B and I went to the baseball game with friends! We had such a great time! The Razorbacks won and we got see all of our friends! It was a fun night! Although, the best part of the night was the 10+ hours of uninterrupted sleep B and I got! His mom watched the babies while we were at the game and then got up with them for their night feedings so we could sleep!

The McCarty twins are such cuties! I can't wait until we can bring the babies so they can all play together!

Wednesday I ran more errands. My to-do list is really never ending.. Courtney stopped by for a visit and brought us dinner! She brought the best Chicken Noodle Soup! I will have to get the recipe to post! It was really good! My favorite thing she brought was Emory's swing! The babies LOVE it! Instead of typical swings I bought into the hype and bought Mamma Roo's for the babies. They are not the biggest fans.. So now I have two Mamma Roo's in my living room that no one uses! They all take turns in the swing! Emory, thanks for letting us borrow it! So warning to new parent's: Buy the swings that just swing! Not the fancy ones that do a million other things that your baby won't like!

Thursday was a crazy day! Once again, thank goodness Brandon's mom was here to help with the babies! I had so much to do to wrap up my mom's gifts and her birthday celebration! I finally got it all done and we went to the game! Brandon helped his mom with the 6 o'clock feeding and then met us there. We had such a good time! The food was great, the wine was tasty, and the weather was perfect for baseball! I honestly didn't even notice we lost! Hopefully we will win the next two!

We had a surprise on our doorstep when we got home. Carter and Alicia brought us a basket full of snacks! That is exactly what we needed! I never have time to sit down and eat a meal so this will be perfect because I will be able to grab something on the go!

The monsoons have started again so I think my plans for yard work this weekend might be ruined.. This is the perfect weather to watch movies, read, and snuggle with babies though!