Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Instagram Week

My Christmas gift from the babies came in. I LOVE it! Thanks Ava, Brooks, and Knox (and B). Three will always be my favorite number!
The babies went to Sam's for the first time! They loved it. Ava even cried when we had to leave. I love that two of them can fit in a cart! I should have taken a picture of all of the formula we have to buy! It's ridiculous!
Knox loves giving A kisses. So glad I was able to sneak this picture!
WWE action. These boys have already started wrestling. Occasionally Ava will get in on the action!
B feeding Ava. It gets a little messy at times.
My pictures for the feeding station finally came in! I love them!
Brooks stood up by himself for the first time! We are so proud of you big boy!
Knox was eating a mum mum.. Ava wanted a bite..He passed it to her, she took a bite and then passed it back to him and he finished it. So sweet! Now if they would only continue to share!
Their new favorite game is emptying the diaper basket. After it was empty Ava decided to climb inside!
Ava's cheek was covered in sloppy kisses from Brooksy! I think her cheeks are pretty kissable too boys!
Knox can hold his bottle by himself!
Brooksy too! Yahh!
Gigi and I took the babies to the park this week! It was lots of fun! This was their first time to swing! I think they laughed for the first thirty minutes!