Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Caroline!

Sorry we are late Nana! My mom just thought of this idea this morning!

PS-Ava is dressed like a boy so I had to throw a pink bow on her!
Ava still looks pretty cute in her boy clothes!
Here is a little sneak peak at our costumes! I have about 500 more Halloween pictures to post!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thirteen Pictures of my Babies

These are thirteen pictures of the babies. They are not ALL smiling in one single picture! It's impossible! I just laugh when I look at all of these.

PS-They were modeling their new pj's from Aunt Caroline!

Uh oh! Brooksy you are supposed to hold us all up!
Two out of three isn't bad!
Knoxie...Where did you go??
Brooksy is done!
Knoxie says, "What!! We have to take more pictures?"
Three half smiles!
Goofy Brooksy!
Ava's giving the camera the stink eye!
Everyone make a funny face!
We are done!
Completely over this!
Brooks says, "Smile like me!" Ava says, "I'm mad!" Knox says, "Watch out for the puke!"
I want to kiss Ava's little cheeks in this pic!
One day, maybe when I can bribe them, I will get a picture of all three of them smiling! haha

Thursday, October 27, 2011

6 Month Update!

We have three little eating machines at our house now! They all love their food! Ava and Knox can't get enough and Brooks eventually likes it but it takes him a minute to get use to the spoon in his mouth. I think he still prefers a bottle to the food! So far they have had: apples, pears, bananas, sweet potatoes, broccoli, peas, zucchini, butternut squash, green beans, and avocado. I think there favorites are bananas and pears, and butternut squash and sweet potatoes. In the morning they each get two servings of fruit mixed with their cereal and then at night they get two servings of veggies. Sometimes I mix their veggies together. I am still making all of their food. It hasn't been bad! I do buy the little squeeze pouches for when we are away from the house and the babies LOVE them! I guess that food taste better than mine! ha They really can't get enough of it!
Knox loves to try to hold the spoon when we are feeding him. The boy loves to eat! As soon as I take the spoon out of his mouth he opens his mouth for another bite. Ava is a little impatient. She does not like to wait her turn to eat. I always feed them one at a time for this reason! Brooks gets very distracted while he is eating! I don't think he likes to slow down for long enough to eat. He can get a little restless so I have to keep him entertained and make noises and play with him while he is eating! I feed them all in my lap. It's just easier than the bumbo chairs. I think they like it better too! They all clean their bowls every time! I don't want to over feed them but they always act like they could eat more!
They are still taking 4- 8oz bottles a day. They eat at 9, 1, 5, and 9. They are all drinking Gentle Ease formula now.... Everyone keep your fingers crossed that Knox doesn't have another reaction! Last time we switched his formula it took a week for the rash to appear.. This Friday will be a week! I really hope the switch works this time! I can't handle another rash!

They are eating and sleeping machines! We are on a 9 to 9 schedule at our house which I love!!! Their nap schedules are even getting a little better! The boys are sleeping together in the crib in our room and Ava sleeps in the basket from the bassinet on the floor! Terrible I know! She LOVES her little basket though! As soon as I lay her in it she goes right to sleep! They are all great sleepers. We just put them in their sleep sack and lay them in their bed and they go right to sleep! They do not make a peep throughout the night and then they start talking to each other around 8:30 or 9am. I let them play in their crib for a little while and then get them up and feed them! During the day they still nap in the swing or on the floor. Wherever they are when they get sleepy! They usually take a short nap after they eat their food in the morning around 11 and then they take a long nap in the afternoon around 2 and then another short nap in the evening. I love that they love to sleep!

Our house is getting louder by the minute! Knox talks constantly. NONSTOP yelling and squealing! It's actually pretty funny. Ava and Brooks talk too just not as much! Or maybe they do and I just can't hear them because Knox is so loud.... No one is sitting up yet. They just fall over if I let go but they can sit great if I prop them up or put them in their boppy. No crawling either but they are really good at getting where they need to go! Especially Brooks. He can scoot from one end of our den to the other in no time! Ava and Knox love to stand up and Brooks will just curl up his little legs if I stand him up! Ava has a new fake cry that is pretty hilarious... She stops immediately when you pick her up and starts laughing! What a mess! They like playing with their toys and have recently gotten interested in their exersaucer. They have figured out how to make it play music which is funny and annoying! They still hang in their Johnny jump up but don't really jump. Just hang... They can completely wiggle their way out of the nap nannys. Sometimes I let them sit in them in the mornings and in no time they will be on the floor. They just slide right out! I think they they it is fun like a little slide! ha They love to bite their toes! Gross huh? They still love tv but I recently was told they aren't supposed to watch tv until they are 2 years old.... Oops! ha So now we just watch it on special occasions like when I am really busy and need to get stuff done!

They still love their baths. They still get bathed in the sink too! I usually bathe them in the morning after they eat their cereal. Eating can get a little messy! I'm ready for them to be able to sit up so they can play in the bath tub. Ava has started splashing me while I'm bathing her. She thinks it's hilarious!

They are all wearing 9-12 month clothes. I think my chunky monkeys are about to outgrow those too though! Especially the boys! They are growing so fast! They are all wearing size 2 shoes and size 2 diapers. I've really tried to dress them up more during the day even if we aren't going anywhere so that they can wear their outfits before they outgrow them!

They all look the same just older and cuter! Ava still has pretty blue eyes and still looks like a mixture. She is still dark complected and her hair looks like it will be light brown. Knox is my twin and his eyes are hazel.. They might be on their way to turning brown but right now they have a blue rim with light green in the middle. He has dark almost black hair and his skin is lighter than Ava's. Brooks definitely has B's coloring but I really don't think he has his features. He still has big lips and big eyes and a little nose! His hair is definitely looking red and his eyes are still bright blue!

No teeth just little bumps and drooling! Dr A seems to think Knox and Brooks will have little teeth very soon and Ava won't be too far behind! I'm fine with no teeth! Teeth are a little too grown up!
Six month dr appointment-
We were a few days late on our appointment and I couldn't wait to go to find out how much they have grown! I have a baby scale at home and try to weigh them and measure them with a tape measure but I don't ever feel like it is as accurate as the doctors office! The babies had a great appointment! They each got a book from Dr A which was so nice! She said they are growing right on track! I still can't believe my tiny little 4lb 6oz Brooks weighs 16 pounds and is in the 90th percentile in length! They are all growing too fast! They are all a little on the skinny side but she said they are staying on track so they are doing great and to keep doing what we are doing. They did have to get shots and they went crazy! Poor babies! Brooks and Ava were asleep when the nurse stuck them and they woke up screaming! Other than the shots they all had a great appointment!

Weight- 15lbs 3oz- 30th percentile
Length- 26 inches-50-60th percentile
Head-20th percentile

Weight-16lbs 1oz- 25th percentile
Length-27 3/4th inches-90th percentile!!! What???
Head-20th percentile

Weight-15lbs 12oz-20th percentile
Length-26 1/2 inches-50th percentile
Head-50th percentile

You are so pretty and so funny! Everyone that see's you says, "Oh look at those pretty eyes!" I think you have learned to bat your long eyelashes! You love attention! If you want us to pay attention to you or pick you up you give us your fake cry. It's so cute. You stop as soon as we pick you up! Jennifer actually got it on video the other day! I think you are going to be a little mess! I definitely think you will keep your brothers in line! You still love your frog and you love to roll over and play on your stomach. You have started paying attention to your brothers more. You still love your daddy and really all men! We were at the dr the other day and you kept giving the dr a flirty look and he said, "Yes, I see you and yes you are pretty!" ha You are so sweet and cuddly! I love picking you up in the morning! You are always so happy and funny! You wake up every morning with the biggest smile on your face. You love to talk to everyone early in the morning. You have the sweetest little voice! Sometimes you wake up before everyone else when your dad is getting ready for work and he gets you up and plays with you and puts you back in your bed when he leaves and mommy never knows! Oh and you love to stand up too! It's pretty cute! We love you so much sweet Ava!

Oh Brooksie Bear, you are the sweetest happiest baby I know! You are so funny! You are always laughing and smiling! You love to lay on the floor and kick and play! You can't wait to crawl! You lay on the floor and kick your legs and arms so fast but you just can't get your tummy off of the ground yet! I think you have very good hand eye coordination. You hold on to things very well and you can push buttons to make your toys play music. You are also very strong! I think you might be our little football player! You probably love tv and music the most! Your dad said you were crying last night and a Led Zeppelin concert came on tv and you immediately stopped! You can have a little temper! When you are mad you let everyone know! Your cry is so pitiful. You sound so upset. Sometimes you get sad when you are really sleepy and you just cant get yourself to sleep! If we pat your booty you fall asleep immediately though! You love to look around outside! You get a very serious look on your face and study everything! You love going on runs with your daddy! You and Knox take turns riding in the front of the stroller and being the navigator! We love you so much Brooks and we can't wait to watch you grow up!

Knoxie, you are hilarious! You are our little party animal! You laugh and scream all of the time! Jennifer said you are like a little "too cool college boy"! I think so too. You are always playing! You kick and roll and play. You entertain yourself very well You are very laid back though. You never get upset! Gigi said you are just like me when I was a baby! You can be very sweet and cuddly too! You love to snuggle your mommy and suck your thumb! You love your thumb about as much as Ava loves her frog! I love that you love your thumb because if you ever do get upset you just put your thumb in your mouth! I'm already worried about how germy your thumb will be when you are older! You are a mommy's boy! You always want to know where I am! So sweet! You have long little skinny legs and they are always moving! I can't imagine how fast you are going to be when you start crawling! You still love Coco and love to pet or grab her hair! You are such a sweet boy! We love you so much Knoxie Poo!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

4 years ago today and 6 months ago today.

4 years ago today B and I got married! Happy Anniversary B!
6 months ago today I became a mommy when my three beautiful babies were born! Happy half birthday Ava, Brooks, and Knox!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ellison's Birthday Party at the Pumpkin Patch

Saturday afternoon we put on our overalls and headed out to the pumpkin patch to celebrate Ellison's first birthday!

My little farmer Knox! Overalls and bare feet! ha
Daddy and the boys heading into the patch to pick out their pumpkins!
The birthday girl and her daddy!
The boys looking for the perfect pumpkin!
Ava found her pumpkin!
How cute are Caroline and Porter?
Daddy and Ava!

Brooks loved the pumpkin patch!
The twins!
Ava and her daddy!
Caroline and Ava!
The big kids and their pumpkins!

Ava and mommy!

The pumpkin patch!
Ava and the birthday girl chatting!

My boys!

Our family!
The cutest little pig!
My three little pigs!
Thanks for inviting us to your party Ellison! We all had so much fun! Happy Birthday!

I think the babies partied a little too hard because Brooks lost it on the way home! I think the fact that he had been in the car for 6 hours that day had something to do with it! We all went home and went to bed and B went to work!

Sunday we were pretty lazy! Gigi cooked us dinner and we laid around the house all day! Ava spent the night with Gigi because she wasn't feeling good and needed a little extra attention!

We had a great fall weekend!