Thursday, March 31, 2011

33 weeks! Ready or Not...

I'm 33 weeks! Woo Hoo! I really don't have that much to update! I'm still just spending my days laying around! Lauren did take me for an outing yesterday which was nice! A change of scenery really makes me feel like I'm out on the town! This has been a bad week for my TV shows though. They are all on break! This would be a great week to get everything ready for the babies!
The entire time I've been pregnant I've been concentrating on not having these babies! I was so afraid I would have them too early! That's all I ever thought about! I counted down the days until I was 24 weeks, then 28, then 30, 32. I knew the survival rates for each week! Now that they are really almost here I can't believe it! I honestly haven't even thought about what it's going to be like when they are here. I think that is the reason I don't have my nursery ready, haven't packed my bag for the hospital, still haven't read Baby Wise, etc. I think I'm in some sort of weird denial! I'm sure when I see them it will all be real but until then I just keep thinking I have plenty of time to get everything done! When Dr. W said I would probably be pregnant for about ten more days I told B we needed to live it up until we have them. B the comedian said, "what did you have in mind? Cocaine and hookers Charlie Sheen?" I was actually thinking Trios and a movie! Haha
I just have to keep thinking the longer they are in my tummy the shorter amount of time they will be in the nicu. Everyone I've talked to that has had a child in the nicu says it's pretty much terrible. I was telling a friend today that I thought about how I felt when I left Coco and Layla at the vet to have surgery. I cried like a baby and they were only there for 2 hours... Pretty pathetic I know! I can't even imagine leaving my babies at the hospital. Hopefully I won't have to for long!

Look at these cuties that are waiting on Ava, Brooks, and Knox to arrive! I can't wait! Ava is one lucky girl!

Hopefully our babies will be here in less than three weeks to play! Or if Brandon's prediction is correct they will be here tomorrow! haha

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bieber Fever

All of the baby books say you are supposed to talk to your babies before they are born. I'm not very good at this. They hear me talking on the phone constantly I'm sure, but I don't talk directly to them that often. B on the other hand does.
He loves to play the game "Tell me who sings this song" on the radio. I can never guess right. If he would listen to NKOTB, Britney, or even newer country I would be a champ but I'm terrible at guessing his music. I think he's afraid the babies will have my taste in music so now when we're in the car he says "Babies this is Pearl Jam, Babies this is Metallica, this is Beastie Boys." I told him today that I can't wait until he has to listen to Justin Bieber or whichever kid band is popular when they are older! He said he would just sit the boys down and have a talk with them and tell them about good music. I guess he figures Ava is a lost cause.
He also says he is going to take them to Wakarusa and other music festivals with him. By the time I allow my sweet innocent babies to go to music festivals B and I will look like the couple above.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Update

I'm 32w 4d today! B and I went to my checkup with Dr W. My blood pressure was a little high, 130/76 and I had a little protein in my urine. I also have tiny bumps on my arms and legs that itch like crazy! I guess this all freaked him out a little because he said he wanted to do a quick ultrasound. The babies looked great. Their heartbeats were good and they all had a lot of amniotic fluid which is apparently very important. Brandon told him he thought the rash was probably just bed bugs. I'm not sure Dr. W realized he was joking. Thanks B. He told me he wanted me to do blood work to make sure everything was okay. He also said he thought I would be pregnant for about 10 more days!!!! I really can't believe it! That would put me at 34 weeks which is still early but a ok with me! He even said if my blood work comes back bad then I could have them at the end of the week! Aghh! I still haven't packed my bag, my new cute pajamas for the hospital aren't in, I haven't toured the nicu, I haven't read any parenting books yet, I still have a lot of shows I want to start watching on Surf the Channel. I've got so much to do!
He said he thinks the babies will all be at least 4lbs by the end of the week! So not teeny tiny but still tiny! I can't wait to see what they look like!
-The nurse just called and said all of my bloodwork was normal. So maybe they won't be here in 10 days after all! I was pretty excited about having a date to look forward too but I know the longer they stay in the shorter amount of time they will be in the hospital. I go back to the Dr in a week so maybe I will know more then. For now, I'm just supposed to "lay around and be an incubator".

Thanks auto correct.

I'm sure you have all received the chain e-mail that has all of the auto-correct mistakes. I think the website is They are really hilarious. B has one he needs to add to the site. We have laughed and laughed about it! Ben was giving him a hard time about being stuck in the apartment. B's response was supposed to say "yeah, this will drive any man crazy" What's really funny is he didn't realize his response had been changed for a few hours because Ben never responded. Ben told B later he just thought B had gone crazy. Ha
If he is going this crazy in the apartment I can't wait to see how he handles the hospital. Caroline has diagnosed him with ADHD.

I always knew I was above average! ha


Today was a big day! I am now 32 weeks pregnant! That is the average gestation for triplets! The first time I met with Dr. W I asked him how long he thought I could carry the babies and he said "Well are you average or above average?" I told him "I would like to think I am above average!" I guess I am!
I didn't have a doctors appointment this week because he was out of town so I don't have much of an update to give. I still feel pretty good. My stomach is growing by the second! My sleep is a little messed up right now! I've gotten on a very bad schedule. I stay up late and then sleep late! I'm going to try to change that tonight though! The babies have a little party in my stomach every night! It's crazy. They all kick and move around from about 11-3am. Maybe longer than that but usually I can fall asleep by then. I hope they figure out the difference between night and day before they get here!
It's Brandon's turn to take care of me so I'm hoping we can see a few movies and maybe go out to eat this weekend. Coco and Layla are here too! They are on bed rest with me! haha Thank goodness for Sex and the City reruns.
PS-Happy first birthday Madeline! I can't wait to see pics from your party!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


The older we get the more people say we look like twins. That's a huge compliment for me because Caroline is six years younger! I definitely don't mind looking like a 22 year old! When we worked at the liquor store together all of our customers said we looked like twins. They would get us confused constantly. Yesterday Sarah and Stevie stopped by for a visit and Stevie looked at us and then asked Sarah "umm, why are there two Shelli's?" It was pretty funny. We should have taken a picture because we did look exactly alike, Pony Tails, glasses, and basically pj's! Sarah and Stevie, thanks for visiting! Come back soon!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh how I miss....

In no particular order...

My dogs

The beach

My house

My friends

My hubby and date nights

Baseball games

Sonic Happy Hour-Diet Cokes to be exact




I also miss bending at the waist, sleeping on my stomach, and walking without getting winded but of course this will all be worth it once my three little babies are here!

Yesterday Brandon told me that the babies must really love me because they don't want to leave my tummy! Then today I told him about the new bathing suits I bought the babies and he said "well I'll never get to see them wear them if you keep incubating them" I think I'll start saying that... "When am I due??? Well I'll be incubating my babies for about three more weeks" Someone is getting a little impatient! He's also convinced they are going to be born on his birthday. He even tells people that's my due date. I guess we will see! He is not going to be a happy camper if I'm still pregnant after April 1st! Haha

My first trip to UAMS

Leigh Bowen sent Brandon this picture tonight. We decided to play a little trick on him! I think we really scared him! He immediately started calling me but my phone was on silent. He called my mom after that and she assured him I was okay and that he would be the first person we called if I had to go to the hospital. I was actually just at UAMS for a little tour. Leigh and Baylon were nice enough to show me around the labor and delivery area. I definitely feel more prepared! Thanks for the tour Leigh!

Adventures at JC Penny

I was starting to really go crazy in the apartment on Saturday so Caroline, my mom, and I went out to lunch. It was such a pretty day! We sat outside at Tazikis. i think the sun gave me a little boost of energy. I really felt good so I decided to run some errands after lunch. Our first stop was JC Penny to look for pajamas I can wear in the hospital. My mom dropped me off at the door and I headed in with Caroline. I guess there was a special sale that day because the place was packed! I started looking at a dress and a worker walked up to me and said "You look like you are going to have that baby any day" I said "actually it's babies, and yes I am going to have triplets any day" she said "oh my gosh I can't believe that. I've got to go tell Karen about you! You need to come to the lingerie section so I can show her your stomach" I told her I was actually headed that way in a little bit and she ran off to tell "Karen" about the girl with the gigantic stomach. About that time I started feeling bad. Not really bad but it's like I completely run out of energy. It's a very wierd feeling. I tried to describe it to Caroline and the best way I could describe it is I start feeling like you would feel if you sat in a hot tub for too long. It's like I'm completely drained and it usually hits me all at once. One second I'm fine and the next I have to sit down. Well, I had to sit down and there was no where to sit sooo I made a little seat on one of the displays. I basically just sat on a stack of jeans on a table. No one seemed to notice. A worker offered to get me the JC Penny community wheel chair but someone else was using it!! We had to call my mom and have her bring the car around to pick us up! My big day of shopping only lasted about ten minutes. Poor Karen in the lingerie department never got to see the girl with the gigantic stomach!
From now on I think I will be shopping in a wheel chair! I will be sure to take lots of pictures!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Recliner Debate

Brandon hates the chairs in our living room. I love them! See, aren't they neat? He thinks we should replace every chair in our house with a recliner.

I knew I wanted a glider in the babies nursery. I wanted a neat modern glider. Like these...

That's not what I ended up with though! My mom didn't think these would be practical. A baby store was going out of business and they told me they would give me a great deal on a glider. So I picked the biggest one they had! I knew I would need a lot of room for three babies!!! The biggest glider also happened to be a recliner. A huge brown recliner. B was pumped. He picked it up and immediately put it in the middle of our living room right in front of the tv. Of course it looked completely out of place. It took up half the room. He was in heaven for about two months.
Once I found out I had to move to LR I had about week to get the nursery together. I had nothing done! It was just an empty room. So....I had to call in reinforcement and ask a decorator friend for help! B happened to walk in one day when we were discussing fabric to recover the glider in. He threw an all out temper tantrum! ha He thought it was ridiculous to recover the chair especially since the new color was turquoise. He also thought it was crazy to move it to the nursery! It was like he was losing his best friend. He then informed us he was going to just go buy his own recliner for the living room (probably off Craigs List-He is obsessed) and he left. Chris then turned to me and said, "If you didn't want a recliner in your house you shouldn't have married a straight boy from Dumas." So true...
The glider is now a very pretty color of turquoise and I love it! Thank you so much Donald! I can't wait to see it in person and I can't wait to rock the babies in it! I am so lucky Brandon's dad can recover furniture! I think I've recovered everything in my house at least once! I probably drive him crazy!

The new and improved glider/recliner. I have a cute pillow to go in the seat too!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

31 Weeks!!!

One more week down and five more to go!!! I had an appointment at 8 this am. I was of course thirty minutes late. I have a feeling I will never be on time for anything again. I had an ultrasound and all of the babies looked great! The ultrasound was a jumbled mess of body parts! There were arms, legs, and heads everywhere! It didn't help that the babies were all moving around the whole time. The poor ultrasound girl had a cheat sheet that told her where the babies were in the past but they have all moved around! Ava is still the lowest but now her head is touching Brook's head. Knox is still on my right side but he has flipped. Now I know why I have felt so much movement lately. I hope they stay that way so when they are delivered I will know which boy is which. She was able to get a pic of Knox. It was still very hard to see his face. I think Brook's arm was in his face. He has such chubby cheeks!! I can't wait to kiss them. I've told Dr. Wendall numerous times I want chubby babies and every time he tells me that isn't going to happen! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

How cute is he????

He said the babies look great and he really thinks if I have them early it will be because my body just can't handle it anymore and I will just go into labor. So far I haven't had any contractions at all and I'm still not that uncomfortable. How is this possible??? I can even still sleep! My mom called me the other day and said "are you having trouble breathing? You sound out of breath" I of course said "nope, I'm fine" Five minutes later I hear Brandon on the phone and he was saying "no, she's just a mouth breather now...That's how she always sounds" I guess she didn't believe me! haha I have no clue if I've dilated at all though. I haven't been checked since before I left Fayetteville which was at 27 weeks. He doesn't seem to think I have so I really hope he's right! He compared something about my pregnancy to sand, I can't even remember what it was. I think he had the beach on the brain because before I left he casually mentioned he is going to be out of town next week for Spring Break!!! I of course said, "What in the world am I going to do if I go into labor" he said "Just don't". So everyone keep your fingers crossed that I have a very uneventful week! For some reason they can never find how much weight I gained! I guess it's not that big of a deal! At this point I would really rather not know! B came home from Wal-Mart last week with Twinkies, Doritoes, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Cheese dip, and a cake. I think those are things he wishes he could be eating! In the ten years we have been together I don't think he has ever seen me eat a Twinkie or an Ice Cream sandwich! haha As you can see from the picture below the babies are growing just fine though!

Ava 30w 5d 3lbs 7oz
Brooks 32w 2d 4lbs 4oz
Knox 30w 4d 3lbs 8oz

I thought Knox was shrinking because he has been closer to Brook's size the entire time but Dr W said not to really even pay attention to these last ultrasounds because they are very inaccurate. I can't wait to see how big they are when they are born!

I got the best news at the end of the appointment! He said I can go back to Fayetteville at 34 weeks! I can't wait! I haven't slept in my own bed in almost a month! I can't wait to be home with our family of 7! I'm glad I like my house because I have a feeling we won't be getting out for a while! The babies can't be around school age kids for at least 4-5 months and very limited contact with adults! I am going to be such a stickler on those rules! I'm not going through all of this to have one of my babies get sick! We will have to have a coming out party for the babies in September! Maybe they can make their debut at a Razorback game! Then we will have to make a trip down south so the babies can meet Alex, Cami, Cori, Stevie, and Tripp!

My dad came to visit today and took Carol and I out to lunch. Carol picked Cracker Barrel. I told her we were going to be the youngest people there by 40 years. It was hilarious. We were the youngest people by 50 years! Carol is probably the smartest person I know but sometimes she amazes me! She said "I had no idea old people like Cracker Barrel?" Really Carol? This is the place that sells rocking chairs on the front porch! My dad also took Coco and Layla home to Brandon. They had worn out their welcome! Thanks for lunch dad!

We did have one disaster today. The cable in the living room quit working! I think I am the only one that thinks this is a huge deal! Ha Hopefully we can get it fixed tomorrow! If not, this is going to be a very long weekend!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


B has been babysitting me for the past several days. He is going crazy! He gets very antsy. He keeps telling me we should just pack up our things and go home to have the babies. I really wish I could but I know UAMS is the best place for them. I know I sound like a nutcase but I give him one outing a day and then he goes with me at night for my one outing. I'm not a control freak I'm just helpless! I'm also paranoid that I will go into labor or some other freak thing will happen when he's not here and I will have to ask a neighbor to drive me to the hospital!
He is obsessed with bike riding... So for his one outing he usually goes and rides trails somewhere in LR. He always has a crazy story when he comes home. One day a guy fell off the side of a cliff, another day he wrecked, etc. Oh and don't worry. He does not wear any spandex. He has a few little outfits but they are all very loose! ha Oh and poor Caroline. He parks his bike in the middle of her living room. Even if it's covered in mud he wheels the thing in! If something happened to that bike he would probably shed some tears so I guess it's a good thing he keeps it locked up! He can't wait to take the babies for bike rides in a baby bike trailer thing. I'm not sure what we are going to do with the third baby though because those things only hold two kids and mommy is not a biker. I went with B one time and thought I was going to die. Riding bikes was much easier when I was a kid on my pink banana seat bike.
Yesterday he decided to run instead of bike. B is not a runner! Or I didn't think he was. He must have a lot of built up energy or he just wanted his outing to last longer so he ran several miles and over did it! Guess who has a cankle now?? He is hobbling around, whining like a baby. He is getting zero sympathy from me!

Monday, March 14, 2011

I've turned into a camel.

The amount of water I drink is OUT OF CONTROL! The Brita Water pitcher is my new best friend. I can drink all of the water out of it before it has time to get cold in the frig. I don't even use ice because it takes up too much room in the glass! I usually drink at least 32 ounces during the night and wake up soo thirsty. I decided to try to keep up with exactly how much I drink a day. So far I've had 96 ounces today. It's 4 o'clock. I think I probably have at least a gallon and a half a day. I'm not sure where it's all going.. Maybe that's why my stomach is huge.. It's filled with water.

Coco and Layla are even drinking the Brita filtered water. Our dogs, especially Coco, are so spoiled they prefer to drink out of a glass. At our house we have to keep a glass on a coffee table in our bedroom filled with water and during the night Coco drinks out of it. She will cry until we fill it up. It's funny (and gross) how many people have walked in our room and drank out of Coco's glass. It's not always a bad thing to be a germaphobe like me!!! So of course she has a glass in LR too. Every time B comes in the bedroom to fill up my water he fills up hers. How spoiled are my dogs???

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nursery Sneak Peak

The babies dresser/book case

Coco and Layla testing out the new carpet

The turquoise wall. The rest of the walls are white. The bathroom is also turquoise and we painted the vanity cabinets glossy black.

This isn't really a sneak peak. It is all that there is to see. As I've mentioned before, I have been a huge slacker on the nursery. So I've turned it over to my mom. She has been way more productive than I ever was! We are still waiting on the crib bedding, curtains, a mirror that I love, the Glider (B's dad is recovering it for us), several pieces of artwork, lamps for the dresser, the shower curtain, and I'm sure a few more things I can't think of. Once the babies are here I am going to turn their pictures into pop art for above the crib. So it's going to be a while before this all comes together! Everything except for the mirror and the pop art canvases should be ready in a few weeks. I can't wait to see pictures!

Thanks mom!

Friday, March 11, 2011

What 30 weeks preg with triplets looks like.. Scary

While we were waiting for the doctor today I made B take a tummy picture. Wow.... Its crazy because the night before I left Fayetteville B and I had a date night. We went to eat at Doe's on Dickson. All night people were staring at me. Not in a "Oh look, a pregnant girl. How sweet" way. In a "what is going on with her stomach" way. They were probably wondering why I was walking around Dickson street too... Now, when people see me mouths are hanging open. I'm that big.

I had my 30 week check up today with Dr W. So far everything looks great! I didn't have an ultrasound but he measured my stomach and said I'm measuring 45 centimeters which is basically like I'm 45 weeks pregnant with one baby and I would be full term with twins. I tried to pin him down on a date for a c section but he said "oh I won't deliver them until 36-37 weeks." What!!! 37 weeks??? If I make it that far sign me up for the circus because I will be a freak show. He said he thought I would probably definitely make it to 34 weeks which I think is doable! I'm really not that miserable. I'm scared to say this pregnancy has been a breeze because I know that could all change tomorrow. But... it really hasn't been that bad at all. I've had no heartburn, back pain, swelling, headaches, my skin hasn't changed at all, I don't even have that wierd line under my belly button. I've had a few rough days when I was just so sick of laying down and being bored but it's not anything I can't handle. Hopefully the next several weeks will fly by!
I can't wait to have an ultrasound next week! I love to see little pictures of them! Oh and I think I gained two pounds although they lost my weight from my last visit so I'm not really sure! I'm shocked it wasn't like 15lbs! I also asked him if my C-section recovery would be more painful than a c-section for one baby. He of course said "oh yes, definitely. It's really going to be painful. You will probably have some digestive issues after and you could lose a lot of blood." Wow! Sounds fun! I need to learn to keep my mouth shut and stop asking questions.
So I could have them in four weeks, 6 weeks, or tomorrow! Who knows! I really am like a ticking time bomb! I keep forgetting to pack my bag for the hospital! I've got to get on that!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to Moi!

I turned 28 on the 8th! I really had a great day! My mom made me breakfast, I opened my gifts, laid around all day and then went to dinner with friends. I have a feeling my birthday will be very different next year! I really need to enjoy being lazy and being waited on!

I'm so sick of wearing my uniform of leggings and huge shirts! I can't wait to go shopping! I told my mom I wanted clothes for my birthday! I really should have taken pictures while I was trying on the shirts she got me! It was comical. I'm surprised I didn't rip them! She also got me a purse that I love and cute pj's for the hospital! My mom really goes all out for Birthdays! I can't wait to spoil the triplets too! It will be so fun to celebrate three birthdays in one day! B has no idea what he is in for!

Thanks to Caroline, Ava is set for the rain! Aren't these little shoes so cute? Are they really going to be that small?

B got me one of my favorite presents! He brought Coco and Layla for a visit! They have literally been attached to my hip since they got here. I've missed them so much! It's crazy but I slept so well the first night they were here because Coco was back on my pillow and Layla was at my side! B did a pretty good job on my presents too. He always waits until the last minute! The day before my birthday he started calling for my list. I really couldn't think of anything! I definitely don't trust him to pick out clothes! I finally thought of a few things I wanted and sent him a list. I think it said "Adobe photo shop and the white deer head from Z Gallery for the boys room" the text I got in return was "What the hell? In English please" Soo... Caroline offered some assistance and ordered it for him with his cc number. I can't wait to start playing with photo shop! The babies need to stay put for a few more weeks so I will have time to learn how to use it! I'm hoping it will work some magic on my pictures! The deer head is really for B. I painted one wall in the boys room turquoise and he flipped out... According to B, boys rooms should have bunk beds and camouflage comforters and dead animals on the wall. The white deer head is a compromise. I've also had to promise him that once the boys are big enough they can have bunk beds. I'm just glad he doesn't want them to have a fold out couch! When he was little he made his mom buy him a fold out couch instead of a bed so he would have more space in his room to play. Thank goodness I get to handle the decorating...

These flowers brightened my day and Caroline's apartment! Thanks Emily!

We went to Ferneau for my birthday dinner. We had such a great time and the food was delicious! Thanks again mom! I felt like I was out on the town! I almost forgot I was pregnant. Then I saw a picture of myself and it was back to reality!

My wild birthday night took it's toll! I was so tired the next day! I was in my pj's until 6 o'clock! B's parent's came to visit and took us out to dinner for my birthday! The food was delicious! I have a feeling I'm going to break a record when I step on the scales at the doctors office tomorrow!
Alex won a stuffed animal for the babies out of a claw machine. She tried to win two more but those machines are tough! The babies can share!

I think 28 is going to be a fun year!

Slumber Party!!!

Sarah came to visit Monday! I think this will be my last slumber party until Ava has one! Then I will just be the annoying mom telling all of the kids to be quiet and go to bed! I felt like we were in high school again! My mom was here too so she cooked for us! She even made us breakfast the next morning. It really felt like 9th grade! Instead of prank calling boys all night we stayed up and made bows for Ava! Crafty Sarah brought me a bag full of ribbon and supplies and taught me how to make bows. I still need a little practice! Her bows turned out way better than mine! I really wanted bows so you could tell Ava apart from the boys. I have a feeling I will have three bald babies. I hope Ava has a little hair to attach the bows to! I don't think B or I had hair until we were two or three. I also don't have heart burn at all! So you know what that means... Bald Babies! You would think with three babies I would be eating Tums by the handful!

Our bows!

Sarah has been my go-to girl for C-Section questions. We had a little show and tell session at our slumber party. She brought a bag of supplies to show me what to expect! Brandon looked in it tonight and said "why do you have adult diapers?" I have to admit I wondered the same thing! I'm so glad I have friends that have babies! I would drive my doctor crazy if I had to call him every time I had a question!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New York New York

Ann, if you would like to borrow the fake hair piece I'm sporting in the above picture for your big weekend I can send it with Karrie. I think I still have that thing. If I remember correctly, this is a picture we took before we headed to Memphis for NYE. I was a senior in high school and Ann was a freshman in college. This was the night I lied and told a guy I was a Chi O at the U of A. His response was 'oh really, then you know my sister ____ she's in your pledge class" I think the fake hair gave me a little too much confidence.

I wish I could go to New York this weekend to celebrate Ann's last days of being single! I really think the babies could hang but I would hate to ruin the party if I went into labor at a club or something! Everyone drink a glass of champagne for me! Take lots of pictures! Have fun!

Chef Boyar B

I should have probably given you a warning before posting that picture. Doesn't it make you want to gag?? B texted that to me last week with the caption "Dinner is served". I think he said something about it being his version of Showboat Pork and Beans. What the heck is that? I think this concoction contains deer meat, onions, and beans. I'm really not sure what the sauce is but I would guess Sassy Jones BBQ. B adds that to everything. This almost makes me feel sorry for him! haha He's eating food that resembles dog food and my mom and Caroline are constantly cooking great food for me! Although, usually I hear, "Michelle, you have to feed the babies, eat it!" "Ava needs to eat!" etc. So I guess they are really cooking for the babies! B gave up fast food for Lent so I'm sure I will be receiving several more text like this. My kitchen will never be the same!
P.S.-Karrie and Joseph, thanks for having him over for dinner! He has told me a million times how great it was!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A day in the life of a huge prego!

Sunday-Californication, Real Housewives of the OC, Kardashians
Monday-Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Bethany Ever After, The Bachelor
Tuesday-Glee, Real Housewives of Miami
Wednesday-American Idol, Modern Family
Thursday-American Idol, Million Dollar Listing, Selling NY, Jersey Shore
Daytime-Food Network, HGTV oh and I watch E News every day and multiple Sex and the City reruns. Oh and Chelsey Lately.

What's missing from my line up? These shows only take up about 20 hours out of my week! I need more. Thank goodness for the Real Housewives! I can't wait for the first weeks of summer when my winter shows overlap with my summer shows (Mad Men, Entourage, True Blood)!
One of the first things Caroline told me when I moved in was "Dad pays my cable bill so feel free to rent anything you want on On Demand". PS-Thanks dad! What should I rent? So far I've only watched "Love and Other Drugs". It was pretty good btw. I love going to the movies so I feel like I've already watched everything worth watching.
I could always read but I can't lay on my back and its really hard to get comfy laying on my side. As soon as I get comfortable on one side it goes numb and I have to switch to the other. I can't wait until I can sleep on my stomach again! Not that I will be getting much sleep once the babies are here.

Brandon calls me several times a day to check on "his Babies". We have the exact same conversation every time. B-"Hey what are you doing" Me-"oh just sitting here" He laughs every time I say that. He told me that when he was younger every time he talked to his "Granny" he would ask what she was doing and she would say "just sittin". Apparently I have turned into a 70 year old Granny.

B also checks my ankles every time he see's me to make sure I don't have cankles. I think this is one of his biggest fears! In fact he told me once he likes my small ankles and cankles would have been a deal breaker! So far no swollen ankles! The jokes will never end if I turn into a Granny with cankles.