Friday, August 30, 2013

Our official Fourth of July 2013 Picture!  

Love these silly kids!

July 2013



I can't believe how much they have grown! And how much hair they have now! Time needs to slow down! 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

After our morning at the airport with Grandpa Bob we went to the big airport to pick daddy up!  He brought us lots of surprises from LA!  Brooks got a tractor, Knox got a airplane, and Ava got a puppy dog in a purse!  They were the perfect gifts!  Mommy got a gift card to buy new clothes which I love! B knows the way to all of our hearts! Oh and the babies got new Laker t-shirts too! 

The next day B's mom, Heather, Cami, and Cori came to visit.  The kids had lots of fun playing with their cousins!  
Ava's just doing a little grocery shopping in her pink fur heels with her cell phone in her cart.  

Thursday was our last day of summer school!  We celebrated with treats from Sonic and then we went to Millers house to play! Miller is such a good host!  He gave us popsicles, ice cream, he had a bounce house set up and sidewalk paint too! 

Just painting a masterpiece on the sidewalk!

  We had so much fun playing!  And then it wasn't so much fun...  I used my automatic starter on my car before I loaded the babies in to cool the car off for them.  I loaded all three in the car and buckled Ava and Brooks in.  I walked around to the other side to buckle Knox in and while I was doing that he picked up my keys and pressed lock.  They were locked in the car...  We called OnStar and they said they couldn't unlock it because I wasn't a subscriber.... So then we called 911.  I knew my car would run for ten minutes before it shut off so I was hoping the police would hurry and get there to get them out!  I was semi calm at first.  Allison and I tried to get Knox to roll down the window or press unlock.  By this point he had climbed in the front seat and was pretending to drive.  He literally pushed every button in my car except unlock.  He also went through all my Target bags that were in the front seat to find a treat.  He thought it was hilarious that he was doing whatever he wanted and I was stuck outside!  The car shut off the cops still weren't there.  I called 911 back.  At this point the panicking started.  I think I ended up calling them back three times to ask where the cops were.  I think it took them about eighteen minutes to get there and all I kept thinking about was how the news always says it only takes ten minutes for a kid to die in a hot car.  They finally showed up and they couldn't get the car door open.  I had pretty much lost it at this point.  I could see that Ava was covered in sweat and the boys cheeks were very pink.  Knox didn't think it was fun anymore and was starting to cry.  It was chaos.  Finally Pop-a-lock came and the nicest lady was able to get them out!  Thank the lord!  I was mentally and physically exhausted!  What a day!  I called B to tell him what happened and he said, "Why didn't you just break the window!" Oh B!  First of all, I don't even know if I'm strong enough to break the window and I really thought the cops would be there in like five minutes!  You would think three kids locked in a hot car would be top priority! ha  I think I might call OnStar and tell them I think it's pretty *hitty they wouldn't open my car for me and then I will probably subscribe again! ha 

Popsicle, paint brush and ice cream cone in hand!  Before the drama!

Friday night we met Daddy and the Curry's for dinner!  It was a wild Friday night! ha 

Ava tickling sweet Vivi's toes! 

She applied half a tube of lip smackers before we met B!  She is obsessed! She had to carry a purse to put it in! ha 

Checking all of the machines for candy once daddy ran out of quarters! 

Saturday morning we went to Anna's butterfly birthday party!  

Ava on the mic and Brooks and Knox on the drums!  We might be the next Partridge Family!  Or Jonas brothers, or Hansons... ha   I think I know what will be on their Christmas lists this year! 

Decorating butterfly cookies!  Brooks was busy playing!  They had so much fun! 
After naps Gigi watched the kids so B and I could meet Karrie, Joseph, and sweet baby Sawyer for dinner!  We definitely got our baby fix this weekend!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

Our last Sunday dinner at Gigi's before Kiki moves to LA!  We are going to miss her so much but we can't wait to come visit! 

Everyone pretends to be asleep when it's time for bed.  It's hilarious and frustrating all at the same time! I told them it was time for bed the other night and Brooks looked at Knox and said, "Hide!" ha Oh those boys! 

This is definitely worth documenting.  My first trip to the store with all three babies by myself.  It went surprisingly well.  I bet the kids have been to the store about 3 times each in their entire lives!  Isn't that crazy?!

I have two monkeys and then A.. Not quite a monkey!  Poor thing has trouble getting off the ground!

Ava had her last dance class and her showcase night!  Daddy came to watch her perform.  A did fine when we were looking through the class but when all the parents came in the studio she decided she wasn't feeling it. She just wanted to sit in daddy's lap! Oh well!  Let's hope her big recital goes better!  She has had a lot of fun at dance and I think she will really miss it! 

B and Caroline drove all the way to LA.  Brandon drove the U-haul and Caroline drove her car!  I've made that drive once and it isn't fun!  They were both looking forward to it though!  They made several pit stops along the way.  They stopped at the Petrified forest and the Grand Canyon!  
The night before B left he woke the boys up at 11pm because he said he already missed them! ha They have started watching tractors on YouTube.  The boys are obsessed!  It's just videos of tractors working in fields.  Very loud and very boring if you ask me! ha They LOVE them!

I think it rained the entire time B was gone.  We were very bored and lazy!  I'm not sure we even left the house!  I did make a quick trip to Little Rock to visit Lauren and see Beth Anne and baby Annabelle!  She is such a cutie! The morning B was coming home I woke up with a headache and our whole house smelled like gas!  I hurried and grabbed the kids and took them outside.  It was of course raining.  I was in pj's, glasses, no bra.  The kids were half asleep with full diapers.  It was a mess!  Thank goodness our yard man was there to help me!  I couldn't put my kids in my car because he said it could blow up when I started it if there was a gas leak!  I called the gas company and called my dad to come help!  To make a long story short they couldn't find a gas leak but they thought that some with gas in it in our garage was leaking and the weather caused the gas to vent or something and fill our house.  We had to leave to let it air out so we took the kids to eat at the restaurant in the Springdale airport so they could watch the planes come and go!  They loved it!  They got to see a helicopter land which was pretty exciting!  They also got to eat Pizza for breakfast because they weren't serving breakfast just lunch! ha 

Since we were already at the airport we went to Grandpa Bob's hanger to check out his plane! 

Brooksy wanted to take it for a spin!  He was in heaven!  He loves "Airpanes" and "Copters"! 

Ava buckled up for safety! 

This kid can spot a tractor from a mile away!  He is obsessed! 

We had such a fun morning with Grandpa Bob at the airport!  We want to go back again soon to watch the planes! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

Dancing and snacking at the concert in the park!  

The concert at the park was fun until we lost this little guy!  Thank god he had his Cubs hat on!  Everyone was looking for the little boy in the Cubs hat!  The kids were all running around playing and I realized Knox was missing.  We started looking around us because I figured he hadn't gone very far.  After five minutes I really started freaking!  Thank goodness we were with our friends and they were able to help us look.  I was running around like a mad woman!  We had just told asked the police to help us look and I saw one of my sorority sisters walk up carrying him.  He was smiling and as happy as can be!  The kid doesn't know a stranger! He had been missing for about 15 or 20 minutes.  I was about to cry or throw up.  I couldn't decide which one.  B said he was about to ask the mayor (who happened to be standing next to him) to tell the band to quit playing so we could announce he was missing.  He is the fastest little guy and he had made it all the way to the other side of the park!  The sweet girl that found him recognized him as one of my triplets from Instagram (One good thing about social media)!  After he was returned we decided it was time to pack up and go home! It was a stressful night! 

One rainy day we met all of our friends at Little Giggles to play!  It is such a cute place! 

They had a tractor so this boy was happy! 

Ava did a little grocery shopping!

Knox ringing up his tomato!

They had so much fun!  We can't wait to go back! 

It's been so rainy here lately and A has been extra snuggly!  There's nothing better than rainy day snuggles! 

A's first trip to Bordino's!

Elmo's first trip to Bordino's.

After a Saturday morning at the farmers market we stopped for brunch!  It was super yummy and the kids were surprisingly well behaved! 

Later that night we met Miller at the Drive in!  I can't believe this was our first time to go!  It was so much fun and the babies loved it!  We threw sleeping bags in the back of Brandon's truck and brought lots of snacks! Allison brought all of the kids glow sticks, glow necklaces, and glow in the dark balloons!  The kids were seriously in heaven! 

My happy boy! 

Sweet girl!

My view for the night! We will definitely be going back soon! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Our last day at the beach!

Friday we woke up and tried to take the babies to Charlie's donuts but the line was too long so we had pancakes at Cowgirl Kitchen instead.   Brooks was having a no good very bad day and was hitting everyone in sight!  The terrible two's have definitely hit our house!  

After breakfast we went to the pool to practice our strokes! 

Love these boys!

And this girl too!

Our little family!

After the pool we went to lunch at Summer Kitchen!  It's so good!  

Putting on her makeup for dinner!  She is such a mess!

And.... this is how Ava feels about her car seat after our long trip to the beach!  We might have a rough ride home! ha 

We went to Seaside for our last night to walk around and have dinner.   

Love this boy.  Even when he picks all of the flowers off of plants after I've told him not too.

Brooks and his hats!  He loves them! Oh and did I mention the entire trip Brooks called us "Brandon and Shell?"  He hasn't stopped since we got home!  Love that boy! 

The only picture I was able to snap of A.  It was a wild night.  Seaside was packed!  Our plan of grabbing a quick dinner at a food truck didn't really work out because we had to wait in line for at least 30 minutes!  We decided to head home early so we could start to pack! That was a job! 
The next morning Ava, Brandon, and I woke up at 4am and we pulled out of Rosemary at 6!  A little behind schedule but still pretty early! Brooks did not sleep at all in the car!  Not one second.  I think Ava slept for one hour and Knox for three.  I had the worst headache I have ever had in my life and couldn't wait to get home.  I think we stopped once to get gas and change their diapers and that was it.  B had to pretty much drive the whole way because my head hurt so bad!  We made a pit stop in Dumas to visit Brandon's family again and pulled into Fayetteville around 11!  Oh and did I mention that Brooks pretty much cried from Dumas to Fayetteville.  He was so tired he was delirious!  Poor baby!  Vacations are so much fun but sleeping in your own bed is pretty great too!  
We had such a good trip!  Yes, it was stressful at times and yes, it was a lot of work but the kids had fun and we had fun!  Thank you Gigi for taking us on such a fun trip! We can't wait to go back!