Thursday, August 20, 2015


Doesn't everyone wear six bracelets to dinner?!

Emory came over to play and they decided to take their babies for a walk.  I wish you could have heard the conversations they had!  They talked a lot about how their kids kept them up all night! ha 

My Minnie celebrating Vivi's second birthday! 

Happy Birthday Viv!

Typical Ava face!

Another week another bible school! ha This week they went to the bible school at their school.  They had a great time!

Just a little silly!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Golf Camp and Bible School Week Cont.

That tiny head is my baby! 

Orange day!

Ava got to color her very own t-shirt to wear on Friday!  She did a great job!


Hanging out with our friends at concert in the park!  The kids had so much fun!  Also, apparently a lot of the boys at golf camp wore sunglasses like these because the boys dug these out of a drawer and insisted on wearing them! ha 

Too cool.

Silly boys!

I went to the last day of golf camp to see what it was all about!  I was so excited to finally get to see what the boys had learned!

Go Knox!

How cute are these kids?! Ava got to be in the same group as Mr Henry from her school! 

Cutest little group of golfers!

Award time!  They each got a t-shirt and a cup full of candy.  You would have thought they won the Masters!

The boys and their new friend! 

Golf camp is hard work!  By Friday my boys were exhausted! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Golf Camp and Bible School

We had a first week of summer!  The boys had golf camp and Ava had bible school! 
These boys were so excited about going to play golf!  They definitely look the part!

They were excited about riding in Bob's car too! 

I can't believe my babies are old enough to play golf! They look so little standing next to all of the big boys!

That dot in the sand is my baby boy! 

While the boys were busy playing, Ava was having fun at bible school with her friends!  She had such a great week!

Run A!

Ava got lapped running the bases! ha 

Day two! 

It was blue day at Bible school for A!

Day 3!  The cutest!

Green day at Bible School!

Day 4! Bob could only go to golf camp for two days so Brandon took over after that! 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Busy Weekend!

We left the ball game and drove to Fort Smith!  The circus was in town!  My babies took a little power nap on the way! 

We ate at Georges restaurant and then all went to the circus.  The kids were so excited!

We had front row seats and were right in the action!

If you want a twelve dollar sno cone ask dad because mom will say no!  B is such a sucker!

This motorcycle on a tight rope was right above our heads!  A little scary! 

Joseph joined the circus!  And it was hilarious!

They were glued to the action! 

This is the last year elephants will ever be in the circus!  Kind of sad! 

Such a big boy with his hand on his heart for the national anthem!

Last day at the ballpark for the season! Until next year Baum Stadium! 

Dinner with neighbors!  A had to give Baby Madison a big hug since we probably wouldn't see her until the next day! ha 

This boy loves a baby!