Friday, July 29, 2011

3 Months!

I was so late on the babies two month post only two weeks have past and not much has changed! Other than them getting bigger by the second!

Eat-All of the babies are eating 6 ounces of formula at each feeding. Sometimes they leave a little in the bottle but for the most part they eat 6. We made the switch to level 2 nipples and I don't even think the babies could tell a difference. Now I'm contemplating moving on to level 3! I have 21 large bottles so every time we switch I have to buy a lot of new nipples so maybe we will stick to the level 2's for a little while longer! It speeds up the feeding process just a little but I think I had my hopes up that they would take the bottles in 5 minutes or something. Not so much! Instead of 30 minutes it now takes 15-20 which means I'm still feeding babies for almost an hour!
We are about to try to switch their formula. Our neonatologist said to not switch them until at least three months. I think we are going to try Gentle Ease first, then Gerber Good Start, and then Similac Sensitive. I'm really hoping Gentle Ease will work and we won't have to try the others! Wish us luck!
Brooks is a bottomless pit so he got a little rice cereal in his bottle on Sunday, July 17th. I was hoping it would be a life saver but he still woke up hungry at 4am! So I guess we will hold off on the cereal until the doctor gives us the okay!

Sleep-The babies are still being swaddled with Miracle Blankets, still sleeping in nap nanny's next to our bed, and still aren't on a great schedule! I'm going to have to bite the bullet in the next few weeks and try to start training them to sleep with out being swaddled and in their cribs! I also need to establish a strict schedule! For the most part they take a bottle around 11pm and sleep until 5am-6am they take another bottle then and sleep until 9am. This is good but not great! Ideally, I would like to drop the 11pm bottle and get them to sleep from 8pm-6am. That's my goal! I keep saying I'm going to watch this sleep seminar online but I just haven't gotten around to it! If I have time to watch tv I would much rather be watching my tivo'd shows. The babies still nap in their swings and they don't really have a nap time. They just sleep off and on all day. I'm going to try to work on this too! They are usually wide away from 8am-11am and 5pm-8pm but other than those times they are in and out of sleep! Ava still loves to sleep on her tummy!

New Tricks- They are turning into squirmy little babies! B says Knox is going to be walking in a month! I hope not! He can't sit still! He squirms and scoots until he is almost falling out of his swing! On July 5th he was laying on our bed and he rolled over! I think it was a complete accident! I of course pulled out the video camera but he hasn't done it since! They are all getting much better head control! We can put them in their bumbo chairs and they will sit up and hold their heads up for a while! They are really getting more and more active every day! I'm really going to try to put them on the floor more so they can practice rolling over! That is one of my goals for this month! Oh and I'm still terrible at making them have tummy time!

Bath Time- They still love bath time! I have grown to hate bath time.. I always try to get someone else to do it for me! ha Thank goodness my mom loves to bathe them! I always make deals with B like "I'll let you take a thirty minute nap if you will bathe all of the babies tonight!" He always takes me up on it!

Clothes-The babies are all still in size 1 diapers. I think it's time to move up to size 2 because we have had a few leaks but I'm going to use up our size 1's before we make the switch!
The boys are wearing 3-6 month clothes and Ava can wear anywhere from a 0-3 to 3-6. I'm buying them all 6-9 for fall. They have gotten some really cute fall clothes. I can't wait to dress them up!

Looks- They all still have pretty blue eyes. Ava's cheeks are getting huge! I'm not sure where she got those from! Brook's cheeks are a little chubby too but I think that is just because he has gained so much weight so fast! I can't wait to see if they have moved up in their percentiles on weight! Ava's hair is growing so fast! It is making B sick! He says it is making her look too grown up and he wants to Nair it! haha Knox is still my clone, Ava's still a mixture although my mom brought over a picture of me at 3 months and we do look a lot alike, and Brooks looks a little like me with blond hair! Oh and their outey belly buttons are starting to turn into inneys!

The babies went to the doctor last week to get more vaccines and we weighed them just for fun.

Brooks-11lbs 4 oz
Knox-11lbs 7 oz

Knox better watch out! He isn't going to be our "Big Boy" for much longer!

You are so so sweet. You are still the happiest little baby! You smile and talk to us constantly! You are always so bright eyed too! You are our fastest eater! You have come such a long way! You still spit up every once in a while but it's not as bad as it was! You love your daddy and he loves you! Happy 3 month birthday sweet girl!

You have grown so much! We think you have passed your brother up! You were our littlest baby and now you are the biggest! You are definitely the tallest! You are either deep in thought or laughing your head off! Once you start giggling you can't stop! It's so cute! You love to kick and play and you still love to go outside! I think you just like to look around! We love you so much and can't wait to watch you grow up!

I love waking up and looking over at you because you always give me the biggest grin! You are so content! You love to play and kick! You are the cutest little thing! You daddy and I love your big blue eyes! You're just so happy! When you do cry it's the saddest thing! Gigi, thinks you have the most pitiful cry! I think that's why you are always in some one's arms! We can't stand for you to be upset! You are growing so much! We want you all to stay little forever! We love you Knoxie!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our little Kobayashi

Brooks is packing on the LB's! My littlest (4lb 6oz) baby has now caught up to his brother Knox! He won't stop eating! He tries to eat every few hours! I even broke all of the rules and gave him a little rice cereal and he still woke up a few hours later to eat!
Sometimes our little fatty eats a little too much! When that happens, this happens:

Brandon has started calling him our little Kobayashi. He told him he's never going to win an eating contest if he doesn't get this puking under control! ha

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sip and See!

Friday, Mary Beth, Tammy, and Jennifer hosted a Sip and See for the babies. It was so nice! Mary Beth's house is gorgeous! The food was delicious and the babies were perfect little angels. They had a great time meeting everyone! It was really a great evening.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Week

I think some of these blog posts are getting a little ridiculous (this one for example) but I can't help but feel like I have to post every single picture I take of the babies! I know I will never print them out so I feel like this is the only way they will be able to look back and see what they were up to at three months old. They are changing so much every single day! I always loved looking at old pictures and our home videos and I hope they do too! Thank goodness for my iphone or I wouldn't have nearly as many pictures of the babies! So please feel free to skip over this! haha

We didn't have much going on last week so we decided to have friends over for dinner a few nights. Emily and Matt came over Tuesday night and the Penixes came over Thursday. I felt like I should be on a cooking show because I had to get creative with my meals. Emily and Matt don't eat carbs and Ben doesn't eat anything with cheese or anything creamy. I had big plans to make veggie lasagna with wheat noodles for Emily and Matt but I got lazy so I made B grill kabobs instead and I made PW Spicy Pork sandwiches with coleslaw for Ben and Leslie. They were pretty good! Leslie made the best dessert! I will have to get the recipe from her. It was an ice cream cake made with ice cream sandwiches. It had butterfinger ice cream and caramel in it too. It was so delicious and great for my diet too I'm sure!

Sweet Madeline gave Ava kisses.

I took this one morning this week when B was telling the babies bye before he went to work. They are always so happy in the morning! I think Ava was waving at him.

The babies each got to stay with Gigi one night this week. When it was Knox's turn he got to run errands with Gigi the next day and visit his daddy at the liquor store. B can't wait to take the babies to work with him. I think this is a terrible idea. Every day before he leaves he asks if he can take a baby with him. Umm no way. I needed a babysitter one night this week and he told me to just drop them off at the store and he would watch them. I don't think I want to raise my kids in the liquor store! Their first words would be Bud Light or forty ounce!

Friday evening the babies had a Sip and See. It was so much fun! The whole family went to dinner afterwards at Bordinos and then Ava got to spend the night with Gigi.

Ava also got to spend the whole day with Gigi Saturday. They apparently had tons of fun. While they were shopping at the mall Ava spotted herself in the mirror and couldn't stop laughing! Apparently she thinks she is pretty funny! ha

Saturday while Ava hung out with Gigi I got to have a boy day with my three favorite boys. We planned to go to lunch but we had to make a few stops at the liquor store first. I really think I could devote an entire blog to the crazy things I have seen at the liquor stores. First we went to Wedington Liquor and B made the guys that work there come look at the babies in the car! haha Those poor boys didn't know what to say! They were like, "Hey babies." "Yeah they're cute Brandon." I have a feeling B talks about them non stop at work. Next we went to City Liquor and I waited in the car with the boys. B made me lock all of the doors and park in a special spot in case any drunks drove through the parking lot too fast! It's funny how things change when the babies are in the car! If it had just been me he wouldn't have mentioned any of that! While I was waiting I noticed a sign on the fence behind me. The sign says "Please Do Not Feed Nibbles." When B came out he told me Nibbles is a goat. These people have a goat in their back yard. Keep in mind this is in the middle of town. Their yard looks like something out of a hoarders episode. B told me some of the employees at City feed Nibbles their leftovers because they feel sorry for him. Apparently if Nibbles eats their food he won't eat the grass in the backyard and the lazy guy has to mow it. So he put up this sign. I have a feeling Nibbles might still be getting the occasional midnight snack from our employees! ha

Saturday afternoon B watched the babies for a little while so I could do a little shopping. When I came home Knox was the only baby awake so he got to model Ava's new clothes. He was not happy about it at all!

He eventually got pretty mad! His mommy had to kiss him and promise to never dress him in girly clothes again! B would have been so mad if he had seen Knox wearing Ava's dress! He gets mad when I use pink bibs for the boys! haha

Knox did get a few shirts of his own. He liked modeling his football game outfits much better!

Saturday night the Bertrand's had a party. My mom was going to babysit so we could go but I wasn't able to get ready before she got there to babysit. The boys had been awake all day and I just wasn't able to find time to shower! I knew it would be too late to go once I got ready so B had to go without me. I honestly would have probably been a party pooper anyway. I was so tired! Sorry I missed it Courtney and Brock!

Brooks is either very serious or smiling. No in between. Brandon started calling him "All Business" because he looks so serious sometimes. He fell asleep like this the other day and he really does look like he is deep in thought! He is such a little cutie!

Sunday we went to my dad's house for lunch. I keep forgetting to take a picture of his garden but I really need too! It's pretty impressive and huge! We got to bring home dill and corn. I'm hoping we can get a little okra too when it's ready! This is my dad's first year to have a garden but it looks like he is an old pro!

This is the only picture I took while we were there. Brooks just sat up the whole time and watched golf and the Tour de France with us. He is such a big boy!

Sunday afternoon I went to a baby shower and then we had a few visitors. Ben and Madeline came over to swim. When Madeline was finished swimming she came in and played dress up with my bracelets. Out of all of my bangles she picked the rhinestone ones to wear. I told Ben he better watch out because she is going to have expensive taste!

Oh and I almost forgot. My mom got the babies a new bath tub for the sink. So now I don't have to bend over. I think this will make bath time a lot easier!

Oh and I saw Friends With Benefits this weekend. It was pretty cute! I would definitely recommend it!