Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kid Quotes...

B-Brandon said, "Come on Batman" and Brooks said, "Just call me Fondue Cheeto Please..."
A-She said, "Oh Shit!" I said, "What did you say?" A-I not say nothing."
B-"Gosh mom I really need Ava to stop talking right now."
A-" I be funny and I be sorry" She says this when she gets in trouble for something.. She just pretends she was joking!
A-Me-"Ava you look so cute today." A-"I don't want to be cute I want to be funny!"
B-I bought birthday gifts for some of their friends.  One of the kids hid them from me so they could keep them themselves.  I told Brooks that if he showed me where he hid them I would give him a surprise.  He said, "Well what's my prize going to be?" He wanted to make sure the prize was better than the toy he hid...
B-He told A, "You look pretty" (melt my heart), She said, "Thanks.  My dress is blue.  God made it blue."
A-Sometimes things get a little crazy over here.  The boys were wrestling and Ava started chanting, "Fight! Fight! Fight!"
K-Brandon was trying to get the kids in bed and Knox walked in my room and saw me and said, "I'm in big trouble!"
A, B, K-Every day when I ask them what they want for lunch they say, "Coffee and Tacos"  That means hot chocolate and a tortilla rolled up with cheese and turkey.
B-"Hey Knox, scratch Ava" So he did. She cried and I got on to them. Brooks then starts crying and says, "I'm going to get on my bike and run over your toes." He gets in trouble again and just starts crying for B! ha
A, B, K-All they talk about is the naughty list and who's on it.  They tell on each other by saying, "You're on the naughty list so you aren't going to get any presents!"
A-"I don't love you anymore Knoxie.." Oh the drama with girls! ha 
K-"Ava do you love Brooksie?" A-"Nope! I just love Raegan now." K-"Okay"
B-After Ava and I killed our second spider of the morning (Yes, the girls were the brave ones) Brooks said, "I've gotta get out of here!"
A-Ava is terrible at remembering names.  She gets it from her momma... She always says, "Wait, what's my friends name??"
A-"Umm mom, soup is not dinner." Me-"What is it then?" A-"It's just soup.  You drink it"
B-Me-"Ava you have to quit crying.  You are wearing me out!" B-"You are wearing us out too!"
B-Ava was knocking on the bathroom door and Brooks opened it and said, "Welcome to our happy home.  This is the bed and this is the kitchen."
A-Ava's build a bear bear is named Baby Moses.  And don't call her "Baby Mo" She gets furious! ha
B-"Mom I need a superman and a green goblin costume.  Does that sound good to you?" I said Yes and Ava said, "Just call Gigi and tell her what you want."  Ha They know Gigi will get them what they want! 
B-"My friends have destroyed our house."
B-He calls masks "Mascots" and gloves "Glubs" I don't have the heart to correct him!  It's just too cute!
K-We were trick or treating and stopped at the McCaslins.  Josh told the kids he was sorry but he didn't have any candy.  Knox put his head down and walked away and muttered "Damn it" under his breath...
K- I was asking him about all of his friends at school and he said, "The girls love me."
B-When we were at Silver Dollar City we rode the swinging ship ride and mid-ride Brooks got scared.  The lady operating the ride was pretty old and Brooks started yelling, "Hey old Lady!  Stop this thing Old Lady!"
B-Mom and Brooks took a little tumble and Brooks was crying saying, "My teeth aren't working, my teeth aren't working!"
A-When we were walking out of Silver Dollar City Ava said, "Mom, lets just walk backwards!" I don't think she was ready to leave.  She wanted us to walk backwards back into the park! ha 
K-"Ava just stop talking to me!  Bye Ava!" In the most dramatic voice ever....
A-"Who made our house?" Me-"A builder" A-"No mom, God did.  Don't you remember God? God made everything." 
A-"Who put me in your tummy?" Me-"God did" A-" I want to go back in there to sleep and grow." Me-"I think you are a little too big now" A-"God could push me in there"
K-Instead of Fancy Nancy he says "Ancy Ancy" and it is the cutest thing ever!!!!
B-"Put me down Master!"
A-"Mom, I need you to put this video camera in my pak pak (Back pack)" Me-"No Ava" A-"My dad said you better put this video camera in my pak pak now!"
B-He ate an entire package of gum and when I realized it and took it away he said, "Are you serious?"
B- I was trying to make food fit in the refrigerator and I said, "Uhhh I'm having issues!" and Brooks said, "Mom you are always having issues!"
A-"Mom I want to go to Beffy's (Bethanys) shower with you.  Me-"No Ava it's just for mommys" A-"But mom I love your friends!"
B-"Mom, you're a jerk!"
B-Brooks saw the spiderman wrapping paper my mom bought him for his Christmas presents and he said, "Gigi, this is just incredible!"
K-Knox calls Santa "Hoho" I love it!
B-"Mom did you get a ticket?" "Slow down lady!" Knox-"You'll get a ticket!"
A, B, K-Caroline was driving my car with the kids in it and she realized my car was on empty (which it always is!) and she said, "Guys your mom is a stinker!" They immediately jumped down her throat! Brooks said, "Hey! Don't say that!" Knox said, "Don't talk about my mom like that!" and Ava said, "Yeah, that's my mom!"  I've never been so proud! ha 
K-Knox was working a puzzle and found a piece and said, "That's what I'm talking about!" He completely got that from my dad!
B- I was dancing and Brooks said, "Oh my gosh! You are acting so weird!" I'm already embarrassing my kids with my dance moves! ha 
A-B has grown a beard and when he kisses A she said, "Dad stop!  Your baby hairs are hurting me!" ha 
K-A Christmas song came on the radio and he said, "That song is lovely!"
A-"I want Charlie to be my boyfriend" He is in first grade! ha Brooks heard this and got mad and said, "No!  Ava doesn't need a boyfriend!" I think he didn't like the idea of one of his friends being Ava's friend too! ha He better get use to that!
B-" This is the most perfect Christmas I ever did see!"
B-Brooks was trying to build a lego castle with Ava and he got mad at said, "You are driving me insane! I'm so frustrated right now!  I need to go to Gigi's house!"
B-We were watching the Macy's Thanksgiving day Parade and Brooks said, "Mom hurry!  We need to get ready and go to that parade!"
A-I asked her, "How did you get so pretty?" She said, "Bob"
K-Knox saw a picture of them all when they were in the delivery room and they had just been born.  He saw a picture with a little blood and said, "Why'd you shoot me?  I'm bleeding!"
Ava-"Knox!  Watch Brooks.  He's going to mess up my bed!" Knox-"Ava, you need to help yourself!"
A-"Elsa doesn't have to take baths..."
B-"Mom, Santa drinks cokes so I can too!"
B-B was getting ready for church and had on his suit and Brooks said, "Dad, why you got on your wedding suit?"
B-"I'll put my costume on and fight him!"
K-I told Brooks I was going to spank his bottom and Knox said, "Yeah, and she has big hands!"
B-Our house was a wreck (whats new?) and Brooks looked at me and said, "What are we going to do about this house?!"
A- A was reading her bible and I asked her how she got so smart and she said, "Jenny"
A- I overheard her reading her bible and she said, "And god said Damn it.  God Damn it.."   AHHH

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Thanksgiving #2

Top five favorite pics of all time!


Playing football with the big boys!

Kids table!

Thanksgiving breakfast!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Number 1!

Our official Thanksgiving 2014 pic!

Indians and Pilgrims!

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Lights!

We were all so excited to get this Christmas season started!  We kicked it off with the lighting of the square!  We love attending this every year! 

Kiki came!

Gigi and her babies!

Baby Everly came to see the lights too!


So into the parade!  Waiting for Santa to make his appearance!

You can't watch a Christmas parade without hot chocolate!

Knox loves his cousin so much!

Ava and Everly. Twinks!

Sword Fight!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

School Thanksgiving!

Umm how cute is their Thanksgiving table?!  Their teachers go above and beyond! 

Cute turkey #1

Cute turkey #2 Turkey #3 wasn't in the mood for pics!

My social butterfly loves his friends so much!  And we love him! 

No surprise there!  I love how he used green.  That's his favorite color because the hulk is green! 

I'm pretty sure Ava was trying to say Layla, as in our dog... ha But maybe she is thankful for yellow too!

Knox and Mr Henry.  This is one of the boys buff's at school!  Brooks talks about Mr Henry non stop!  And no one knows why Brooks calls him Mister.  He is the only one that does it! ha

Time to feast!
Are they not the cutest?!

My family!

After lunch we went to the liquor store to do some work.  They love "working".  And raiding the snack shelf!