Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

My dad has been cleaning out an old storage building so Jenny has been dropping off boxes by our door every morning this week!  It's like Christmas!  One day I got a box filled with all of my old cheer uniforms.  We had lots of fun with those!  I had to teach Ava a few Billie cheers! Knox wanted to join in on the fun too! ha 

Mid cheer!

Ready, Okay!  One of these days I might have to take them to a Billie game! 

Ava's dance studio is conveniently located next to a yogurt store so every day after dance we have to stop for "Ice Ceam"  Thank goodness they have dairy-free pink yogurt!  That's Ava's fav!  She loves it with lots of sprinkles!

I bit the bullet and cut Knox's hair.  I didn't want to but I think it was time!  Christina did a great job!  Knox was the perfect client too!  He sat still in the chair and played with my phone! 


Okay, it was a little long!

His little pony tail!  

His new and improved do! 

He loved admiring himself in the mirror! ha 

Work it Knox!  He even got a little product added!  Such a big boy! 

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