Friday, September 30, 2011

Lightroom Lesson

B bought me Lightroom for my birthday in March. I had big plans to learn how to use it and to edit hundreds of pictures of the babies. I just haven't had the time! Babysitter extraordinaire Jennifer took tons of pictures of the babies and then taught me how to edit them in Lightroom! If anyone ever tries to steal Jennifer away from me there will be blood! ha

She helped me turn these pictures into...

These pictures!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Photo Shoot!

I have become addicted to Pinterest. Jennifer took a million pictures of the babies so I could use them for a little Pinterest project. If I ever get around to completing it I will post pictures! Once again I loved every single one of them and couldn't pick just three to post! It's the babies' fault... They are just too cute!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My New Man

I have a new man. We have been together for a while but lately our relationship has picked up steam! ha

B and I last year with my boyfriend.

I have spent the last two Friday nights at Dierks Bentley concerts. One in Fort Smith and one in Joplin, MO. A little stalkerish maybe! ha

Two weeks ago I found out he was going to be in Fort Smith and my aunt was in charge of hospitality for his band. So Karrie, Joseph, B and I drove down to Fort Smith for the show! We ate at George's and then headed to the river. I did not take one single picture but let me tell you there was some really good people watching.

These people would have fit in perfectly! ha

Marcy gave me a back stage pass so I got to sit on the side of the stage for a few songs! It was pretty fun! Marcy had to bring the band food after the concert (Dierks chose a tuna pita from Georges) and I wish I could have been the delivery girl! haha

Last Friday Tressa invited Karrie and I to go to Downstream casino to watch Dierks again! Jennifer watched the babies so I could go since B had to work. We had dinner reservations at the steak house at Downstream but the trip took longer than we expected. We didn't get to the casino until 8 and the concert started at 8! We finished a bottle of wine, three appetizers, and three salads in fifteen minutes! I think it was a record!

Tressa came prepared! She made two signs for the concert. This is the sign that made her famous!
She held those signs up the entire time and it only took Dierks about five minutes to notice them! He asked Tressa if she knew the words, she said yes and the next thing we knew the security guards were picking her up and Karrie was shoving her booty on the stage. Tressa was hilarious. I video taped the entire thing and it is posted on my facebook page if you want to see it! Dierks sang "Come a Little Closer Baby" Tressa made up her own words and a little routine that included her ripping his shirt off! Oh and she kissed him! She sang, "Dierks I love you so much yes I do... I want to take all your clothes off" It was pretty funny! I think Dierks was as surprised as everyone else!

Tressa was a celebrity for the rest of the night! Dierks "Cousin" wanted us to come back stage after the show but we didn't stick around for too long to see if the cousin was serious! People kept stopping us after the show because they wanted to talk to Tressa or have their picture made with her! It was hilarious! One guy even came up to us and wanted to know if it was scripted! I think it's because Tressa did such a good job! Those pageant girls are naturals on stage!
When we were on our way home Tressa check twitter and Dierks had tweeted about her! She's famous! So many people wrote back and said things about Oklahoma girls being wild, etc. We had to quickly respond and let everyone know Tressa was a Arkansas girl!
It was a really fun night with great friends and great music! I think my Dierks concert streak is going to be broken this weekend.... Unless someone wants to fly me to Florida!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last Week...

Tuesday I went with Karrie to Savor the Flavor and stuffed my face! Thanks Karrie! I had fun!

Thursday B and I took the babies to the Dr for their immunizations. They were so brave! You can imagine how loud it can get in that little room when three babies get shots but not one of them cried! Not one single tear!!! I told them they deserved a little surprise!

When we were at the Dr I walked out of the room and when I walked back in I overheard B telling the nurse "Ava's wearing her skinny jeans today!" haha B loves his little girl!
My three brave babies!

Friday night B and I went to Fort Smith with Karrie and Joseph to see Dierks Bentley, but more on that later!

Saturday morning Dad and Jenny stopped by to see the babies!
They got to help out with some of the feedings! Thanks guys!
Saturday afternoon the babies got dressed up to cheer on the hogs! Ava spent the night at Gigi's but the boys and I went to Karrie and Josephs to watch the game!

They had a little too much fun at the party!
Ava says, "Go Hogs Go!"

Sunday we went to my dad's house for lunch! We picked up Ava on the way! Gigi dressed her up in one of her new fall outfits. I know I'm her mommy but I swear she gets prettier every day!

Obviously something was hilarious! At least to Knox and Brooks!
When we walked in Sunday Jenny told me my dad had bought the babies a surprise. At first I thought they had probably bought me more diapers. Nope, not diapers. My dad bought a chicken coup! My dad is now the proud owner of a two chickens and a chicken apartment! ha

Pretty nice lodging!

The new chickens! I need to find out their names.
The second day my dad had them they laid eleven eggs! I'm not sure if they have kept this up but if so, he is going to have a lot of eggs to eat!
Update-They did not lay eleven eggs. They haven't laid any eggs! One of my dad's friends put these eggs in the coop as a joke!

Chef dad or grandpa cooked a delicious lunch (with help from Jenny)! No chicken on the menu, thank goodness! I seriously ate about 10 of the cookies Jenny made! They were really good!
Thanks for having us over! The babies can't wait to eat organic eggs!