Thursday, April 30, 2015

Brooks' Christmas Eve Party

Brooks wanted to have a Christmas party so bad!  The day before Christmas Eve we planned a last minute little party!  We sent out a video he made to invite all of his friends over Christmas Eve morning for donuts and fun! It was last minute, low key, but so much fun!  

Donuts are really all you need for a fun party! ha 

Oh and Christmas cookies too! 

This is what happens when you give lots of excited kids tons of sugar! Brooks was clearly having a blast! 

We had a special visitor!

Not everyone was a fan of the big guy in red! ha 

Family pic!

Ava had her own little private party in her room!  A no boys allowed tea party with Austyn! ha 

Group pic!  These pictures always go so well! ha 

I'm so glad Brooks planned this party!  It was so much fun and the perfect way to start Christmas with our friends! 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wyman Road Lights

This time of year is so much fun!  There are always things to do!  One night we planned a last minute dinner date with friends and then we decided to go see the lights on Wyman Road!  It's such a neat place!  Santa was there too! 

Love these friends so much! 

Spiderman was there.   Brooks's night was made! 

My babies and the Grinch.  A was too cold to get down and walk of course! ha 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Christmas and Bob and Jennys

We had such a good Christmas at Bob and Jenny's!  Knox was so excited to open this gift.  He had been eyeing it for weeks!  I thought the suspense was going to kill him! 

Time to open!

It was his very own giraffe! ha He was excited!

We have our own zoo now!

Toys everywhere!  Thanks for all of our gifts Bob and Jenny!

Monday, April 27, 2015

School Program and Santa Train!

The kids had the cutest Christmas program at their school! I had my camera on the wrong settings and all of my pictures are dark! I'm so sad about my pictures but I thought I would post them anyway! 

Bob and Jenny came to see the big performance!

And Kiki!

And Gigi!

Santa came to our neighborhood!

We met our buddies for the Santa train! It was so much fun! 

My girl!

Cuties in their pjs!

I love this picture so much!  Love laughing babies!

Ava and her "Best friend Emory"  She never just says her name she always says her "Best friend!" So cute!

Santa's pants fell down while he was taking pics with kids... It was an interesting train ride! ha