Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Valentine's Day at the Ballpark!

It's our favorite time of the year!  Baseball season! 

Posing with her "Dede"

Put me in coach! 

Mr Serious watching the game!

Cheering her heart out!  Nothing is cuter than watching Ava try to copy the cheerleader's moves!  She really shakes it! 

A nice man gave the boys two foul balls!  Knox brought his glove in case another one comes his way! 

Whoo Pig Sooie!

"I a cheerleader" 

Go girl! 

This is soo Ava.  You might think she is just being sweet.. Umm no.  This is her attack strategy.  She is cozied up to him because she wants the phone.  So she snuggles up, puts her arm around him, and when he turns his head for one second she snatches the phone.  The boys fall for it every time! 

Hanging with our girl Madeline! 
We had a great opening weekend at the ballpark!  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Valentine's Day

My three favorite Valentine's on their way to their school party! 

Since daddy had to work Valentine's night we had a special dinner on Thursday night!  We all ate at the big table and the kids drank Sprite out of champagne flutes! 

The Sprite was definitely their favorite part of the meal! ha 

My excited boy!

I made Molten chocolate cakes and they actually turned out great!  They were so good!  

The next morning we all woke up to Valentine's goodies! 
The boys are going through a superhero phase so they were super happy about their surprises! 

Ava got lots of girly gifts!   Of course!  Flowers from daddy, pink cowboy boots, makeup, and a bracelet making kit! 

Mickey, Spiderman, and a shirt like daddy's! 

Spiderman saves the day! 

Oh and new pink sunglasses!  You can never have too many pairs of pink sunglasses! 

My heart shaped cookie cutters got a workout! 

Gigi came over and brought gifts and balloons!  They loved their new superhero shirts with capes!   

Monday, March 10, 2014

Valentine's Week!

Jenny and Bob got the kids Valentine's surprises and they had so much fun playing with their new stamps!  

They stamped everything!  Thank goodness they were washable! 

Gigi made us a special dessert for our Sunday night dinner!  And this was as yummy as it looks!  

So the boys have been jumping out of their cribs.  I'm raising two little monkeys!  Their mattresses are already on the ground!  They seriously can't get any lower!  They throw all of their blankets on the floor between their cribs and dive out.  The funny thing is when they are ready to go to sleep they climb back in...  One day they seriously jumped out five different times.  I wouldn't have minded but they also took all of the wooden slats out of the blinds.... I can't do big boy beds yet though... They would never nap again! 

Fishing lessons with daddy!  I love that Ava always dresses the part!  She put this on herself without any one's help!  My little fisherwoman! 

Boys turn! 

So I dropped the ball and ran out of time to order Valentine's off Etsy... and since my friend I usually solicit creative help from was nine months pregnant I decided to make their Valentine's myself.  I'm pretty proud of how they turned out!  These only took me about fifteen minutes too! 

Knox gave his friends cars!

Brooks gave his friends bouncy balls!

Ava gave the girls sparkly bracelets and the boys suckers!

We met our friends one night at Chuck E Cheese (Our second home)!  

Dancing machines!

Little Buddies!

I think my caption on Instagram was, "I hope she's always afraid to ride in big trucks with boys!"

The air hockey table at Chuck E Cheese hasn't had a puck for a month now... Is it sad that I know that?  B told me how much he has spent at Chuck E Cheese this month and it is a little ridiculous! ha 

They will follow Chuck E wherever he goes!

Love this boy!

Love these cuties!

Friday, March 7, 2014


I love finding selfies on my phone!

A fun night out with friends!  

I always have a surprise visitor in my bed when I go out and Gigi babysits! ha 

A few weeks ago B had a boys day at the deer camp and I had a girls day with A!  
I think these guys are having fun! 

Ava and I went to brunch with friends and then shopping!  She found a pink cart in the toy section and pushed it around Target for an hour! It was hilarious to see what she added to her cart.. Lots of candy! 

She picked out a new pair of pink sunglasses too! 

After Target we stopped at Lylas house for a little dress up and then we went home to meet the boys.  We let them take us out to dinner!  We had a fun little Saturday! 

Ava and I had a girls day on Sunday too because the boys were sleepy heads!  We went to church together and then met Bob at the club for Valentine's brunch!  It was a fun morning and Ava loved decorating cookies! 

After lunch we met the McCarty's for a little bowling!  It's hilarious to watch these little guys carry balls that weigh almost as much as they do! 


I love that it looks like he is posing! He wasn't!  I think I just caught him at an awkward moment! ha