Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ava Alexis Elliott You Are Three!

Weight-26.6 9th percentile
Height-36 inches 20th percentile
BMI-9th percentile

Eat-A, you are definitely my best eater!  You will try anything and you definitely eat way more than the boys even though you are so tiny! Your daddy makes you a smoothie every morning!  He adds all kinds of crazy things to it!  Spinach, Kale, Peanut Butter, and lots of fruit!  Sometime you also have eggs or cereal too!  You love bacon for breakfast!  You like steel cut oats too! For lunch you usually get a fruit, veggie, grain and protein.  You love chicken, veggie chips, hummus, apples, grapes, strawberries, and blueberries!  Your dinner is a lot like your lunch.  You are still allergic to milk so you drink almond milk and love it!  When Gigi babysits she lets you all drink milk out of a bottle!  That is your special treat!  Your milk allergy seems to be getting better.  You eat cheese now and don't seem to have any problems!  You still throw up all of the time but not nearly as much as when you were drinking milk!  Now you just get sick if you have a cough or eat too much sugar! 

Sleep- Oh A!  You have really messed up our sleeping arrangements around here.  A few weeks ago you started sleeping on the floor in the boys room between their beds in a sleeping bag.  You went crazy if I tried to put you in your bed.  You actually do pretty well sleeping there.  You don't get out of your sleeping bag and you go right to sleep!  We eventually moved your crib mattress to the floor so you could sleep on that.  At night time you all do great but naps have gotten a little wild.  You all seem to play more than you sleep and Knox likes to climb out of his bed and snuggle with you on the floor.  Sometimes you and Knox decide you don't want to stay in your bed and you run around upstairs!  I guess it's time for big kid beds!!!

Tricks-You know your colors (Especially pink) and most of your shapes.  You can draw a circle.  We are working on your name! ha You have started riding your brothers balance bike and you have gotten pretty good at it!  You talk a lot but sometimes I know what you are saying but other people have a harder time understanding you!  You're a smart little girl and we love you A!

Bath-You all don't love bath time as much as you use to because you know that means bed time is next!  Sometimes it takes me a little while to get you all in the tub!  You like to hide in your tee pee or run away from me!  You all still take baths together! You love to splash and "Swim."  You get to use special shampoo since you have long girl hair!  You even get to use conditioner! You love spraying your leave in conditioner in your hair and brushing it!  

Clothes-A, you have gotten so particular about what you wear!  It drives me crazy!  You still like to wear jackets and boots in the house.  You prefer jackets with a hood and pockets...  Sometimes you like to wear hats and sunglasses too!  You love anything pink and you like to wear pink socks every day!  You also like dresses that are sparkly or pink and you call them your "Princess dresses".  Your favorite shoes seem to be boots.  You love wearing your rain boots and your black and tan booties!  I think you like them because you can slip them on and off so easily!  The past few days you have wanted to wear athletic shorts every day even though its a little cold.  You haven't worn many bows lately.  You like headbands better but some days you will only wear a hat.  Usually the green John Deere hat.  You are still such a tiny little thing!  You wear a 2t in shirts and dresses and in jeans and pants you wear anywhere from a 18 month to 2t.  You even have a few pairs of 12 month shorts that still fit!  In shoes you wear a 8.5 or 9.      

Looks-A, I still don't know who you look like! You have blue eyes like your daddy and dark skin like your mommy!  You are built just like your dad too.  Your hair is light brown sometimes blond.  I guess you are just a little mixture!  You are such a pretty girl! 

Teeth-You have all of your teeth (that you are supposed to have at this age)!  Your teeth have gotten so much straighter since you stopped using your pacifier!  I was scared your front teeth were going to turn grey/black since you fell and busted them last year but so far so good!  They are still very white! You love to brush your teeth with your hello kitty electric toothbrush!  

Ava, our sweet, sassy little girl!  You are definitely one of a kind!  You seriously could not get any more girly!  Your favorite color is pink and I think you legitimately think you are a princess.  Any time I call you a "Big Girl" you say "No, I'm a princess!" ha You are our little princess though!  You are such a little mommy too! You love to take care of everyone!  You take care of your brothers all of the time!  You have the funniest little personality!  It's like you are a 20 year old stuck in a three year olds body!  You talk with your hands and you are so dramatic.  SOOOO dramatic!  It's almost too much for your daddy to handle!  You love your daddy though!  You think he can fix anything.  It's actually pretty cute!  You always say, "Daddy fick it".  It doesn't matter what it is! One time my hair extension fell out and you said he would take care of it for me! ha You are still obsessed with Gigi too!  You love spending the night at her house.  Probably because she lets you get away with murder!  You can be quite the little mess!  You blame everything on Knox and if that doesn't work you blame it on Brooks.  If that doesn't work you usually cry and say you are sick or someone hurt you.  Like I said, you are very dramatic.  You can be pretty sneaky too!  You get your brothers into a lot of trouble.  Knox is still your little side kick.  In fact, as I was typing this I just went up stairs to check on you (You are supposed to be napping) and I found you and Knox in my room and you had gotten into my makeup and you both have black mascara all over your faces.  I didn't even say anything to you and you just started crying.  Crying is the strategy you use to get out of trouble.  Brooks and you don't fight as much as you use too.  You can both be very silly together!  Your best friends at school are Mia and Hudson.  You talk about them a lot!  I think you play with your brothers a lot too.  You can definitely get rough with the boys!  I think you will be able to hold your own one day!  You love art projects!  You love to write too!  One of your favorite games is to play waitress and take everyones order.  You like to play with your dolls and makeup too! You feed your dolls and brush their hair!  Your favorite tv shows are Sophia, Mickey Mouse, and Fresh Beat Band.  Your favorite movies are Frozen, Little Mermaid, and Sandlot.  We love you so much Ava!  You make us laugh every single day!  We love our little princess! 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lately 2

All dressed up and no where to go!  She just wears stuff like this around the house! ha 

She walked in the kitchen one day like this and I asked her what was all over her mouth.   She said, "Umm, Lipstick."  It was prescription diaper rash cream... 

Hanging out with Willy!  B was in heaven.  If you ever have a question about Willie Nelson B is the man to ask.  I think he has memorized his wikipedia page! ha 

Boingo Bounce fun!  Just sharing Hudson's mommy's lap.  

Little buddies!  These guys are the sweetest! 

I'm not sure if there is anything cuter than a baby in a suit! ha Brooks did a little modeling.  He was trying on his tux for a wedding he is going to be in! 

He loved his "suit like daddy's" and didn't want to take it off! 

She is too much! 

We went to Emory's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese!  It was so much fun!  Ava insisted on wearing her sunglasses for the entire party... I choose my battles these days!

The kids love when daddy can go to Chuck E Cheese with us because he helps us win lots of tickets! 

Shaking it with Chuck E! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Everlys Shower

We hosted a baby shower for baby Everly at our house! 

The boys went to the deer camp with B and Ava got to go to the shower! She was so excited and said, "No boys allowed!'

Hanging out with Nini! 

One of Jennifer's friends made a diaper cake!

Me and my girl!

Ava helped Jennifer with all of her gifts and took her job very seriously! ha 

Sweet baby Everly! She slept through her shower!

Christina and Everly! 

It was such a fun shower and sweet Everly got lots of cute things! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

My Birthday

I started my birthday off with a little Chuck E Cheese!  The kids had a party to go to!  Next, we met Gigi for lunch at Deluxe Burger!  It was so yummy! 
Ava was obviously a big fan! 

Knoxie too!  

My Brooksy! 

Is he not the cutest little thing?!  This guy is really the sweetest! 

After lunch we went back to our house for cupcakes and presents!  I had a few little helpers to help me with the candles!  They needed the practice for their birthday next month! 

This guy loves sweets! 

That night B watched the kids so I could go out with girlfriends to dinner and to a fashion show!  It was such a fun night and the perfect way to celebrate my birthday! 

Some of my besties!

Such a fun night with friends! 

I wish I had pictures of the after party but they are all a little blurry! ha  It was a fun night with fun friends! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014


This never happens.  Ever!  I loved every second of it though!  He slept like this for an hour! 

Brooksy and I had a little dinner/shopping date one night.  The other two were sick and Brooks and I were going crazy in the house and had to get out!  We found lots of goodies at TJ!  We had lots of fun  together too! 

Our first trip to Target together... Ever.  They have probably all been individually but never all together.  I LOVE these carts!  I wish all stores had them!  Although, nothing is ever as easy as it seems... I bought popcorn and drinks to keep them occupied and I started shopping.  I filled my cart and when it was about as full as it could get Ava announced she had to poop.  So, I tried to fit the cart in the bathroom.  It wouldn't fit.  I knew I couldn't take the boys out of the cart or they would be rolling around on the public bathroom floor... So, I looked over and saw a boy that works at the liquor store walking out of the store and I yelled for him.  He was nice enough to stand by my cart with the boys in it while I took A to the bathroom.  Thank goodness!  We came out and he left and about two minutes later Ava says she had to poop again... We were getting over the stomach virus so I knew she was telling the truth.  I ran into a college girl I know from Monticello and asked her if she could watch the boys while I took A back to the bathroom!  Thank goodness I always run into people I know at Target!  We hurried and checked out after the second bathroom trip! ha  I will definitely attempt Target again soon though!   

Oh and they kept screaming they wanted to go to the movies when we were at Target.  They meant they wanted me to wheel them over to the tv's! ha 

She dresses herself these days.  I've lost all control.  She has also quit wearing bows..  

Modeling some of her new purchases from Target! 

We are ready for summer around here!  Knox insisted on wearing his new swim trunks and his cowboy hat while he rode his bike! 

B took the boys to see the Lego movie one day and Ava and I got to have a girls day!  We went shopping of course!  She picked out a bag full of princess accessories!  It wasn't a backpack but Ava can turn anything into a backpack! 

I had to watch her because she added new accessories at every store we went to! 

She insisted on wearing her new shoes and crown to Target.  

Princess Ava

Go Hogs Go! 

Just hanging out with their cousins watching a little baseball! 

Oh Ava!  You are such a little mess! 

I mean, is he not the cutest?! 

Knox usually spends most of the game in the hallway practicing.  He takes his baseball very seriously!  He has a pretty good arm for such a mini though! 

We all have to take turns being his catcher!