Tuesday, October 21, 2014


No more high chairs!  I can't believe my babies are growing up! 
When we got home from Florida I thought we all needed a day to relax and regroup at home.  Ha What was I thinking?! There was no relaxing and definitely no regrouping.  There was chaos.  It sounds crazy but it's so much easier to get them out of the house.   

Someone (Knox) pooped his pants and used every single pair of Ava's panties to wipe his booty.  Just a little glimpse into a day in my life...

His punishment was he had to clean the floors... Just kidding.  He loves to clean and asked to help!

My punishment for making him clean was that he took all of the clothes out of the cabinet and threw them on the floor.

To reward them for their wonderful behavior all day they got to go to Millers summer party.  

Cutest Booty crack I have ever seen! 

Lots of little cuties kicking off summer!

Sno Cone time!

Miller's house is the best!

Ava had to have a pink one of course!

Library fun!  

Our friends Anna and Harrison were there!

True Love!

The computers at the library are our favorite!

Planting seeds at Little Sprouts!

Followed by an afternoon at the pool with our friends!

I might have some interesting tan lines!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Syd's Wedding

We took our time leaving the beach... I think we just didn't want to leave! We left town and then decided to turn around and have a late lunch at The Red Bar.  It's one of our favorite places and we didn't get to eat there during our trip!  So we went in our pi's! ha 

We got back to Dumas late.  The ride back wasn't that bad.  The kids are becoming good little car riders! The next morning Brandon left for a wedding in Eureka and the kids and I went to Little Rock to stay with Lauren and to go to Sydney's wedding.  

We changed into our bathing suits and went swimming as soon as we got to Lauren's.  Ava wanted me to tie her towel around her like I wear mine! ha 

We love baby Londyn! 

Ava did a little babysitting!  I think Londyn might be as big as she is!  The kids stayed at Lauren's while I went to the wedding.

The wedding was at P. Allan Smith's house and it was beautiful!  Syd was a beautiful bride too! 

Caroline was a beautiful Maid of Honor too! 

Me, Haley, and Caroline

We had such a nice night out! 
We had a really fun 10 days but I think we were all ready to get home to our house and our own beds!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Day 6, Thursday

Gigi and Kiki had to leave the beach to get back for a wedding Carol was in.  So we went to the beach solo.  
My handsome boys! 
Ever since Knox's accident Brooks kept saying, "Knoxie, you okay?  Your head okay?"

Brooks wasn't in the mood for pictures! ha 

These three sat in this boat for at least an hour.  I don't know what they were doing in there but they were having fun! 

We left the beach and decided to try the pool for a little while! 

I don't think Ava could be anymore girly if she tried!

Ava was the mermaid that couldn't swim!  She jumped in the pool with her mermaid suit on and quickly sank to the bottom! ha 

Snack time by the pool! When we got to the pool Brooks wouldn't leave the steps of the pool.  By the time we left an hour later he was jumping off the side!  Brooks spent a lot of his time at the pool flirting with some older little girls.  It was pretty funny.  I could tell he was completely driving them crazy! Knox went up to a little girl and told her she had "Poo Poo breath..." Proud mommy moment there!  What the heck! 

The kids were so tired!  Brooks stopped moving for five seconds, said, "I need a nap" and fell sound asleep! 

Ava wasn't exactly in the mood for pictures.  Can you tell?

Knox fell asleep in the car on the five second drive to Georges.  He was a tired boy! 

Family picture attempt!

The moon was so big and so pretty!  My pics don't really do it justice!

Love this girl.  

This was the perfect way to end our wonderful trip!  Dinner was so good and these three acted like perfect angels! 
When we left dinner we stopped at the movie in Rosemary.  They had popcorn and watched the end of the movie.  We love Rosemary so much!  We had such a good trip!  Thanks Gigi!  I'm not sure how the kids are going to go back to plain cheerios and an 8 o'clock bedtime.  

Update:  They never went back to their 8 o'clock bedtime... The entire summer they stayed up until 9 or 10.  They also moved right on to asking about Santa Claus once the beach was over...