Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Our first Little Sprouts of the summer!  It was bunny day! 

Dress Rehearsal!  

I was just trying to get a last day of school picture.  It worked out really well as you can see...

Our first concert at the park!  This is one of our favorite things about living in Fayetteville! These two were breaking it down!

There was even a rainbow!

And ice cream!  

Emily and I went to a Nelly/Florida Georgia Line concert and it was so much fun!  I felt like I was in high school again! 

We went to Bryson's birthday party!  The kids had a blast riding around on his tractor!

My Brooksie Bear pulling the birthday boy!

 Cupcake time!

A in her 'kini! 

The kids loved this water slide!  Knox went down probably fifty times!
Happy Birthday Bryson!  We had fun at your party!

Monday, September 22, 2014


How cute are these two hanging out on their little lounge chair?!

Haircut day!  Ava didn't get a haircut but she did get a blowout!  I love her little bob! 

Gigi came over and we gave her presents and cupcakes for her birthday!  Happy Birthday Gigi! 

Our friends came over to Bob's to swim!  We had so much fun! 

One, two, three, jump!  It's crazy how far they have come this summer!  Knox and Brooks are almost swimming by themselves!

Dance picture day!  Someone was feeling cute! 

This is the new norm for us... That would be Knox, in our bed... I get to sleep in that little sliver of space to the right...

Ava's first set of press on nails!  I didn't even know they still made these! I found them at Toys R Us and A was in heaven!  They lasted two days!  She did not want to take them off!  I think I am still finding nails around our house though!

Too cool for school! 

Posing like their sister!  I can't handle the cuteness! 

I love these two and I love how much they love each other! 

My patriotic cowgirl is worn out! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Springtime Fun

 Dance Picture Day!  
Are these not the cutest ballerina's you have ever seen?!

I found them like this one morning.  I'm not sure if Knox fell out of his bed or if he just got scared and wanted to sleep with Ava.  So sweet.

Two girlies sharing a picnic at the park! 

A was showing me her tricks!

I got this plasma car for free by using my Pamper rewards points!  This is what three years worth of diapers for triplets will get you! It came in the mail and I couldn't put it together so the kids pushed each other around on it without wheels until B got home to fix it! ha 

They might have loved it more before it had wheels!

I wake up to this angel baby every single morning.  He is the sweetest boy!  
That tiny spot to the right of Knox is where I get to sleep... Lucky me! ha  I will be glad when this boy goes back to his own bed! 

This is what happened one day when the boys were supposed to be napping...  I don't think I've ever been so mad... They destroyed my entire makeup bag!

That's my brand new lipstick smeared on the wall...

And this is Brooks wearing mascara.

And Knox...

And this is Knox scrubbing makeup off the floor.  I put their little booties to work.  It's funny that I'm laughing at these pictures now (5 months later).  At the time I definitely wasn't laughing! 

Party at Bennett's house! Look at all of these cuties!

Sitting down for a little Mickey Mouse!  Don't they look like such angels?!

This boy was missing and I found him bellied up to a pan of brownies! ha 
We had such a fun night with friends!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mothers Day Weekend

We started Mother's Day weekend off at the ballpark!  
Love these little cuties! 

They were checking out condo's on the beach on Bennett's mommy's phone! ha 

This princess insisted on wearing a ball gown to the game.  So I let her! 

My baby! 

Can you find the three kids in this picture?!  Night time is still a disaster!

Ready to meet our friends for brunch! 

We love baby Sawyer!

Brooksie stayed home with daddy but Knox, Ava, and I had fun at Bordino's!

How sweet is Vivi?!

Happy Sawyer and his mommy! 

After brunch we went to the peony farm to see all of the pretty flowers! 

I wish I had a green thumb!

Picking flowers... He got in a little trouble for this! 

Love these babies!  We missed Brooksie though! 

This old truck was in the middle of the farm!

Just rockin' on the pink front porch!

Nothing is cuter than kids decked out in Hog gear! 

We got Gigi and new popcorn popper for Mothers Day!  The kids loved testing it out for her! 

Sunday we had Ice cream in our jammies!

Next time we have a family function I'm not going to make dessert I'm just going to call the ice cream man!  I think we were his best customers of the day! 

Princess pop and Batman pop coming right up! 

Apparently the kids know how to turn on the water hose now.... What a mess!