Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Spring Fun with Friends

We missed our buddies over spring break so as soon as we got back in town we met them at Brick by Brick to play and build legos! 

Brooks loved it!  He did such a good job!

Love these sillies!  They wanted to build a tower to the sky!

Later that evening we went to the baseball game to cheer on the Hogs and say Hi to Ribby!

He's got the head tilt down! 

B went to test drive a new atv so we went along for the ride!  This little country girl loves to go fast! 

This boy insisted on wearing goggles for the ride! ha 

Oh the drama!

We love Cotton Candy!


Another day another ATV to test drive!  This place served popcorn so the kids didn't seem to mind!  

Little cuties!

This might be our one family picture of the season!  

Brother/sister love at the club after church! ha 

Feeling at least twelve drinking out of the "Big boy glass!"

"Hey mom, take my picture and send it to Charlie and Olivers mom!"

Walk with friends!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Spring break Day 2 and 3

Our first night at Great Wolf lodge was a little rough.  Ava woke up crying that her ear hurt and she was burning up with fever.  I felt so bad for her!  I set out at 1am to go to Walgreens to buy medicine!  Thank goodness a man at the front desk had advil he sold me for $15!  I think I would have paid $100 for it!  Ava got an antibiotic the next day and was better in no time!  The next day she slept in with Gigi and the boys and I went back to the water park to ride more slides!  They were obsessed!  
Still loving each other!

They look so big!

I think they could have stayed here all day but we had shopping to do! 

My babies look so big I can't stand it! 

Knox had to get a glitter tattoo before we left!  He really wanted a dragon AKA dinosaur on his arm! Their love of temporary tattoos makes me a little nervous! 

Lunch at cheesecake factory and a pouting princess.  Who knows what she was mad about!  She has the pouting down though! ha 

All smiles for a new baby Moses!  Thanks Gigi!  She is so excited that Baby Moses has a sister now also named Moses! And thank goodness for a double stroller!

Out of all of the shoes at the Nordstrom shoe department she chooses Frozen Crocs!ha Wouldn't have been my first pick!

The kids were such troopers! Gigi and I were really able to shop and they just rode in their strollers and played on their iPads!  I was kind of shocked! 

That night we had dinner at North Park and then went back to the hotel and went to bed early!  
The next morning we were up bright and early for another fun day and a game or two of chess! 

Knox had to have coffee with his breakfast! ha They all did!  One cup ended up all over me and in my purse! 


Ava and her Sophia suitcase.  Ready to travel the world!

Our next stop was at the Dallas aquarium.  It was so neat! 

It was like we were inside a rainforest! 

Love these cuties!

He looks so old!

No clue there was a shark behind her head! ha 

Posing with the penguins!  They learned about penguins in school so she wanted me to take a picture so I could show her teacher!

Knoxie loved the flamingos!

This is how the boys do the American Girl store!  Thank goodness for iPads!

Her very first American Girl thanks to Gigi!  Her name is Caroline just like Kiki and once Ava saw her blonde curly hair she had to have her! 

Lunch in the cafe with her new best friend!

The waitress thought Caroline might want to have lunch with another friend too so she brought another doll over!  This place has it all figured out! 

The boys didn't seem to mind that the whole place was pink!  They had ice cream sundae's so they were happy campers! 

We had such a fun trip with Gigi!  Thank for taking us G!