Friday, March 29, 2013

Gymbacks Meet 2

Another Gymnastics meet!  Maybe our new favorite sport!

Karrie and A!

This girl loves the camera!

Serious Ava.

Silly Ava!  I just love this picture of her! 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gymbacks Meet #1

We have quickly become the gymbacks biggest fans!  The meets are so much fun to watch and the perfect girls night activity!  Although, I'm sure the boys would love them too! Maybe they can go next year! 

One night Leslie and I took Madeline and Ava!  We had so much fun!  We met Lyla and Caroline for pizza first and then we all went to the meet! 
Madeline was so excited about riding in my car!  

Ava was excited about getting out of the house without the boys! 

Look who we ran into?  So fun!  

Ava was pretty impressed by the gymnast!  I don't know much about gymnastics but I thought we were very good!  I kind of felt like I was watching the Olympics!  The music was good too! 

A and I made the big screen!

My little judge! 

Madeline gave our team a perfect 10! 

A little bit of the action! 

The girls!

We can't wait for next season! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I can't believe it's already time for baseball again!  I am so glad though because that means Spring is right around the corner! We've already been to a lot of games this season! 

Brooks is the Hogs biggest fan!  He cheers the entire game and he sits outside for the entire game.  His little hands turn red/purple because he gets so cold and then he comes in to warm up for a minute and then he is back out there!  He also calls the Hogs about twenty times a day!  It's pretty cute! 

He is obsessed with hats.  I got him this red hat for Valentines day and he doesn't take it off very often! 

Ava's there for the party.  I'm not sure she realizes a game is being played! 

I won't be surprised if he starts calling the players by name soon!  He really focuses on the game! ha 

My boys! 

Baylon came to a game with his dad.  I looked out of the window and Knox, Brooks, and Baylon were in a big group hug.  I wasn't quick enough to get a picture but I did snap a picture of the pat on the head Baylon gave them afterwards!  He calls them BrooksKnox.  He says it all together like that which is so cute!  They are a packaged deal to Baylon! ha

This little Greek boy loves gyros!  

Love this happy boy! 

I'm actually laughing out loud as I type this.. Maybe you had to have been there but I guess I'll write it anyway.  The first game Knox was running around like crazy and he opened the door to leave the box and Ribby was standing in the door way.  Knox turned around with the most terrified look on his face and took off running the other direction!  He tripped and completely face planted.  He probably should have had carpet burn all over his face.  It was hilarious though!  Just the look on his face!  Once Ribby came in the box he was fine with him and gave him a high five but I think it was just the initial shock! Too funny! 
I have a lot more pictures from the games on my big camera but I haven't gotten around to downloading them.  

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Girly Men

We have made a lot of messes lately! We've had so much fun making them though! 

Fun with markers!  
I think the inside of Brooks's ear is still blue!

Makeover time! 

Apparently her dolly needed a little blue eyeshadow too! 

Taking Brooksy for a little stroll around the kitchen! 

Look at that concentration! ha 

The finished face! 

They went straight into the bath tub after the makeover!  My house is still covered in glitter!  

Monday, March 25, 2013

Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day in Pictures!  

Last year, before I had to get the babies ready for school and when I had a lot of free time on my hands to plan cute things, I made the babies heart shaped eggs for breakfast!  This year heart shaped toast was all I could handle!  They even had to eat it in the car on the way to Mothers Day Out! 

Happy Valentine's Day from Brooks, Ava, and Knox!  (Knox is just not a morning person!)

Apparently Ava's favorite thing to do at school is wash her hands!  Every time I drop her off she immediately climbs up to the sink and I have found her at the sink several times when I pick her up too! 

The Valentines we made for our friends!

Apparently Ava partied a little too hard at her Valentine's party at school and threw up everywhere!  I had just walked in a dressing room with an armful of clothes when I got the frantic call from the school.  I tried to explain to them that she does this all of the time and that she isn't really sick but they were like, "Oh no, you don't understand!  She threw up like five times everywhere!  Projectile!" Oh, if only they knew that was just a normal thing for us! ha So, I had to pick them up a little early!  Ava was sporting a new outfit from the school and she was not happy!  She was probably mad about missing the rest of the party and the cupcakes I brought!  Poor girl!  I found out later that she threw up all over a little girl sitting next to her.  I'm sure that little girls mom loves Ava! ha I feel terrible about that!  She also threw up all over her brothers shoes.  What a mess! Basically it's not a holiday at our house unless someone is throwing up! 

We all came home and took a bubble bath and that fixed everything! 

Valentine's Loot! 

I think their new shoes were their favorite gifts!  More than the candy, balloons, anything!  They are still so obsessed with shoes! 

B sent Ava and I flowers and the boys balloons!  Such a good daddy! This is probably my favorite Valentine though!  I just Love it! 

Brooks with his new hat!  Loves it! 

Ava loves playing with my makeup so at the last minute I bought her a little makeup set of her own.  She loved it and went through an entire tube of lip gloss in an hour.  She was covered from head to toe in makeup! 

A little blue eyeshadow on her eyes and red lipstick on her cheek! 

A big Valentines hug for Gigi!

She was not happy when I told her not to put lip gloss in her eye.  So, she put it on her toenails... ha 
That night we just hung around the house and ordered takeout from Outback!  Kind of random but low key and nice!  Thank you for all of our gifts B, Mom, Dad & Jenny, Nana & Poppy! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Millers Valentine's Party

Miller and his mommy and daddy invited us over for a special Valentines dinner the night before Valentines day!   We had so much fun hanging out with our buddies!  

Poor Noah!  If Ava is around he has to share his mommy!  Ava loves Shea!  

Just painting a little picture for mommy!


Brooks in a sea of heart balloons!

The kids got so many cute Valentines from their friends!  Baby Bryson brought balloons tied to m&m's!  They were a big hit with my kids!  

My little man!  

Thanks for having us over Dolans!  We had so much fun!  It was a great way to kick of Valentine's day!