Thursday, June 30, 2011

See How Our Garden Grows!

B and I have had a garden for the past three years. It's really B's garden. He does all of the work! I just cook the veggies he brings in! It's been a learning experience for sure (at least for me)! One year B ran out of room so he planted jalapenos in all of my flower pots around the pool! So we would have pretty Hibiscus plants with jalapenos hanging out of the side of the pot! We also have had a little problem with over planting the garden. I had no idea how much room squash and tomato plants take up! I think this year our garden is perfect! It might have something to do with the fact that I haven't helped at all! B also has three new little helpers that take turns watering it every night with him!

Our first harvest of 2011

Two of my favorite gardeners

The Elliott family garden. Squash, Zucchini, Cantaloupe, and Peppers. Maybe we should set up a stand at the farmers market! haha

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our Weekend

Monday B's mom came to help! She has basically been here every other week to help us with the babies and it has been so nice! She always keeps the babies in the guest room with her at least one night when she is here. There is nothing better than a full night of uninterrupted sleep! Monday night we went to Shogun and the babies came along. I'm slowly learning what restaurants are kid friendly and which are not. Shogun was an easy place to take them! We sat outside and I think the babies enjoyed the breeze while we enjoyed the sushi!

B's mom took this pic. Ava looks a little out of it but it's still pretty cute! B told me this week he wants me to frame it for his office at work.

Tuesday was when the week went to poo! I woke up in the middle of the night freezing! I woke B up and told him he had to go get another blanket for the babies because they must be cold. He looked at me like I was crazy and told me it wasn't cold at all! I put on a pair of socks and grabbed a few extra blankets and I was still freezing! An hour later around 2am the stomach virus hit! It was terrible! I haven't been that sick in a really long time! I completely am to blame! I was telling someone last week that "I can't even remember the last time I was sick! I never get sick! blah blah" I jinxed myself! B's mom was nice enough to stay an extra day and take care of me and the babies! Ms Kathy, I owe you big time! I felt so bad I didn't even get out of bed the next day! I was so afraid the babies would get sick too! I missed the babies so much and they were only downstairs! I spent the whole day looking at pictures of them on my phone! I never even turned on the tv. The babies didn't get sick but Thursday night B did! We were supposed to go to the concert at Gulley Park but I wasn't feeling 100% so we skipped! I'm so glad we did because B got sick that night! I knew something was wrong because he went for a run and came home and laid on the couch. I looked over and he had rolled off of the couch and onto the floor! ha He was moaning and groaning! So, I got to play nurse for the next few days!

Friday, B was recovering so Jennifer babysat the babies and I went to lunch with Karrie, Emily, Bethany, Porter, and new baby Rutledge! After lunch Karrie, Emily and I laid out by the pool. We are going to have to do that more often! Friday, B was still dying-Btw, B is the worst patient ever! When I was sick I was miserable but I kept it to myself! B did have to go to the store for Sprite, crackers, and medicine but other than that I think I was pretty easy! B on the other hand, was not easy! At one point he asked me to rub his stomach!!! Are you kidding me??? haha My mom watched the babies Friday night so I could go meet people for dinner! It was nice to get out of the house! I needed a break because Thursday and Friday B slept in the guest bedroom and I had the babies all night by myself! I have to say I don't know how single parents do it. It was tough!

Saturday B was back at work and my mom and I took the babies shopping! We started at a children's store in Rogers. In the thirty minutes we were there we fed three babies and changed three diapers. At one point I was in the car feeding Knox and my mom walks out of the store with Brooks. I of course asked where Ava was and my mom told me a worker was feeding her! I'm sure they were ready for us to leave! We went to the Promenade next and that was nice because we were able to stroll in and out of all the stores. Of course we got a ton of looks! I called B while we were shopping and told him how cute the babies looked in their matching outfits and he said "I hope you didn't make Ava wear one of those ridiculous bows!" ha He doesn't understand girl stuff!
Oh and we got to try the new TCBY for the first time! Sarah and Jared, the store is so neat, the service was great, and my yogurt cone was delish!

Just hanging out in Ann Taylor.. Brooks is such a happy baby! The boy smiles all of the time!

I sent those pictures to B and he said "As bad as I hate shopping that makes me wish I was there" Aww, such a good daddy!

Saturday night Scotty and Jeff came to visit the babies! It's crazy that so many of my friends have babies now! Scotty has a new baby girl that is a few months older than mine. I told him his little girl Zoe could date Knox or Brooks. He quickly told me she's not allowed to ever have a boyfriend! haha Jeff has two little babies that look just like him! They are so cute!

B was working so I rented a movie on On Demand. It was the worst $6.99 I have ever spent. I couldn't watch the movie it was that bad. I honestly can't remember the name but it had Mandy Moore and Kellen Lutz. TERRIBLE. By the time B came home I was exhausted and cranky! As soon as he walked in the door I handed him a baby and I went to bed! I think he got home at 9:45 and I was asleep by 10.

My Sunday started at 4:30am when the babies decided to wake up. I put them back to sleep but they were awake and fussing off and on until 6am when I finally gave up on going back to sleep. The babies love to lay on our bed and play in the morning. It was all fun and games until Ava projectile vomited all over our comforter-that I had just washed the day before. So I threw the comforter in the washing machine and Ava in the bath tub. What a way to start my day! I was bathing the last baby, maybe Brooks, and B came in the bathroom and asked me what I wanted for breakfast. I said "you mean lunch" then he told me it was only 9am! I thought it had to be at least 1pm! I looked at Ava and said "Before you came along mommy and daddy would sleep until noon on Sundays! I guess not anymore" The little stinker laughed out loud! I miss my sleep!

A few hours later Knox was screaming his head off and B was on the verge of losing it so I said lets just put him on the dryer (he loves that). I asked B to throw the freshly washed comforter in the dryer. He instead threw it on the dryer door. The comforter was soaking wet and probably weighed thirty pounds. It completely bent the dryer door and broke it! I yell at B (I do 50 loads of laundry a day, I have to have a dryer), B yells at the dryer, Knox is yelling at both of us, CHAOS! It was just a crazy morning! We all had to take a time out. B went to the sno cone stand, I rocked on the back porch and talked on the phone, and Ava got booted out of the swing so Knox could use it!

Our day got better because Karrie, Joseph, Clint and his girlfriend came over to grill and swim. Clint brought hamburger meat from one of his parents cows! My burger had a name at one time! Pretty weird! haha I will say it was pretty yummy though! I felt like such a nature girl eating off the land! We had home grown hamburger meat, squash from our garden, a salad made with Bradley tomatoes (thanks to my mom missing a turn on her way home from FL and driving through Monticello by mistake!), and corn Karrie and Joseph brought from Dumas! It was pretty yummy!

Knox laid back during our cookout! He was wearing his Back Porch t-shirt Gigi brought him from the beach!

I always joke that we invite people over and then put them to work. But, we really do. Karrie fed all of my babies for me and literally held one of them all day. Joseph fixed my dryer and our sprinkler system. Can you believe that? Thank god we have handy friends! Joseph literally saved us probably three hundred dollars (actually more like $1000 because I had decided it was time to upgrade the washer and dryer) and Karrie can get my babies to eat better than I can. Poor Clint sliced open his hand as soon as he got here so we didn't make him do any manual labor today but he did put together all of my nursery furniture with B and he tore out all of the old cabinets in Ava's room so he has paid his dues! The bad thing is we can't reciprocate because B can't fix anything! ha Just joking!

Karrie was telling Ava she was going to take her home with her for a bunking party and Ava thought that was hilarious! She laughed and smiled!

I'm looking forward to this week except for Thursday when the babies have to get their first shots! We had to cancel their appointment last week because we were all sick!

PS-I had on a pair of cut offs today and B just said "I'm glad jean shorts are coming back in style, they are very durable and comfortable." He was 100% serious. What a dork! If you see him wearing jean shorts next week it's all my fault!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Coco's Best Friend

We were so worried about how the dogs would handle the babies. It has been better than I could ever have imagined. Coco is so protective! Jean too! They always looks so concerned if they are crying or upset. Coco has started trying to cuddle with them too! It's so sweet! Jean is a little timid and spends a lot of time hiding under a chair in the living room. She also likes to sit half way up our stairs. That way she can get downstairs in a hurry if she needs to or she can go get in our bed for a nap if she gets too tired. Layla's a funny dog... Coco is really going to love them when they start dropping food on the floor! I know Ava, Brooks, and Knox are going to love our puppies just as much as we do!

Monday, June 27, 2011

What a fun weekend!

Friday my babysitter canceled AGAIN! Nothing is worse than getting ready and getting excited to leave the house and then not getting to! Sooo, I decided I was going to take the babies along for my errands. I never realized how much I liked going and doing until I had the babies and I wasn't able to! I put the babies in the car and we started at Bella Jacks to pick up new shoes for Ava. Paige got to meet the babies for the first time! Then we stopped by the liquor store to visit daddy and take a quick trip next door to Sonic for Happy Hour. I decided I still wasn't ready to go home so I made B ride with us to Rogers to do a little more shopping. It was snack time for the babies as soon as we got there so we just sat in the parking lot and fed them their bottles. I should have taken a picture it was pretty funny! For some reason their bottles exploded when we took the caps off. Not sure what that was about! We had to take turns shopping. He sat in the car with them while I ran in my stores and I sat in the car with them while he went to Academy. At one point I was checking out and B walks in the store to go to the bathroom. He left the babies in the car with it running and the doors unlocked! The car was pulled up right in front of the store but I was still a little nervous someone would steal them! No one call child services on us please! I took B back to work and I went home with the babies! I think I've decided that the reason I like to leave the house so much is that when I'm away I don't have to wash bottles, clothes, clean, etc. Of course that is all waiting on me when I get home but it's still nice to have a little break!

We had big plans to meet Melissa, Matt, and their twins at the farmers market Saturday morning at 9:30. We all woke up at 9! This is the morning I learned to prop their bottles! B and I jumped out of bed and we just propped up all three bottles with pillows while we got ready! It was so easy! I'm going to have a hard time going back to feeding them the old way! ha I packed their diaper bag and laid out their outfits so we were out the door by 9:30! Pretty impressive if you ask me! We had so much fun! The weather was pretty and we saw so many of our friends! B and I had only been to the farmers market one other time and I have lived in Fayetteville for 10 years! B always said "Oh we can go all of the time when we have kids". I never really believed him but I guess he was telling the truth. We already have plans to go back next weekend! I think the babies really liked it too! They stayed awake and looked around the whole time! We ran into the Penix's while we were there too! I think our little group took up the entire street with our strollers! B pushed the double stroller and so many people stopped him and said "Oh wow, twins" then he would say "No, actually triplets" and we would get stuck talking forever. One woman even hugged me and said, "Oh bless your heart". I finally told him to quit telling everyone they were triplets and just keep walking! We were there for an hour and a half and never even made it to one side of the market because we stopped so much to chat!

Knox looked around the entire time!! He is definitely nosey!

This was our first attempt at taking a group shot. Our strollers blocked the entire sidewalk!

We finally got the babies together for a pic! You can't really see my sweet babies but they are there!

We ran into the Greers! Ava stopped to say hello to Mr Bennett!

When we got home Brandon's dad, sister, and niece were there to see the babies! This was their first time to get to hold them! It's always so nice to have visitors that like to help! Heather was a lifesaver! I was feeding Ava and heard her poot. I didn't think anything about it. After she finished her bottle I looked down and realized she had a complete blowout! It's like it bypassed her diaper and went straight to my lap. So freaking gross. I actually took a picture and sent it to B to show him what he was missing at home while he was at work but I will spare you the grossness! It was a two person job to get her cleaned up and in the bathtub!

Ava, Brooks, and Knox and their cousin Alex

Ava and her aunt Heather

Saturday night the babies attended their first party! We went to Sarah, Jared, and Bennett's new house for a cookout. The babies got all dressed up in their new clothes! We had such a great time Sarah and Jared! The food was delicious and your house is beautiful!

Ava hanging out with Miller and Bennett. I think she was yelling "Hey boys! Look at me!"

We lined the babies up from oldest to youngest! Little Knox was at the end of the line!

The babies spent a lot of the night in their carriers. Oliver is only two months older than the babies. Can you believe how big he is?

Ava is a little flirt but she acted a little shy around Bennett! Maybe that is her way of flirting!

The babies partied a little too hard!

Sunday was B's first Fathers Day. When he woke up he said "No breakfast in bed?" Ha Yeah right! I can't exactly take three babies with me to Wal-Mart to buy groceries much less find time to cook! So, I made a quick trip to McDonald's for sausage biscuits. McDonald's cooks are much better than I am anyway! We had a great lazy day. B went for a run, I did a little shopping at Sam's while he watched the babies, and then the McCarty's and Penix's came over to swim and grill out. I love summer weekends!

We tested out our pack and play. Ava and Knox really liked hanging out with the big people outside! Brooks spent the day sleeping inside in his swing!

Sweet Madeline! I can't believe how big she is now!
We had such a fun weekend! We can't wait for the next!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Ava's New Best Friend

Ava loves her pacifier. She has since she was in the nicu. I hate pacifiers!! Every time they fall out she will let out a little scream for me to put it back in! It's actually pretty funny! We started calling her Maggie because she sucks on it constantly! She's so tiny! It takes up half of her face! You can always hear that little sucking sound coming from her! When she is awake she doesn't really like it (thank goodness!). She definitely likes it when she is trying to go to sleep though!

On Friday Ava got a new and imroved paci! The Nicu told us about Wabbanub pacifiers but I never got around to buying any. Friday I found some at a local baby store. Ava fell in love! All three babies got one! Ava got the frog, Brooks got a monkey, and Knox has a bear. I don't think the frog has left her lips since we got it!

Even when it's not in her mouth it is always close by!

My mom told me I should give Ava the monkey since it is a little more girly! Ha I think I'm going to order some pink ones off the internet so they will match some of her clothes!

I take Mr Frog out whenever I can so I can see sweet faces like this and kiss her little chubby cheeks! She is really the sweetest girl in the world!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

We Miss You Gigi!

My mom and Caroline went to Florida this week. I was a little nervous about how I would handle it on my own! I called B's mom and asked her to come help me! We are so lucky to have such great parents that help! I think the babies knew they needed to go easy on me so they started sleeping through the night two days before my mom left! Woohoo! What a difference that makes!
I think this trip has been harder on my mom than it has been on me! She asks me to send her pics all of the time! I sent her a video of the babies and they were all kicking like crazy! On the video I said "Gigi, we're trying to run to come see you!" . After that my mom told me she is never taking another trip and leaving them again! Ha I'm sure she will change her mind! She's also been sending me pics of all of the surprises she is buying them! The babies are going to have some cute new outfits to wear soon! I wish I was at the beach with them! Next year the babies are going to have so much fun in the sand! I can't wait!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Fathers Day Times Three

I hope these babies know how lucky they are to have B as a dad. It takes a special daddy to handle three times the bottles, dirty diapers, temper tantrums, and laundry... But I know he loves to get three times the love in return! Thanks for being such a great dad B! We love you!

B is still pulling for a recliner. He tells the babies regularly that he would rock them more if he had a chair in the living room. He decided he also had to have a "Cracker Barrel Rocking Chair" for our back patio. I couldn't handle a brown rocker so I found a nice black one at Lowes. This was his big Fathers Day surprise! He wasn't even that excited! I even had to show him a picture of a Cracker Barrel rocker online to prove the only difference is his is black! Then he told me he meant a wicker rocker!!?!! I honestly don't even think he knows what wicker is! I just don't think the wooden rocker was as comfortable as he imagined! I have to admit I have rocked more than B. I really like it! The babies do too! I rocked little Ava a little too much yesterday and she puked everywhere! Bad mommy!

B told me Saturday night at about 5 o'clock that he thought he was going to stop wearing Polo shirts to work and start wearing thin golf shirts. Well guess what the babies bought him for Fathers Day about a month ago? Polo shirts! I guess his gifts were a bust this year but we will do better next year!

Also, Happy Father's Day dad and granddad! We all love you!