Monday, February 25, 2013

Boys Night and First Basketball Game!

Several weeks ago we took the boys out on the town for a special boys only night (Plus mommy of course!)  
First, we went to dinner at Ferrell's! It doesn't get much more boyish than a sports bar on Dickson! 

Love this little boy! I could tell he felt like a big boy being out on Dickson!
Next we took the boys to their first basketball game!  They loved it!  I can't imagine not living in Fayetteville and being able to go to all of the fun sporting events! 

Family pic (Minus Ava of course! She was with Gigi)!

Couldn't take his eyes off of the court! Brooks is the ideal child to take to sporting events.  He is so content to sit still and watch the game! 

This little guy was hyper!  He was cheering, clapping, calling the Hogs, dancing with the band!  He has a good time wherever he goes! 

Like father like son!

Always ready to pose!

I couldn't even get Brooks to stop watching the game for five seconds to pose for a picture!
We had such a fun night!  I can't wait to take the boys back to another game! Thanks for the tickets Dad!  And thanks for watching the Princess Gigi!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy New Year!

New Years Eve was a two day celebration at our house!  We went out with several friends Sunday night (the night before NYE) to celebrate at Ruth's Chris!  We had so much fun and it worked out perfectly because B is always working on NYE!

I got to try out the new nail polish Jenny got me for Christmas!  I think this was the first time I had painted my nails in a year! 

Em and I at dinner.

Happy fake New Year!

B and me!

The girls!

It's not pretend New Years Eve without champagne!

Cheers to 2013!

On real NYE Stacey and Walker came up to bring the babies their Christmas gifts!  They got triplet Bitty Babies!  Two boys and a girl! They love them!  Thanks Catsavis's!  The kids loved playing with Walker too!  They always have so much fun with him! 

New Years Day we relaxed around the house and Gigi made a special New Years Day dinner for us!  We all ate our black eyed peas and cabbage so hopefully we will have lots of good luck in 2013! 

Happy New Years!  It's going to be hard to top 2012 but I can't wait to see what the new year brings!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter fun!

We have been stuck in the house a lot lately!  It's just too cold to go anywhere!  The babies try to escape every chance they get!  One day it was literally twenty degrees and I ran to the bathroom for five seconds.  When I came out the babies were missing!  I found them in the garage, naked, and Brooks was chewing on an air freshener!   I was mom of the year that day! 

After they escaped I decided I was going to have to try something new to entertain them!  We pulled all of the cushions off of the couch and they went wild!  They thought it was hilarious!  We might have to do this more often because it kept them entertained for a long time! 


We all had so much fun at Caroline's 2nd Birthday party!  All of the kids wore their Christmas pj's and watched a movie!  Such a cute idea! 

These two loved playing with Caroline's kitchen! Good thing Santa planned on bringing them one! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Christmas Time!

Santa baby! 

This is what our playroom looked like after we had our friends over to play! I think they had a lot of fun! ha


We have taken bath time to a whole new level!  They love putting color drops in the tub!  

They are obsessed with bubbles too!  They all start saying "Bubbles" as soon as they get in the tub!  

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Christmas Cell Phone Pics

Santa's Elf took a little beer break Christmas Eve!  Putting together toys is hard work!  I think B might like Ava's new chair better than she does! 

Playing in our new house!

The babies must have been really good this year!  Santa delivered!

Ava taking her new heels out for a spin!


The kitchen might be their favorite gift!

Testing out his new chair!

This was one of my favorite gifts.  It smells so good!!  I will say I've decided I don't like it as much as I originally did.  It doesn't really suds up so I don't feel like it cleans my hair as well as my other shampoo does!

B has turned into one of those annoying people that works out on Holidays.  How did this happen?   

Monday, February 18, 2013

Christmas Gifts from Nini!

We weren't able to spend Christmas with Nini because of the weather so she sent all of our gifts to town with Chris and Jennifer!  They brought them by before nap time one day! 

This little guy had so much fun opening his gifts!  He was throwing tissue paper everywhere! 

Little stinker!

Nini gave Ava her very first Barbie!  She was so excited!

The boys got a bowling set too!  Chris taught them how to bowl! 

Nini gave Ava new high heels!  Pink fur high heels for the princess!

A closeup of her new shoes!  She was feeling pretty cute in those things!

Jennifer helped Ava with her shoes! 
Thanks for all of our gifts Nini!  We love them all! Thanks for bringing them to us Chris and Jennifer! 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Christmas Morning

Three cookies for Santa!  Santa actually forgot to eat the cookies but the babies didn't seem to notice! 

Santa left lots of goodies!  The babies were so excited to see all of their new things!  I couldn't wait to see what they were going to run to first! 

He even left a new potty! 

I think the kids were a little overwhelmed!  They just ran from one toy to the next!  

Brooks loved the basketball goal of course!  We knew he would! 

They all loved the kitchen!  Oh and Ava is MIA in all of these pictures because she was in Gigi's arms! 

Santa even brought cowboy hats! 

Brooks was so excited about his new (toy) iphone!

Ava got lots of new dollys!  Knox needed to check them out! 

After A realized Gigi wasn't going anywhere she decided to check out her new toys!

She even mowed our living room!

What a little team!  Knox would set the ball on the tee and Brooksy would hit it off!

He takes his baseball very seriously!

Coloring mommy a picture on the new easel Caroline got him!

Taking her dolly for a spin!

And then her new shopping cart..

Ava loved her new doll!  She would give it it's bottle, then put the pacifier in its mouth and put it to bed.

A helped her daddy and Caroline make breakfast for everyone too! 

Knox got in on the action too!

Next it was time to open presents!

B hard at work making a yummy breakfast for us! 

Caroline was in charge of the biscuits!  This is how they turned out!  One big blob! ha They tasted good though! 

B was our dj this weekend and he kept the same song on repeat for two days.  I'm not even kidding!  Paul McCartney's Merry Christmas song.  That song will forever remind me Christmas 2012! Oh and apparently if you put your phone in a bowl it will magnify the sound?!

Princess Ava demanded her glitter shoes and bow.  I guess she wasn't feeling festive enough in her snowflake pj's!  

She also got her paci since it was a holiday/special occasion!

Taking her new heels out for a spin!

The face of one excited boy on Christmas morning! 

B snuck in the playhouse to take a little nap! Brooks decided to join him! 

We had a wonderful relaxing Christmas!  The babies took long naps, B went for a run, Gigi cooked, and I cleaned out all of their old toys to make room for new toys!   It was a great Christmas!