Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ava's First Haircut!

Before we left for Florida we decided it was time for Ava to get her first haircut!  She still didn't have much hair but what she did have was pretty stringy and needed to be trimmed up!  Gigi and I took her to Dead Swanky for the big cut!

The before shot

Her haircut was during nap time so I think Ava was a little sleepy and out of it! ha She did such a good job though! 


Taylor gave Ava pigtails after the big cut!  How cute are they?  My baby girl is growing up! 

 A big girl haircut calls for a big girl pedicure too!  Gigi took A to Glitterbox to get her toes done for the beach! 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

We made a trip to Fort Smith to watch one of Walker's baseball games! The kids had so much fun watching Walker!

Marcy bought them icee's and they were in heaven! 

Loved them!

My boys are such boys!  Look at this little messy face! He definitely had fun at the ballfield!

The library had a petting zoo one day so Allison and I took the kids!  It was a little crowded so we left and went to Chik-fil-A to play instead! 


My big girl walking with Chris after lunch with the family! 

After Ava's big girl haircut Gigi took her to Ricks and let her pick out a special treat!  She picked out a chocolate mini cake with pink flowers! Then she got to go get a pedicure at Glitterbox!  She's such a big girl these days! 

First haircut! 

Ready for her girls day! 

Thanks so much for cutting A's hair Taylor!  Her pigtails are too cute! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

Feeding the ducks.  They all allllmost fell in the water.  It made me a nervous wreck!  But they love the ducks and the ducks loved their snack so it was worth it.  

Chatting with the ducks. 

He changes shoes and hats a million times a day.  This is his mowing the yard/carpet outfit.  At least he's color coordinated.  

Enjoying a snack at Sarah's gender reveal party.  Apparently Ava thought Sarah was having a boy.  Nope A!  Your new girlfriend baby Scarlett is on her way.  We can't wait to meet her!

Every night when it's time for bed Ava sneaks in our room and climbs in bed.  If she wasn't such a wild  sleeper I might let her stay! 

I'm working hard to get a bow in A's hair.  This is me showing her how cool bows are.  I think it might have worked! 

We took our little summer camp to the drive through zoo in Gentry!  What you see in this picture is three adults and five kids in the front seat of my car.  It got a little wild! 

Here piggy piggy!

Feeding the pigs and taking a few bites of the bread themselves.  

If we didn't catch a rare wildlife illness it will be a miracle.  Knox wanted to touch all of the animals and then he would stick his thumb in his mouth... yuck! 


A has a new friend Annabelle!  How sweet are they in their little bubbles!

Group pic time!

A holding her pose while the boys got distracted by the lion! 

Checking out a baby monkey on a leash! She loved the animals! 
We had a lot of fun at the zoo!  After we left we stopped at the Wooden Spoon for lunch!  It was pretty tasty! 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

My Saturday nights have changed over the years!  Instead of going out on the town we now go for walks and get sno cones! ha We went to Chick fil A for dinner and then took the kids to Lake Fayetteville for a little stroll and finished our night off with our first sno cones of the summer.   It was a pretty fun night!  The kids loved the trail and loved their sno cones!  

I love summer but I love Christmas even more.  Is it sad that I downloaded this app?!  

Kicking off summer camp with a trip to the splash pad!  Knox loves the splash pad! I can't believe that last summer they couldn't even run around.  They just sort of sat on the ground in front of one of the sprinklers.  This summer they are all over the place! 

A little cupcake surprise.  She only eats the icing, no cake! ha

Gangsta Butterfly A..

A little First Thursday fun! 

He kicks his shoes off wherever he goes.  He's just a little laid back guy.  

Daddy and Ava!  A isn't so sure about the puppet show on the square.  

Caroline, Gigi, and I had a spa day to celebrate Gigi's birthday.  It was so much fun and so relaxing!  

Brunching at Little Bread Company after the farmers market.  She sat down and said, "Cheese." 

Laid back enjoying the view...

She moved locations and posed on the steps.  This kid cracks me up! 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

This summer has flown by!  It's been so fun and we have enjoyed every second!  I spotted school supplies at Wal-Mart last week!  That's when you know summer is coming to an end!  I took most of these pictures over Memorial Day, which to me, is the official beginning of summer.  I can't believe it's taken me that long to post them!  

The water was so cold and Ava was so pale!  ha 

Chris and A singing Happy Birthday to Gigi! 

Gigi celebrated her birthday at the beach so when she got home we had our own little celebration for her! Knox enjoyed the cake and A helped blow out the candles!

A proud little American!

Taking her twins for a stroll.  I'm pretty sure Ava thinks babies come in two's or three's.  

Celebrating Memorial Day at Lyla's with Strawberry shortcake!

She thinks she's drinking a Sprite.  It's Perrier...

Dining al fresco with friends.

Poor A.  The boys just won't leave her stuff alone!  This guy decided to take a little nap in her babies bed.  Things like this drive Ava crazy!  The boys know this and that's why they do it which in turn drives me crazy.  It's a vicious cycle!  

Gigi brought the babies a cake for graduating from swim lessons!  They aren't exactly jumping off the diving board yet but they did improve over the course of the week.   We were all so proud of them! 

Clothes and shoes are optional during summer right?  One night we made a late night yogurt run and A didn't want to wear a shirt so she went topless.  If two out of the three are dressed I feel like I'm doing good!