Friday, March 30, 2012

First Birthday Prep

I have been a super slacker lately! I keep putting off planning the babies birthday party! It still feels like it is so far away but it is less than a month away! This week I got on the planning finally! Jenny and Jack came over and we came up with a game plan! The party is going to be at my dad's house and Jenny is going to make all of the food! I'm getting really excited about it! Allison and Miller also came over and we worked on the invites and played! They are going to be so freaking cute! Allison you are so talented!

I also ordered some party favors and let the babies test them out!

I'm not sure Brooks was a fan of the mustache.

Actually, I know he wasn't a fan!
Ava with a mustache like Layla the dog!
Knoxie liked it all!
The maracas that were a bit of a disappointment! ha I swear on the website they looked like they were full size!
I think the hardest thing has been picking pictures for the invitation!

If anyone has any good fiesta ideas send them my way!

I took this picture to send to B to show him I was doing his job! ha Then I realized I only have a few more weeks left of this! I'm not sure if I will miss making bottles but it does make me sad to think the babies won't be babies anymore! I will definitely be wearing water proof mascara on April 20th!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

-Ava's a smart cookie. Or at least smarter than me. She doesn't like eggs. No matter how I disguise them... I've tried boiled, scrambled, fried, egg in toast... Today I made an omelet and covered them in cheese and ham (organic of course!ha) The little stinker literally sucked the cheese off the egg and left the egg. I'll outsmart you one day A! B keeps suggesting mustard. Yes, my weirdo husband puts mustard on his eggs. How gross is that..

-Speaking of B, my babies are turning into him! Brooks has a new found obsession with ears. He loves sneaking in a little tug on Ava and Knox's ears. It's actually pretty cute.

-We also realized Ava probably got her odd sleeping habits from him. She sleeps with her nose pressed against the bumper pad. She has always done this. When I tuck her in at night I wrap her tight in a blanket, insert Mr Frog and she immediately turns her head to the side and wedges in the bumper pad. B basically sleeps with bumper pads. He surrounds himself in pillows. Seven pillows to be exact. We might just need to invest in one body pillow.

-I'm now a short order cook. Someone pass me a hair net. They still eat baby food but I just don't think it's filling them up. I feel like I'm always in the kitchen making something! It's hard work. B and I eat cereal for dinner and the babies have a gourmet meal. ha It's funny that I won't feed them certain things but I eat whatever!

-I haven't had a burger since the McDonald's pink slime story came out. Seriously grossed me out...

-Knox would eat a piece of dirt if I put it on his tray.

-I read the Hunger Game books in two days. Then I went to the theater on opening day and waited in line for over an hour to see the movie. I felt like a thirteen year old!

-I'm also obsessed with the Draw Something app I just discovered!

-The babies have had a million poopy diapers lately! Like four a day! What is the deal??? The diaper genie has been moved to the garage!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Birthday Presents

Last weeks Brandon's aunt Mary came to visit and brought the babies their first, first birthday presents! I still can't believe they will be one in a little over a month! I could cry just thinking about it! I think they liked the tissue paper just as much as the gifts!

Knox and his new puzzle!
Ava loved her new book!
Knox and his new car!

Thanks Mary! A, B, and K loved their gifts!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Random pictures of Ava

I love this picture of Ava even though she is covered in baby food and kisses! She loves showing off her new teeth! Funny girl!
Gigi bought Ava a surprise! New jean shorts! We made Ava model for us! They are a little big but I'm sure she will grow into them soon!
I think her daddy thought she looked pretty cute in them!
And she liked them too!
She was pretty proud!
Later she tried on my new necklace! This is a face Ava makes all of the time now! I'm not sure why she squints and wrinkles her nose!! Maybe she has my terrible vision???
Edit PostsWe love you A!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Park Pics

We were back at the park this week! Thanks for the pictures Ryan and for helping with the babies! You just thought you were going to have a relaxing Spring Break!ha

Carol and Ryan took the babies on a wagon ride so I laid down on the blanket to get a little sun and talk on the phone. A little boy walked up and said, "Umm, are you alright?" I guess he thought I had passed out! ha Then he said "Where did your babies go? Are they coming back" Maybe he thought I passed out and someone stole my kids?? ha It was pretty funny! I assured him I was in no danger and my babies would be back soon!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Their futures so bright they gotta wear shades!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Game Time!

Last Saturday we had a busy day! We started at the baseball game and then went to Emory's birthday party! I didn't get any pictures at the party because by that point we were all a little worn out! Birthday cake couldn't even cheer them up!

We spend so much time at the ballpark I am going to be sad when the seasons over! We won't know what to do!

Gigi and Brooks
Poor Knox started like this..
And ended up like this! He was so sleepy!
B and his girl!

Silly Brooks!
Gigi giving Ava bites!
And kisses!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Birthday Helpers

I had a few helpers on my birthday!
Sweet Brooks
They loved the big pink bow! These babies are suckers for strings, cords, etc. Maybe that's what I should get them for their b-day! Forget the toys!
This is Brooks' new preferred position. Ava's too. They are obsessed with hanging upside down! They will throw themselves over the side of a chair or couch to get in a hanging position! It's pretty funny!
Instead of clapping her hands together Ava has always clapped her legs, or the floor. I have no idea why! She finally started clapping the right way and I happened to have my camera out! Yahh Ava!
Pretty proud of herself!
Oops! A swing and a miss!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On Saturday B told me, "All you do all day is watch E and talk on the phone." That didn't go over real well! I actually thought about punching him. So on Sunday he got to be Mr Mom all by himself. That lasted 2 hours. I wish I had my video camera out for those two hours. He stepped on a tube of Vaseline that then shot out all over our living room floor. He lost it while trying to feed all three screaming hungry babies, he changed one thousand poopy diapers ( I heard him say something along the lines of, "Why do you keep pooping."), and he learned to use the washing machine that we have owned for a year now. I sat on the back porch in our rocking chair and drank coffee. It was pretty nice while it lasted!

I don't need an award, I don't even need a pat on the back, but don't tell me all I do is watch tv! ha When they nap yes, it's easier, I don't sit down but I get to do laundry and dishes without someone pulling on my leg but when they are awake it's never easy! I feel like my days are a blur of cooking, cleaning, dishes, poop diapers, baths, wrestling them to put clothes on, feeding, laundry, folding, picking up toys, and this is if we don't go anywhere! If we leave the house then I have to pack, unpack, etc.

We've been awake for 2 hours and so far Brooks has tackled Ava for a toy and busted her lip, they all found a stack of plastic cups and spread them all over the house, Ava got locked in the bathroom (someone (B) must have left the door open), I have changed 8 diapers!!!, Ava pulled out every wipe in the wipe warmer, Brooks almost hung himself with the cord from the wipe warmer (it's now in the garage), I've cooked breakfast, unloaded the dishwasher, loaded the dishwasher, folded a load of clothes, started dinner for tonight, and I have not watched one minute of E or talked on the phone! Oh and now Knox just fell out of his highchair onto the tile floor, on his head...

B got what he deserves though... He woke up yesterday with poison ivy... EVERYWHERE! He had to go to the dr and get a shot. Karma!

-In his defense he got posion ivy because he did a lot of yard work this weekend! Our yard looks really good now B! Thanks!
PS-Don't get mad at me for telling on you! ha

Our Friday in Cell Phone pics

We had a busy day! We got out of the house a lot which I love! We met our friends at the park for a little picnic and play time! They babies all look a little greasy because they were covered in sunscreen! I love the Water Babies smell. It reminds me of the beach!This was Brooksy's attitude the entire time we were at the park! Not a happy camper. I think his eyes might have been stinging from the sunscreen! Even though it says "Tear Free" that is not the case! I made the mistake of wiping my eye with it on my hands!
Sweet Noah in his cute hat!
Ava checking on baby Hudson!
How sweet is this??? Ava kept her eyes on Porter the entire time we were at the park. She even tried to crawl after him to the play gym.
Porter is a little sweetie!

Em stopped by to visit! Ava loved her pearl necklace!
We went home and took naps and then headed to the baseball game! Hi Carol and Ryan!
My sweet sweet boy!
Ava cheering on the Hogs!
Hey Knoxie!
This picture cracks me up! He looks like he is really yelling at the field! I think he was actually just mad at me! ha
Ava decided she wanted to stand up and cheer!
My big boy! I sent B pictures of the kids and he immediately called to ask me what the boys were wearing. Daddy was not a fan of their pink shirts. I love their shirts and think daddy is just going to have to get over it!
I was so proud of the babies. They stayed and cheered for the Hogs until 10:30! It was such an exciting game we didn't want to leave! We also weren't in a big hurry to get home since B was working late and wouldn't be home until after midnight! They did change into their pj's towards the end of the game though!