Friday, November 29, 2013

Lunch at Dad's

Several weeks (maybe months) ago we went to Bob and Jenny's for lunch!  Grandma and Jeannie came too!  It was so good to see everyone!

Ava helped Bob with the potatoes!  

Jeannie helped Ava blow bubbles! 

Playing with the chickens!
Thanks for having us over guys!  Lunch was great!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Fun at the Fair!

I just realized I never posted these pictures!  The fair was back in August I think!  Summer seems so long ago now!  The kids had so much fun and rode a ton of rides.  A big improvement from last year!  We will definitely have to buy them arm bands next year!  

Ava's always my big helper!  She helped me push the boys around!

We barely made it in the door before we had to stop and look at the tractors!  The boys are obsessed!  This might have been their favorite part of the fair! 

All Brooksy wants for Christmas is a John Deere lawn mower! ha 

Next we stopped to look at all of the animals! The stinky animals!  We walked through one livestock barn and B pushed the stroller through a pile of poo and I was done! ha 

My big girl!

Our first ride was a kiddy roller coaster!  I can't believe they are old enough to ride rides!

Next up was the carousal!

Daddy had to ride the teacups with them because I get a little sick if I go around and around!  They had so much fun! 

This might have been their favorite ride!

Love this girl!

Cotton candy break! 

Brooks and Knox got to ride the swings with B!  They looked like such big kids up there! I'm not sure they were even tall enough but we snuck on! 

We ended our night with pony rides!  Brooksy was a little nervous at first!

Knox was so excited!  He kept yelling "Yeehaww!" 

My little cowboy!
The fair is definitely dirtier and stinkier than I remember but the kids had so much fun so it was worth it!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Go Hogs Go!

Several weeks ago B and I took Knox and Ava to their first football game of the season! They had such  a good time! They are both very enthusiastic about the Razorbacks! ha I knew we couldn't take all three to the game so we picked the two that were in the best mood.  We had really planned on bringing both boys but Brooks was having a bad morning so he stayed home with Gigi!  

Our family minus Brooks!

I love these little faces!  We missed Brooks!  He would have loved to cheer on the Hogs with us!  We can't wait to bring him next time! 

Hanging out with Jenny and Bob!

My poor dad!  Any time Ava is around he has to hold her! 

I could eat her up!

Woo Pig Sooie!

I love this boy!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

We have been going to church a lot lately now that the kids can go to Sunday School.  They love it!  We also really love our new preacher!  I always take pictures before church to send to Gigi! She likes to see them all dressed up! 

Ava's always ready to pose for a picture!

Love these kids!

This red hat is on her head all day every day!

Helping daddy mow the yard.  B has so many helpers these days!  Brooks is about as obsessed with lawn mowers as he is with tractors. 

Ava started dance again and she was so excited!  She has done so well!  She can't wait to run in the room and start dancing!  She loves tap now too! Get ready for one million pictures when her recital rolls around because I can't wait! 

As soon as I put on her leotard she starts yelling, "Bow mom bow!" Ha She has grown up so much! 

Checking out the big girls!

Are they not the cutest ballerina's?!

Ava went to dinner with Nini, Gigi, and Marcy one night while I went to a party!  

I had such a good time in Little Rock celebrating sweet Londyn and Lauren!  We can't wait until she gets here! 

Ava and Vivi in their matching red bows cheering on the Razorbacks!  Thanks for having us over Curry's! 

One weekend B went to Austin with his bike gang for a race!  I didn't get to see many pictures but B said they had such a good time!  I think I might want to tag along next year!  They went to the first Cowboy's game on their way home too! 

Not feeling soccer! ha 

Soccer!  Brooks had such a good game! I'm not going to lie though.. I will be glad when it's over! ha I'm ready to have my Sunday afternoon's back!

My little cutie having lunch with Bob at Hugos! 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

Later, after our haircut we went to the park for popsicles with the kids school!  They had so much fun playing with their little classmates! 

We love popsicles too! 

Sawyer came over to play with his mommy and daddy!  Ava couldn't wait to hold him!  She is going to be such a good mommy some day!  And is he not the cutest little thing ever?!

She even helped his mommy feed him!  If any one's interested, Ava charges five dollars an hour! ha

One Sunday morning we met Gigi at the park to play! We always end up in the creek! ha After the park we went to Chipotle for lunch.  I just tried it for the first time recently and I am obsessed!  A salad with steak is my fav and the guacamole is so yum too!! 

Later after soccer we went to US Pizza with the Rutledges for dinner.  Ava's going to be such a tough girl!  That's her on the bottom of the pile up! ha 

We love Little Sprouts!  Several weeks ago Ava and I had a girls day and we met Hudson to play!  
Literally two seconds after I took this picture we realized they were standing in an ant bed and they were covered in ants! 

Just posing for pics! 

The butterfly house!

Love kids holding hands!  So sweet!

Checking out the chickens!

Always on the move! 

The first school Trike Rally!  I was a little disappointed in our outfits this year!  I just threw something together last minute!  Oh well!  They got to sit on a real motorcycle!