Friday, August 31, 2012

Fun Saturday Night!

Last Saturday night we went to a fun back to school party at the Hall's house!  We arrived to the party in style!  B took the babies on the bike trailer.  We broke several rules on the way!  No helmets, no straps, and three people in a two person trailer!  Don't tell on us!  I followed in my car because working up a sweat on a bike before a party isn't really my thing!  

A was ready to go!  She is obsessed with the bike trailer! 

And how cute does she look in her little outfit?!  It was a special "Get well soon" gift from Oliver since Ava got a little hand, foot,  and mouth from him!  Oliver and his mommy are too sweet! 

B went ahead and set up shop in front of the bounce house.  It will be a great day when the babies can actually climb back up the slide themselves!  Ava and Brooks slid down approximately five thousand times.  

Brooks is obsessed with older kids.  He talks to them in baby talk..  They are always thoroughly confused.   
My kids ate so much pizza.  So much! Knox was too busy to sit down so he walked around and took bites off of every one's plates.  Two days later he woke up with a stomach virus.  I apologize to everyone we infected. 
Bennett is such a sweetie!  He gave Brooksy a few kisses on the head!  
Brooks and his main man! He has spent a lot of time lately attached to Brandon's leg.  

Later that night when the babies were fast asleep I snuck out of the house to go celebrate Mark's birthday!  I had an action packed night!  It went from juice boxes to wine pretty fast!  Happy Birthday Mark!  Hope you had a great night!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Porter Turns 2!

A long time ago Porter turned two and we helped him celebrate at his Dr Seuss party!  His mommy just sent me some pictures from the party!  Thing 1 and Thing 2 had so much fun at the party!   Thing 3 had to stay at home with Gigi because she wasn't feeling well.  

This isn't the best picture but still want to document the day! 

Knox hanging out with the birthday boy on the hammock!

Brooks on the move!  They had a bounce house so he was a happy boy of course! 

Thanks for helping Lindsay! 

Aunt Karrie!

My happy boy! 
Happy Birthday Porter!  Thanks for letting us celebrate with you!  We hope you had a great day! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Play date at the Penix's

A few weeks ago we went to Madeline and Graham's house for a play date!  Leslie went above and beyond again!  Everything was so cute!  She did a pirate theme and it was precious!  Ben even carved a watermelon into a shark!  Pretty impressive!   The kids loved running around and playing with all of their friends!  I liked getting to visit with my friends too! 

Brooks was right in the middle of the big kids dance party!  I think this little guy might think he is four! 

My boys!  I've decided if I didn't dress them alike it would be impossible to keep up with them! 

Leslie had little gold coins she was going to hide and let the kids find!  We never got around to hiding them because the kids were too busy stuffing them in their mouths!  I think I wrote on Instagram that Ava might poop out a little gold soon! 
Thanks for having us over guys!  It was so much fun and we can't wait to do it again soon! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cousin Visit Day 2

On the second day everyone was in town we played around the house most of the day.  The kids made a little track and drove the babies around and around.  The babies loved it of course! 

Squirmy babies! 

We played outside too!  The babies love to swing! 

Later that night we went to my dad and Jenny's house for dinner.  

Brooks, Nana, and B

The babies love eating at their own little table! Before the food was ready they went and sat down.  I think they must have been pretty hungry!  This was their first time to eat ribs!  They have so many firsts! I think they liked them but they were a little distracted by the corn! ha

Golf lessons after dinner!

Ava and Cory cheering B and Jack on during an intense Boccie ball tournament

Ava, Jenny, and Jack just watching the action! 

This cutie was covered head to toe in food!  


We brought dessert over and Knox went to town!  I was inside while he was eating it but apparently he liked it so much he went in head first and had it up his nose!  We finally just had to pull him away from the table!
It was such a perfect night!  It had rained earlier in the day so it was so cool!  We all ate outside which is usually hard to do in August!  Thanks for having us over guys!  The food was yummy! 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Cousin Visit Day 1

Alex, Cami, and Cory came to visit us a few weeks ago.  We all went to Chuck E Cheese the first night they were here for a little fun and pizza!  I think we are starting to be Chuck E Cheese regulars! 

Ava loves the frog game!  She knows what buttons to push and everything!  She also gets really excited when she wins tickets!  She tears them off and then she starts eating them! ha 

Knox needed a little help on a few games! 

I thought B had gotten too many tokens but I was wrong!  The older kids went through them pretty fast! We racked up a ton of tickets! 

I think Brooks liked watching the older kids play the games more than he liked playing them himself!  This boy loves hanging out with big kids! 

It's still so funny to see Ava on the move!  In this picture she was making a pit stop for some pizza! Cami wanted to pick out all of Ava's outfits while they were in town!  This was her first outfit!  Pretty cute!

Cami asked me to get on the hamster wheel with her.  I of course told her it wasn't for adults, etc.  A lady standing nearby said, "Oh no, you can get on it.  It's fine." Great!  It really is hard to tell kids no! So... I got on the hamster wheel and Cami took pictures of me! ha Let me tell you, that thing is a workout!  

Ava found an easier way to get the balls in the holes! 

Daddy and Ava (munching on some tickets)

Brooks and Knox were all over the place!  They were into everything! 

Taking a drive!  Apparently Chuck E came out and danced with the kids and Ava loved it and danced along with him!  So funny!  I'm glad they aren't afraid of costumes yet! 

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Last Concert in the Park

We went to the last concert in the park last night and I think it might have been the best one yet!  It was so much fun!  The weather was great and all of our friends were there! I think our little group had about 6 blankets connected together!  Ava loved getting to show off her new trick!  Walking!  She was in to everything!  They really all were though...  I looked back at my pictures and realized I really only had pictures of Ava.  I think it was because she isn't as fast as the boys yet so she was easier to keep up with!   B and I definitely got a workout in!  Oh and if one kid is sick we are all in trouble because it was like musical sippy cups and ice cream! 

Miss Shea let Ava wear her pretty necklace! She was so proud of it!

Ava with her stolen juice box on a stolen 4-wheeler.  She couldn't figure out where the power button was on this one (it didn't have one)!

This was the only picture I snapped with all three kids in it!  It's also the only proof that Brooks was even there!  They were all over the place!  It's crazy to think that at the beginning of the summer when we started coming to the concerts none of them could even walk and now they are running! 

Emily and Ava busting a move!

Riding off into the sunset.  

Ice cream goatee

We finally got Knox to sit down with a little ice cream!  Shea took him to get it and apparently he pointed to the sprinkles!  Ha So he got a cup of ice cream with sprinkles and ate the whole thing!  When the spoon wasn't getting it in fast enough he would just use his hands!  
We were filthy when we got home to say the least!  Sometimes I feel like the dirtier they are the more fun they had!  I can't believe the summer is almost over!  I'm ready for cooler weather but I still don't think I want the summer to end!  It's been a busy one but so much fun too! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Shoes that started it all

Ava turned fifteen months old and still couldn't walk.  She refused.  At her appt. Dr Averitt said she was not worried because she could tell that she could walk but that she just didn't want to...  Little stinker!  I think she took her first steps about three months ago but she just never kept going.  She could get where she wanted to go crawling so she was fine with doing that.   A few weeks ago she spent the night with Gigi.  

This is one of the pictures Gigi sent me!  Apparently at Gigi's house the "No Mr Frog out of bed" rule doesn't apply...

Gigi and Ava did a little shopping.  While they were out and about they ran into Ava's friends Lyla and her mommy Lynlee and A decided she wanted to go for a spin in Lyla's stroller.  Silly girl!   

Gigi bought Ava these pretty red shoes and Ava loves them!  She bawls when we try to take them off. These shoes have caused several fights in our house!  The boys might just have to get a pair too! ha 

  To make a long story short...Gigi brought Ava home and she went down for her nap.  She woke up and was walking.. It was the craziest thing!  There has been no turning back since!  I really don't know if it was her pretty shoes or a little peer pressure when she saw Lyla walking everywhere but whatever it was it worked!   So on July 30th, 2012 Ava Alexis became a full time walker!  I feel like overnight I have three kids now instead of babies!  So sad! 

Walking girls need lots of new shoes to keep them motivated! ha

And a new shiny lunch box!  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Their First Ride, Sunday, August 5th.

 I had never taken our car seats out because B threatened me with my life!  Apparently they weren't real simple to get in....  My car was disgusting.  It was also starting to smell...  It was time to clean it!  I also knew we were going on an overnight trip and I thought it would be nice to take my car!  No one ever gets to ride with us anymore because I only have one extra seat! So Thursday I took out the car seats, washed and sterilized them and my dad had my car cleaned for me!  Thanks dad!  I'm happy to report that the smell is gone!  It was so nice to drive my car for a few days and actually have a backseat again!  Sunday, B went to the deer camp all day so Sarah came over and helped me put the seats back in!  I'm so impressed she knows how to do that!  Thanks again Sarah! 

I couldn't wait for the babies to wake up from their naps so we could go for a ride!  B got home just in time to go with us! Ava's face cracks me up!  She wasn't sure what was going on! 

We didn't really have anywhere to go so we stopped at Sonic for a little treat!  Our first milkshakes and slushies!  I thought we could just order one and they would all share!  Thank goodness I listed to B and ordered three drinks!  There was no sharing going on! 

Knox was a fan! 

Ava was too!  She completely flipped out when I tried to take it away from her!  I was scared to death she was going to spill her slush all over her freshly washed car seat and my freshly cleaned car! But we quickly gave it back to her!  Anything to make the princess happy! ha

I told B the babies are going to gain some lb's in no time if we keep giving them milkshakes! ha We might just bump up from the 10th percentile in weight! ha
We made a stop at my dad's house and then to Gigi's for dinner!  It was a good Sunday drive!  Oh and I can't believe how much easier it is to get them in and out of the car! You will be seeing a lot more of us around town in the future!