Friday, January 30, 2015

Bad to the Bone-Trike Rally

The Kid's school has a Trike Rally every year that races money for St Judes.  It is one of my favorite activities!  It is so cute! They get to dress up in biker gear and bring their bikes! 

Cutest bikers I know!

Showing off their tats!

Snack time before they ride!

Of course Ava is in the drivers seat! ha 

Their cute class! 

Their class raised the most money for St Judes so they chose Knox to put a pie in Cathy, the preschool directors, face!  He was so excited! 

My proud boy! 

Next it was time to ride! 

They had the cutest stations set up for the kids.  They could wash their bike, fix it, get tattoos.  So cute!  

Knox took his bike repair very seriously!

They finished the day with popsicles while they watched the policemen ride through the parking lot on their motorcycles!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Homecoming Weekend

This is the face of a girl who wrote her name for the first time ever... I was so proud of her!

Ava wrote the top name and I wrote the bottom one.  I pray this girls handwriting is better than her mommies!

Friday afternoon before we got ready for the pep rally Knox thought it would be a good idea to hit a bottle of gold nail polish with a golf club... It exploded and gold paint went everywhere... I wanted to strangle him but I was too busy trying to clean up the nail polish before it dried.  Four months later and I'm still finding gold nail polish places... On our blender, spots on the hardwood floor, etc.  

Cuties watching the parade..
They had so much fun and the amount of candy they got was insane! 

We saw our favorite freshman too! 

Tailgating Saturday with our buddies.  I believe this is the weekend Knox learned how to pose! 

Little buddies!

Our little Hog fans!

My babies.  
We were so excited that Annabelle came in town to visit us!  She is such a cutie and we are so glad she is back in Arkansas! 

This boy is the cutest!

Oh this face!  

Being silly with Marcy!

Future Big Sis and Little Sis..

Annabelle loved Knox and Knox loved Annabelle!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Go Hogs Go!

We love the hogs and we love tailgating!  We had so much fun tailgating this year!  These kids were troopers and tailgated for every game but one!  They had so much fun running around with their buddies! 
Gigi and A!

Cousins in their matching headbands! 

Oh this girl!  Love her to pieces!

Family pic!  

We love Everly!  We love her cute jean shorts too! 

Oh this boy.... He looks so innocent but I'm sure he was up to something!

I LOVE this picture!  She looks like such a big girl! When did my baby grow up?

I love this one too!  This is a typical Ava face!

Calling the Hogs is serious business!

Oh these two...

My cutie!

Some of my favorite people!

This girl cheered so hard she completely passed out after the game at dinner. Then she woke up and puked all over Grubs uptown...  I think they were happy to see us go!