Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Halloween Weekend!

Homecoming parade! In the rain...

We had pizza with our buddies and then we all went out on Dickson to watch the parade!

Little cuties!

Silly boys!

The sleeping is still out of control at our house.  Everyone usually ends up in our room... Not necessarily on the bed though! 

Game time! 


Football in the rain!  I think we were the only people crazy enough to tailgate! 

Hugging or tackling?!  The game got intense!

My peeps!

Just a little wet and dirty!

Happy Birthday Kiki!  We love you!

This guy is ready for his Halloween party!

Batman AKA Miller!

Knox decided he was going to be a policeman... I guess he was the security guard in charge of keeping the circus safe?!  ha 

Such a fun party!  The kids love hanging out with all of their friends!

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