Tuesday, March 1, 2016

School Days

My helpers!  They helped me pick out pumpkins at the little pumpkin patch by their school! We love October!

Painting pumpkins with our buddies!  

Happy Birthday Leigh!  We had a fun night making wooden door hangers! 

My finished product! Ive needed a pig for a long time!  I think this one turned out pretty cute!

Ava got to go to Madeline's big girl school and eat lunch with her! It was big and loud and she was a little intimidated but I think she had a great time!  She was feeling pretty cool until she walked in the loud lunch room and got shy!  

She got to meet one of Madeline's best friends at school too! 

They she got to play in her classroom!  She thought that was so neat!  She loved Madeline showing her around! 

Hard at work!

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