Thursday, November 28, 2013

Fun at the Fair!

I just realized I never posted these pictures!  The fair was back in August I think!  Summer seems so long ago now!  The kids had so much fun and rode a ton of rides.  A big improvement from last year!  We will definitely have to buy them arm bands next year!  

Ava's always my big helper!  She helped me push the boys around!

We barely made it in the door before we had to stop and look at the tractors!  The boys are obsessed!  This might have been their favorite part of the fair! 

All Brooksy wants for Christmas is a John Deere lawn mower! ha 

Next we stopped to look at all of the animals! The stinky animals!  We walked through one livestock barn and B pushed the stroller through a pile of poo and I was done! ha 

My big girl!

Our first ride was a kiddy roller coaster!  I can't believe they are old enough to ride rides!

Next up was the carousal!

Daddy had to ride the teacups with them because I get a little sick if I go around and around!  They had so much fun! 

This might have been their favorite ride!

Love this girl!

Cotton candy break! 

Brooks and Knox got to ride the swings with B!  They looked like such big kids up there! I'm not sure they were even tall enough but we snuck on! 

We ended our night with pony rides!  Brooksy was a little nervous at first!

Knox was so excited!  He kept yelling "Yeehaww!" 

My little cowboy!
The fair is definitely dirtier and stinkier than I remember but the kids had so much fun so it was worth it!

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