Wednesday, April 15, 2015

December Fun!

We went to visit Grandma in Fort Smith.  We had to have a little photo shoot before we left!

Oh this boy!

The kids got to have Yellow Umbrella for lunch and got to see all of Grandma's Christmas decorations! Grandma had to borrow Ava's hat for the picture because her hair wasn't done yet!

Some of our friends came over for dinner one night and we decorated Gingerbread houses!  It was a fun night!

These two worked really hard on their houses!

Not sure how much candy actually ended up on the houses!

Ava insisted on taking baby Moses for a stroll.

So we did.  We made it to the end of our street and Baby Moses mom got tired and wanted to quit pushing the stroller! ha 

Tressa's cookie party!  It's always so much fun every year!

Date night in Little Rock to see Garth Brooks!  It was such a fun night and such a good concert!

Got to hang with my bestie!

Lunch at the club after their school Christmas program with this cutie!

And this cutie too!

Love these babies!

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