Monday, April 13, 2015

December Days

Frozen tea party to celebrate Lyla's Birthday! 

Love these babies!

Date night with three of my favorites to see Elf!

Dinner before the show with Gigi!

Intermission Posing!

We met our friends for breakfast one morning and had a little friends giving the week of Thanksgiving.  We went in our pjs because 1. We were running late 2. Pj's are so cozy!

Love these little buddies!

We made a stop at Barnes and Noble after breakfast and we just happened to catch story time!

Ava makes herself at home no matter where she is! ha 

Knox missed out on our fun morning because he spent the night with Gigi.  We met them for lunch at Slims!  We missed our boy!

My princess!

Ava requested a braid like Elsa's... This was the best I could do!  I think it's the smallest braid ever!

"Mom, take our picture and send it to Gigi, Daddy, and Estee."  Sure A!

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