Friday, June 26, 2015

Spring Break Day 1

We didn't have any big plans for Spring Break but we decided we needed to get out of town so we went to Dallas to stay at Great Wolf Lodge.  We had never been before so we didn't really know what to expect! 

Love these little flowers!  Ava wasn't feeling it!  She wasn't in the best mood!

They were so excited to get to the water park!

I mean... Are they not the cutest?!  They have so much fun together!

Miss Priss!

The boys have no fear!  They went down every slide they were allowed to go down! The faster the better!

Ready for dinner!

Pre-dinner posing!

We went to the mall to eat at Rainforest cafe and we ran into the Easter bunny on the way to the restaurant! It was nice to check Easter bunny pics off our list!

The mall also had a train they really wanted to ride!

Such a big boy!

I have to say Rainforest Cafe had the grossest food I have had in a long time but these three didn't seem to notice! They were having a blast!

Balloon animals at the table! Knox wanted a monkey!

They loved the alligator!  I think my kids skipped the scared faze!  They have never really been scared of anything!

Next we went back to the hotel to play!

And get glitter tattoos!

Story time before bed!

Brooksie was so excited about everything!  He had so much fun! 

My heart! 

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