Monday, April 22, 2013

Caroline's Party!

We had a party for Caroline at our house in March!  The boys went to the basketball game with their dad and Ava got to stay and hang out with the girls!  

A and Christina!

I have to point out that the streamer banner you see in the picture took four of us at least 3 hours to make!  I am not a crafty person and I'm pretty proud of this little project!  

The pretty Pigmint flowers!  

Caroline and me!

Carol and Syd

Ava felt pretty special that she got to hang out with the big girls all day! And, I did not coordinate our outfits!  We just happened to both be wearing black and pink! 

Carol and Christina!

Caroline and Joanne!

Caroline and Rachel

The hostesses

Gigi, Ava, and Mrs Cindy!

Ava ate approximately 200 chocolate covered pretzel sticks.  Every time I looked at her she had a cookie or something sweet in her hand! 

Getting ready for bed for Ava includes putting on her favorite jacket.  

Gift time!

Hanging out with Karrie and baby Sawyer!

Silly girl!

Ava, Em, and Vivi having a little laugh!

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