Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Thank goodness it is finally starting to warm up so we can get out of the house!  The last few months have been rough!  We've been having fun at our house and celebrating lots of birthdays!  We all love a good party! 

Snack time!  I don't know if you can tell in this picture but there is an entire bowl of popcorn on the floor.  This is just one more reason I'm excited about warm weather!  We can stay outside more and then I won't have to clean up as many messes! ha

The ponytail kills me! She loves it.  

B had to pick something up at Cabelas so we tagged along and went out to eat at PF Changs.  The babies love it!  They were feeling really big too!  They got to sit in booster seats, use chopsticks, and B let them walk to the car! ha They are growing up so fast! 

My big boy using his chopsticks!

Oh, just a shopping trip to Mason's in our bathing suit to pick up a birthday gift for Shea!  Ava had so much fun playing with the jewelry! 

Celebrating sweet Ella's christening!

Feeling cute in her suit at Charlie's 5th birthday party!  She never made it in the pool but she dressed the part! Her brothers missed out because they were at home sick with their dad!

Surprise!  Happy Birthday Shea!  

Mom Sylvia and me!  I can't believe she won't be at the Chi O house from now on!  She will be missed! 

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