Friday, May 2, 2014


You better watch out!  This little guy means business! 

Tressa's engaged!  We all went out to celebrate!  

One day during spring break we met our friends at the drive through zoo! We got to see a kangaroo with a baby in it's tummy! 

Checking out the monkeys!  They are Knox's favorite! 


Everyone got a turn helping me drive!  Thank goodness kids aren't allowed in the front seat!  It's stressful driving with lots of little hands on the dashboard! They all felt so big riding in the front though! 

My big boy driving!

Knox was so excited about using his wheelbarrow to help daddy with yard work!  He put his John Deere hat on for the occasion! 

Look at my boys working hard!  They love to help their daddy!

A wild Saturday night with our buddies eating pizza!

How cute are these kids?


Our attempt at a group picture! 

Knoxie loves baby Sawyer!  I think the feelings mutual! 

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