Monday, May 5, 2014


The kids got fishing poles for Christmas and they couldn't wait to use them!  They talk about fishing all of the time even though they have never been! ha One Sunday after church we met our buddies for a little fishing! 

Ava was so excited! 

Fishing just isn't for boys!  Thank goodness Sarah is brave and touched the worms because fishing isn't exactly my thing! 

Brooksy was so excited too! 

Look at my big boy!

Love these three!

Selfie break!

Our daddy caught a fish! It was the most exciting thing ever! 

I love this picture! 

How cute is this?  They were all so excited about the big catch!

Everyone said goodbye to the fishy when we threw it back! 

Look at these little cuties chatting about the duck egg they found!  Knoxie loves eggs!
We had such a fun day!  Thanks for inviting us Sarah and Jess!  We can't wait to go fishing again! 

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