Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I'm a few months behind on posting pics!  I think I took these in January!  This winter has been a cold blur!  
I can't even remember where the other two were, maybe with Gigi, but Brooksy and I had a fun day out with Noah and his mommy!  We went to lunch and maybe Boingo Bounce?

Wild Friday night at our house!  We threw Layla a little birthday party!  She turned 6!  We had pizza and baked her a cake.  There were several chefs in the kitchen! 

You wouldn't believe the mess!  They had icing and sprinkles everywhere but we had so much fun!  They love helping in the kitchen! 

One Saturday we didn't have anything planned so we woke up and decided to go to Tulsa to see Disney Junior live!  Ava wanted to wear a pink princess dress and a crown since we were going to see Sophia and this is what she chose! 

Just a few pre-road trip poses! 

We stopped at Utica Square to have lunch before the show! This little guy loves pickles!

I love these three so much!  

So excited!

They loved the show!  Ava was glued to Sophia and the boys loved Jake and the Neverland Pirates! It was such a fun family day! 

When we got home we hurried and got ready to meet our friends out at Paint the Town Red.  It was so much fun and a night out is just what we needed after our Disney Junior Day! 

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