Friday, March 7, 2014


I love finding selfies on my phone!

A fun night out with friends!  

I always have a surprise visitor in my bed when I go out and Gigi babysits! ha 

A few weeks ago B had a boys day at the deer camp and I had a girls day with A!  
I think these guys are having fun! 

Ava and I went to brunch with friends and then shopping!  She found a pink cart in the toy section and pushed it around Target for an hour! It was hilarious to see what she added to her cart.. Lots of candy! 

She picked out a new pair of pink sunglasses too! 

After Target we stopped at Lylas house for a little dress up and then we went home to meet the boys.  We let them take us out to dinner!  We had a fun little Saturday! 

Ava and I had a girls day on Sunday too because the boys were sleepy heads!  We went to church together and then met Bob at the club for Valentine's brunch!  It was a fun morning and Ava loved decorating cookies! 

After lunch we met the McCarty's for a little bowling!  It's hilarious to watch these little guys carry balls that weigh almost as much as they do! 


I love that it looks like he is posing! He wasn't!  I think I just caught him at an awkward moment! ha 

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