Thursday, March 6, 2014


Sunday swim at Bob's in February!  Arkansas weather is really crazy!  As I'm typing this there is probably three inches of snow on the ground and it's March! 

Someone got a little cold and wanted to snuggle with her mommy! 

Ava in her 'kini!  We are ready for summer! 

With a screw driver and a eyelash brush she can rule the world!  

Someone got photobombed and she isn't happy about it! ha 

Oh this girl... 

Just calling her girlies on the way to lunch! 

We have such a good daddy! Every morning he makes us breakfast before he leaves for work.  He leaves smoothies out on the counter so the kids can reach them when they wake up!  Everyone has their own cup!  (Except for me..Green smoothies aren't my thing! Just coffee please! ha) 

Performing surgery on my toe... There was absolutely nothing wrong with it but they decided I needed approximately 24 Bandaids.  

Some days I want to cry when I look at my house.  How can three tiny little people make this big of a mess?!

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