Friday, September 6, 2013

Boys Trip 2013

Brandon and I took the boys to Big Cedar for a few days!  We wanted to take them on a little boys trip before school started.  A stayed home with Gigi!

This was their first time to stay in a hotel!

This guy was excited!

As soon as we got to our room we changed into our bathing suits and went to the pool! 

They had so much fun swimming!

They like other pools so much more than our own.  I'm not sure what that is about! 

I have two little ladies men on my hands!  They spotted some girls and immediately swam over to them! I think Knox was going in for a kiss.

Apparently, whatever that little girl was saying was really funny! 

We walked back to the lodge and made a pit stop at the waterfall!

We made another pit stop at the playground!

Ready for dinner with daddy! 

Not ready for pictures!  

They loved the linkin logs in the lobby!  

I was a little nervous about dinner.  We had reservations at the nicer restaurant at Big Cedar and the boys hadn't slept all day.  Definitely a recipe for disaster!  I tried to be proactive and ordered them both a Sprite!  ha 

One happy boy!

They did so well at dinner!  Never made a peep!  Such good boys!

I told everyone that we were on a boys trip and I was just along to be the official photographer! We did let the waiter snap one picture of all of us though! 

Since they were on vacation they each got their own ice cream Sunday for dessert!  They loved it! 

Apparently on boys weekend you don't have to sit in a car seat and you can help dad drive the car too!  This is how we drove around all weekend!  Real safe!


This boy was sleepy and grumpy and two seconds away from a meltdown! He literally ran away from me every time I pulled the camera out!  I guess skipping naps will do that to ya! 

Stopping to smell the flowers or "Fifi's" as Knox says.

My babies!

Petting the cat!

Brooks refused to wear shoes the entire time we were in Branson.  As soon as I would put them on him he would take them off and throw them. Soo.... He didn't wear shoes! ha

Love this little boy!

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