Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Busy Week Part 2

We went to our neighborhood Back to School Popsicle Party!  The ice cream truck came and everyone got a free treat!  We love the ice cream truck!
PS-Ava dressed herself again! Rain boots on the wrong feet...
Knox ate a popsicle and then got back in line for another!  We owe the POA a dollar!
They ran away from home and made it to the curb across the street.  They stayed there for a little while and then came back home! ha I think they missed their mommy!

Friday night we went to Leigh and Travis's house for a cookout!  They kids had so much fun! They ran wild! Poor Caleb and B! 

Three little birdies waiting on a bite!

My kids love the Bowen boys!

Saturday Ava and I went to Elizabeth's baby shower and B and the boys went to the airport to eat breakfast and watch all of the planes come in!  

Ava tried her first powdered donut!  I would say she was a fan! 

Ava and Allison! And more donuts!

Making herself right at home and playing with Ruby and Lyla's kitchen! 

Donut #204

While we were showering baby Madison Daddy was shopping with the boys!  He bought the boys a new bike and a few other surprises at Target!

Brooks was his daddy's little helper! He walks around the house and says, "Mommy I fick it"  He fixes everything for us! 

We took selfies while the boys worked on the bike! 

Ava claimed the new bike as her own.  As soon as it was put together she said, "Uh A's bike" "That mine", etc...  So as soon as she got up Sunday morning she put on her socks (actually my socks) and shoes and went outside to ride.  Poor baby had a little trouble steering and lost control going down our steep driveway.  I was holding Brooks and couldn't run fast enough to catch her.  The bike turned over and she flew off!  I really thought she was really hurt but she just skinned her knees and her elbow.  She was so upset though.  She needed bandaids everywhere to feel better! PS-B does not handle situations like this very well.  I think he freaked out worse than Ava! I tried to tell him I didn't think this was going to be her last bike wreck! Poor baby! 

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