Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our Busy Week

We are trying to live it up before we start school in a few weeks!  I still can't believe summer is almost over!  Didn't it just start?!

Ava taking Brooks on a Sunday drive!  She is always the driver and they are always the passengers which is pretty cute and funny! 

We went to lunch with Bennett and Sarah and then made a stop at Barnes and Noble so everyone could pick out a new book.  Bennett passed out Tic Tac snacks to everyone.  The babies loved them!  Thanks for sharing Bennett! 

My little thug.  He keeps his hat as low as he can.  I'm really not sure how he can even see out of it! 

Pouting at the park.

Swinging cheered her up real fast!   They love to yell, "Higher mommy, higher!"

We met all of our friends at Little Giggles to play!  Knox loves to play in the kitchen!

Doing a little shopping with Porter!

They look like a little married couple!

Living with two brothers has made Ava a tough little thing!  She can be a little fighter!  She hit poor little Hudson when he tried to play with the shopping cart!  At least she hugs them after she hits them I guess.. 

One night we had a picnic in our living room!  We ordered pizza and rented a movie!  Cars! They had so much fun.  

I have never been able to make pancakes.  I always burn them or they just taste funny!  I can make a really good waffle though... The kids love them so I decided it was time to perfect my pancake making!  Someone told me the key is to use an electric skillet!  I got one as a wedding gift but I don't think I have ever used it!  And this picture is why!  I had to pull a million things out of my cabinets to even get to it!  I think a little cabinet organizing is in order! 

Almost perfect blueberry pancakes!  The babies loved them!

We've been going for lots of walks at Lake Fayetteville!  We love the pretty trails!  The weather was so nice last week, it made me ready for fall!

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