Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Boys Trip Day 2

Our first night was a little rough!  The boys didn't go to sleep until about 11pm and Brooks was back up at 1 screaming his little head off.  I think he just really missed his crib!  He woke Knox up so all four of us were up from about 1am-4am.  Fun night! ha Knox fell off the bed around 6am and woke us all up screaming! What a night!  We were all up bright and early!  Our first stop was at the stables for pony rides!  

Daddy and Brooks!

Knox was so excited and he loved the helmet he got to wear!

He felt really big on his pony! 

This kid has no fear!  He just headed off on the trails with this cowboy that he's never met! ha 

Knox lost his mind when it was time to take off the helmet.  He bawled and threw quite the temper tantrum! The nice cowboy had to give him a cowboy hat to make him stop crying! 

Brooks cried the entire time Knox was riding but when it was finally his turn he cried when he got on the horse.  I think he was just sleepy! I had to go on the trail ride with him and hold his hand!

After our pony rides we went to the beach! The boys had so much fun playing in the sand!

My beach bum!

2 going on 16

It isn't quite Florida but it will have to do! 

The boys went back to the room for naps or I guess rest time since they didn't nap the entire time we were there.  I went to the pool to relax for a few hours!  

Photo shoot time! 

We went to an early dinner because we were going on a wagon ride! 

We went on a campfire wagon ride.  The wagon ride took is to a little spot near the lake and we roasted marshmallows, ate s'mores, sang camp songs, and played games!

Brooks was in heaven!  He loved roasting marshmallows!

Daddy and I had to help a little!

Brooksy wanted to do it all by himself! He had some ashy marshmallows!

These boys loved s'mores!  

They loved the cream soda too!

Hanging out with the cowboys!

I love this picture!  They had so much fun!

Silly boys!

Poor daddy!

This was one of our favorite activities at Big Cedar!  The kids loved everything about it!  The cowboys, the horses, and definitely the s'mores.  

Wrestling in the room before bed!

Sunday we slept late and then packed up to head home.  We stopped to have lunch in Harrison.  I love this little cutie!  
I had such a fun weekend with my boys!  We will definitely be doing it again soon! 

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