Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cell Phone Pics!

Elizabeth and Josh moved across the street from us and the day the moving truck came my kids were glued to the window.  The moving truck provided hours of entertainment!  We are excited to have new neighbors!

I had a lunch date last week with friends!  The babies stayed home so I got to snuggle these two cuties lots!  
Sawyer and Vivi are already a couple!

Shea and I have been taking these four for walks at Lake Fayetteville lately!  We always stop to see the waterfall and play on the playground!  A wore her new tennis shoes for the workout! 

After our walk we met Baylon and his mom at the movies to see Planes.  I think I spent $50 on tickets and snacks and we lasted about an hour!  The kids were terrible! They did not stay in their seats for more than ten minutes.  They ran up and down the stairs.  Wouldn't eat their popcorn, and two of them pooped!  Disaster! 

Tinkerbell in her new Hello Kitty panties! No accidents!  Have I written that Ava is potty training herself?  I have been no help!  I can never remember to ask her if she has to go.  I always try to put a diaper on her... I really need to help her more!  It's just so hard to take her to the potty when we are out!  She always goes to the potty at school and she always wakes up dry! Maybe we can attempt to really potty train in a few weeks.  Ha I just keep putting it off!

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