Tuesday, September 17, 2013

First Soccer Match!

The boys had their first soccer match a few weeks ago!  Ava was so excited about it!  The boys were just sleepy! ha I had to wake them up early from their nap to get ready to leave and they were not happy about it!  I didn't sign Ava up since she is doing dance.  I figured she could just be their cheerleader on the sidelines.  She wanted to wear shin guards like the boys so I pulled out her old baby legs and she didn't know the difference!  B missed the first game because he was working out at his land but Gigi and Karrie and Sawyer came to cheer us on! 

Pre-game pics!

Miss Priss was ready to hit the field and ready to pose!

I couldn't get the boys to smile for a picture but she was ready! 

She still has no clue she's not on the team.  I'm not even sure the coaches knew she wasn't on the team. She might have even played better than the boys! 

We were so excited that baby Sawyer came to cheer us on! 

Ava was ready to pass out hugs to the boys when the game was over!  

Go Brooksy go!

Oh my girl!

Official soccer moms ready with our cameras!

It's hard to hold the attention of twenty two year olds!  The kids did pretty well considering.  They did have their moments though! ha We have the cutest little team!  All of our buddies play with us! 

Knox was so excited!

Go Knox!

Ava took a break and sat in her princess chair to cheer on the boys!!  

After the game Ava wanted to go home with Gigi!  She walked right up to her car and blew me a kiss Bye! 

My babies and me! Love my team!

Soccer Star!
Their first game was hot, funny, sweaty, cute, fun, and just a little chaotic!  We can't wait for next week!

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