Monday, August 17, 2015

Busy Weekend!

We left the ball game and drove to Fort Smith!  The circus was in town!  My babies took a little power nap on the way! 

We ate at Georges restaurant and then all went to the circus.  The kids were so excited!

We had front row seats and were right in the action!

If you want a twelve dollar sno cone ask dad because mom will say no!  B is such a sucker!

This motorcycle on a tight rope was right above our heads!  A little scary! 

Joseph joined the circus!  And it was hilarious!

They were glued to the action! 

This is the last year elephants will ever be in the circus!  Kind of sad! 

Such a big boy with his hand on his heart for the national anthem!

Last day at the ballpark for the season! Until next year Baum Stadium! 

Dinner with neighbors!  A had to give Baby Madison a big hug since we probably wouldn't see her until the next day! ha 

This boy loves a baby!

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