Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dallas, Graduation and Spring Fest

I took a girls trip to Dallas in May to see New Kids on the Block!  It was such a fun weekend with friends! 

I still knew all of the words! ha 

Joey grew up! ha 

I'm ready for another girls trip! 

As soon as I got back from Dallas we went to Jack's high school graduation party!  I can't believe he is already graduating!

The graduate!

I missed my girl while I was gone! 

Breaking it down with dad!

The boys discovered selfies!

The next day we went to the Block party on Block.  We had never been before!  It was a little wild and a little packed!  

Only seventeen more years kids!  ha

Ava was obsessed with this game!  One turn wasn't enough! 

Everyone in Fayetteville was there.. Even the princesses!

How Ava does the block party.  Face Painting and popsicles! 

She really wanted to climb a tree! ha 


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