Friday, August 7, 2015


Typical... He is trying to kiss him goodnight and she is bossing him around...

Sour Skittles face! ha 

His girlfriend.  He loves her so much he tells me.. This relationship infuriates Ava.  Madeline is her friend she says... Not his! ha 

Dave Mathews concert with friends!  Such a fun night!

Fun night that ended in a monsoon! 

Our last art class at Crystal Bridges! Marcy went with us! 

Gosh I love this boy! 

It's Gigi's Birthday!  Happy Birthday Gigi! 

Porter and Hudson came over one day to play!  We had so much fun!  Knox and Porter had a sword fight and Ava and Hudson got a front row seat to all of the action! ha 

They decided they had to have chocolate chip cookies!  So we made them!  

We had a little mishap with the mixer... ha 

Lots of cooks in our kitchen! 

We got a trampoline!  We jump every night.. The whole family!  I've already split my pants once doing a flip and I'm not even kidding!

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